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Many people crave a spiritual life without wanting to belong to rigid religions with the almost unavoidable power structures and politics that involves This book explores how to construct your own spiritual path considering the implications of seeking a spiritual life without wanting organised religion to dominate it As such it has applications for Pagans atheists agnostics heretics from any mainstream faith and seekers of all kinds

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    This book addresses a tough subject once you realize how in the face of the same Universal Truth which they all teach any religion is just as 'true' as the others including non religions but none of the ones available today uite fit you yet you still feel that natural human 'urge' for spirituality what do you do?How do you create your own 'spiritual practice' without feeling sillyfoolish? If none of the paths available today 'work for you' then clearly you don't believe in all of what they teach so 'praying to a god' for example doesn't work for you 'meditating' neither You're attracted to Witchcraft but don't believe in 'magic' or Atheism feels almost right but just not uite what do you do?In many ways the author resets our understanding of what Spirituality should be or could be not what other people say it is She's rebellious which is a trait inherent to anyone striking off on their own so knows what she's talking about You can feel she's already walked her own path and has the cuts and bruises to show for it and she's kind enough to come back and share a few bits of advice and wisdom she learned along the wayBut there is a hidden not so hidden since she admits to it in the introduction agenda she's a believer in 'finding your own path' so her agenda is also to congratulate and encourage you to do the same so it's not just a guide for those who've already decided to go the un structured way but also a bit of a manifesto and rallying cry to the Pagans Pagan serving as a collective label for anyone whose 'religion' doesn't fit anywhere elseIf you want to resist the call of Paganism by all means go ahead but read the book anyway it'll do you some good to see The Others and how they do it

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    Nimue Brown has stuck her head above the Pagan pulpit with courage on a subject which can baffle and disorientate many seekers of a spiritual path which does not reek of control and formality She clarifies this ‘own path’ practice from the word go and continues to confidently explain to the reader throughout the book about the inevitable uestions that arise out of it This is done with the skill of one who has learned by experience and understanding that the path we walk is one of our own choice and that ultimately we create it for ourselves as a reflection and expression of the soul Why Paganism isn’t really a religion is thoroughly explained in the first chapter with further unravelling leading to an insight into formalised religion and its limitations Again the author demonstrates a sound knowledge of a well researched subject and the wisdom earned through experiencing it She goes on to explore spirituality as an emotional experience building a personal philosophy community without dogma and the chapter on ethics; I found extremely helpful on many levels In fact I learned much from the book as a whole and am all the wiser for itDissecting spirituality is no easy feat in words It reuires a higher perspective as its very nature demands it To boldly proclaim I believe the desire for power is driven by fear and that it is inherently destructive is to move towards reclaiming that power both personally and collectively But this writer does it She does it with grounded reasoning a self enuiring honesty that endears and a level of spiritual awareness which will inform and inspire all who delve into this invaluable work Very well done to Nimue Brown A fascinating read for the free spirit

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    As an individual that walks my own Path this book is simply excellent Nimue explores the ideas and concepts related to stepping away from the established Spiritual Paths and blazing your own trail through the Spiritual wilderness If you have ever had thoughts of exploring your Spirituality without having a structure that is laid out by someone else this is definitely a great starting place I am proud to have this in my library where I can pull it back out in the future when I need to reconnect with my own reasoning for following my own Path

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    Fascinating read Brown gives readers a lot to think on when it comes to spirituality

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    Spiritual without demandsLovely read thought provokingan aid to your own decisions on how you want your path to go I really enjoyed this book and will dip into it again and again

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    A lot of people in today’s society consider themselves to be spiritual beings without any allegiance to any particular religion or belief In fact a highly spiritual person may often have no strong religious conviction while a staunch ‘worshipper’ can be devoid of any spirituality; and as many people have found religion can be taught but spirituality must be discovered and developed within one’s self As ‘Spirituality Without Structure’ reveals spirituality is how we ‘feel’ about the meaning or mysteries of life; how we reconcile life’s highs and lows; where we feel the soul comes from how it grows and where it goes after death It addresses the uest for the ‘hidden’ meaning of life and need not manifest itself in a religious manner – after all secular spirituality spawned philosophy Although the author approaches the subject form a ‘pagan’ standpoint this is a book that will appeal to all those who need a little bit of spiritual guidance without structureSuzanne Ruthven co author of Exploring Spirituality