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The death of a child immerses parents into a life long challenge of living with one of life's most heartbreaking losses Pilgrimage through Loss tells the story of one family's journey along with interviews from thirty other mothers and fathers who add their voices to the silences that often surround suffering in our � mourning avoidant' culture Hunt illuminates the varied pathways parents eventually discover that open their lives to strength and healing Rather than prescribing a path that will lead to recovery Hunt encourages parents to find the pathways that work for them as they seek to engage life again with meaning and hope Each chapter includes uestions for reflection and discussion plus recent research on grief and loss Pilgrimage through Loss not only helps grieving parents it also provides an insightful resource for those wanting to understand and come alongside a family in grief

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    This is the first book I have read about handling grief after the death of a loved one I have never lost a child but I have lost other family members My mother died when I was 18 and a college freshman My dad died one year later My sister died shortly after I started reading this bookWhile I fully understand that the loss of child is different than any other type of loss I do believe that every person handles grief differently When I lost my mother in 1968 there were no books to help one deal with grief However much I might have wanted to just melt away and go to wherever my Mom was I knew deep down that’s not what she wanted and it wasn’t what I could do Life does go on whether we want it to or not I didn’t go on any retreats didn’t discuss my feelings with friends and didn’t have long bouts of crying While there is nothing at all wrong with any of these things it just isn’t how I handle grief I am a very private person and I grieve privately I feel individuals must do what is right for them The author gives examples of things that help the grieving process but it seems to me from reading her book and from observing life in general that the best way might be to focus outside of yourself and give yourself to others in need She gives examples of those who have started organization to help others faces the disease that took their loved one or organizations that help in an area of interest their loved one was passionate aboutI believe this book could be of help to a great many people who have suffered loss and even to those who know someone who has suffered loss There is much to be gained from reading this book for those of us who need better understanding of what we can do to help those suffering in grief and what things we should avoid in order not to cause them additional grief This is a book I would recommend to everyoneI was provided a free copy of this book for review from Westminster John Knox Press and Net Gallery I was under no obligation to provide a favorable review

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    I'm not sure if other reviewers have lost someone close to them but as someone who has let me tell you this book nailed it I have not lost a child I lost my brother I did not read any grief books after he passed this was my first and it's been 35 years Sometimes the grief can be too much so I think this book was perfect for me since I could relate to the grief but the specifics of it being a child didn't hit too close making the book too hard to read If that makes sense I think it also helped me that it read like a memoir than a self help book It definitely felt at times though that I was chatting with a familiar friend which definitely helped This book made me feel that it's okay to still be grieving and it made me feel not so alone I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who has lost someone close to to them not just a child I will certainly be passing my copy along to family membersI have to say I received a free copy of this from Goodreads but that in no way impacted my review

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    I was reading many books when I started this one after a reading by several of the contributors to Linda Hunt's book at Aunties but I could not put this one down I have never lost a child but I have a grandson with Cystic Fibrosis so I understand some of the emotions that go with knowing one must keep a face of hope and courage always and learn to savor the precious moments of the now Linda wove the stories of the parents who had lost children tenderly there each of the chapters Each chapter had it's purpose of renewal and hope It was very positive in it's emotion and gave me great love for those going through life with memories and dreams cut short I think the poetry uoted and the stories told are something I want to read over and over again It could be helpful to anyone that has suffered a loss Loss of our parents loss of a friendship or marriage as well as loss of a dream or hope It all has meaning

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    Beautifully written A must read for any parent who has lost a child but the principles in this book can apply to any great loss

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    While the author gives many examples from her personal experience after the loss of her 25 year old daughter I'd recommend this to anyone who has lost a significant person in their life