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Hansel's father finds a child lost and alone during a violent thunderstorm After bringing her in from the tempest he and his son are startled to discover that she is Gretel a princess of Larkein the enemy kingdom their own king has just destroyed Fearful for her life Hansel pleads with his father to save her He believes they can make Gretel good by teaching her their ways His kindhearted father agrees but with great trepidation

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    I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this book I really enjoyed this version of Hansel and Gretel with a romantic twist I think I’ll be reading of this series of fairytale retellings Haha when did I ever say I will not read fairytale retellings

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    I will admit that Hansel and Gretel was not a story that I liked too much growing up No idea why just didn't like it When I saw that Jenni was retelling this story with her own little twist I knew it would be one that I enjoyed And I was correct o I loved Hansel from the very beginning He was funny loving the ultimate protector and just all around great guy He brings a smile to my face just thinking of things he did throughout the book And Gretel She's a little feisty thing But also very sweet and loving Hansel and Gretel is a cute fun uick read Perfect for a Sunday afternoon And I can't wait to read about their kids in Jack and the Beanstalk It's going to be another good one I just know itI am loving all of Jenni's twists in her Faerie Tale Collections She just can't release them fast enough for me o

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    This book baby has finally been born I really loved the idea of taking a familiar story and twisting it into a romance My story is about a hidden princess and the boy who saves her It is the first book I have written that has an tie in to another one Jack and Jill from Jack and the Beanstalk are Hansel and Gretel's children Watch for their story to come out in just a couple of weeks I loved revisiting the world again and I hope you love it too This Faerie Tale Collection has been such an enjoyable ride and I've got many to bring out just this year alone Thank you to everyone who readsI love you allJenni

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    In Jenni Jame’s modern rendition of “Hansel and Gretel” the reader follows a age appropriate take on the beloved well known classic Contrary to the commonly known story James uses a mature writing style which is suitable for young adults who are interested in a fantasy book with a sophisticated vocabulary and plot Staying true to the same characters James modifies the story line which ultimately results in a book filled with plot twists love stories and in my personal opinion a wholesome ending The use of rhetorical devices and literary elements makes the book even detailed formatted and enjoyable With the character work and immaculate imagery Jenni Jame’s “Hansel and Gretel” is sure to satisfy any reader who is looking for an outstanding page turning fantasy bookOne of the elements that makes the book very detailed and intricate is the use of imagery by James By providing the reader with complex and descriptive words the reader is capable of imagining the characters and scenes as if a part of the story When talking about the witch otherwise known in the story as Cora James is sure to provide a great description of the sinister character On page eighty eight paragraph four James writes “She whirled around her green eyes flashing a bright yellow The long locks of her raven hair lifted around her head like a dark halo Her voice though soft and barely above a whisper grated and grinded sending the deepest vilest chills throughout his heart” By using imagery and vocabulary such as “vilest” and “grated and grinded” the reader is able to get very involved in the characters and what is going on resulting in a intense and powerful readAnother literary element that made this fictional story very realistic is the usage of characterization by James It is very easy to deduce that James put a lot of thought into the characters and their backstories Being the two main characters Hansel and Gretel both have phenomenal character work which makes the story even believable The dynamic between the two is very amusing towards the beginning of the story as the characters personalities and thoughts towards each other are revealed After Hansel imposes his sexist comment of a woman's place in the kitchen Gretel grabs a milk carton and “dumped the creamy substance over Hansel’s head” At this part of the story the characters' personalities become known as Hansel says he “would endlessly pay for her feistiness” which is how it becomes apparent to the reader that Hansel and Gretel have a brothersister like relationship They pick on each other and get into uibbles but also appreciate each other just as real siblings would This is yet another key to the story which makes the book even amazingIn conclusion I thoroughly enjoyed this book Jame’s writing style vocabulary and use of literary elements and rhetorical devices made this book even entertaining and realistic Although I would not usually choose the fantasy genre I was happy that I selected one of these books along with an amazing author I would recommend this book to anyone who loves childhood stories but is looking for a mature and grown up take I am interested in seeing a wider selection of this author and her other series of books All in all I had a great experience with a great book 1010

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    Cute slight twist on the fairy tale Personally I would have loved a longer story from such a gifted writer

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    Ive read hensel and gretel faerie tale collection i really liked it nice twist ive always wanted this twist i gave it 35 out of 5

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    This was a cute retelling of Hansel and Gretel with some twists There is Hansel and Gretel of course but they are not actually related and there is the creepy witch that sneeks her way into their lives by marrying Hansel's father and putting an enchantment on him And then of course what would the story be without the cottage in the woods made of candy Candy that makes you forget everything except for the fact that you want candy; This short story had adventure magic and a little sweet romance I look forward to reading of Jenni James' Faerie Tale Collection series

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    As always I really enjoyed this Fairytale retelling by Jenni James I felt it could have used another plot complication to drag in on a little but it was still a relaxing sweet book I love these books because instead of adding too many new elements to a fairytale Jenni simple gives it a new background and back story Loved Hansel especially

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    a brilliant twist on a classic fairytale

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    Oksoanother interesting concept for an old fairy tale A 'children's story' turned romance NiceHowever once again the concept is never fully realized We go from a childhood start to 10 years later or so when they are adults or nearly adults and don't get much time to actually get to know the characters before they're flung into dire straits Again there's a bad case of 'instalove' or so it seems with the characters bemoaning the fact they are practically brother and sister to being madly in lovewith no believable transition in between I mean personally I don't have a problem with the romance itselfthey aren't related and they both know itbut they felt almost like siblings or that they should beand there was no believable wake up to the fact they weren't Though on the good side they knew each other plenty well and it was mentioned that Hansel was already in love with her So at least it was not a case of them not knowing each otherThe witch part was justbizarre Again no work up Just poof father is getting married witch moves in and suddenly Gretel is being abusedforno apparent reason? I mean we know the witch knew who she wasbut what was the point of her being such a b about it?Also the fact that Gretel was just 'taken away' felt a lot like a case of us being 'told' something happened but we did not actually see it The whole plot once the witch entered felt very rushed like things couldn't wait to be finishedI did find the point about the witch eating people verybizarrealthough to be fair this was in the original tale as well and made even less sense So kudos to the author for actually coming up with a reason WHY she did this Though it still lacked explanation of HOW or if she was even human to start withThe part where Hansel tricks the witch kisses her and gets her to let him looseagain felt rushed and out of place in the story Not so much because it was bad as much as it felt like there was no 'real' build up to it It just sort ofcame out of the blueI am also really not sure I care for the part where he kills her I get ithis point was validhowever the method seemed like murder than anything If he had been fighting with her and she 'was' killed or if they had tricked her and pushed her in so they could escape as in the original I could see it But the calculating way he actually did it made him of a bad guy than a heroAll in allyeah Interesting concept but once again it failed to deliver