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When seventeen year old Beckit Wright joins Aaron a mesmerizing and mysterious knight on a dangerous adventure to a world that she is destined to save things get complicated when her safety and heart wind up in jeopardy As the two struggle to keep their professional relationship from turning personal Beckit and Aaron begin to wonder how long will they be able to fight both their enemies and their fierce attraction for one another before one of them ends up hurt or worseWARNING This book contains some adult language violence and sexual content Reader and parental discretion is advised

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    This Novel Was Epic WinFirstly this passage right here was worth TEN stars Her hair was short and curly her skin was dark and according to pop culture big and black with short curly hair did not eual pretty Yet none of that mattered Beckit was differentShe had finally decided that if she was waiting for approval from others to start loving herself and living her life she'd be waiting forever So instead she focused on what she was good at and that included swimmingI mean really how often do we read that anywhere especially in YA and romance fiction? Not only that but Beckit is no sad sack dark skinned heroine And she's a swimmer too which was where she'd first seen Aaron at her swim meets How often does that happen? It's well known that Black women hair and water tend to be a volatile mixSecond this novel was epic because of the strong female friendship between Beckit and Tameka Oh and give it up to Wilder for including an Afro Latina main character If ever I had to get sucked into an alternate universe where a bunch of people were trying to kill me I'd want a ride or die chick like Tameka having my back What makes this even better is their friendship doesn't suddenly nosedive once the gorgeous boy comes into the picture These two young women stay tightAnother reason this is all kinds of epic? Once it's Beckit Her entire normal world has been turned into her personal version of her favorite paranormal television show and she deals with it with a certain aplomb No she wasn't superhuman but neither did she fall apart when things got tough She didn't become a Bella Nora or Calla thank the goddess when all these strangemysterious beings come into her sphere She's told she's a part of an important mission and despite the risks of which there were many some of which nearly killed her Yes she's attracted to Aaron the knight sworn to protect her Yes there's a pushpull between them but both characters are grounded in their mission However they are also teenagers with all the attendant hormones Just as Beckit and Tameka are my book girlfriends Aaron is my book boyfriend Unlike the stalkerific and abusive asshats that have been polluting the romance genre Aaron having been trained to serve and protect does just that but it never felt to me as if he treated Beckit as if she couldn't tie her own shoes without his help There were times I wanted to strangle him but it never took my girl Beckit long to put him in check Aaron suffers from that age old dilemma between duty and desire; because of that struggle he had some jealousy issues Me being a total Ren Faire junkie how could I not love a man who can instantly armor himself like a Sherman tank? Oh yes let's talk about the diverse characters in both worlds especially Traterra the world Beckit is brought to help save There are so many fantasy realms that are so utterly whitewashed for no other reason save for sheer laziness MA Wilder didn't do that Yes there's a sexy gay werewolf an alluring bisexual vampire whose life Beckit saved and a dragon with a bit of a chip on his shoulder but the world is also multiracial in the human sense As far as Traterra I got the idea it was a mixture of the modern and the medieval There's obviously serious tech magic happening And there's humor A lot of it Lines like this Jacob Lancelot she said looking from the wolf to the knight don't make me get loud in this nice lady's home Aaron I have my periodYou suffer from punctuation?Oh yes another star for showing some realism here Beckit still gets her period in a fantasy world I know some readers might not like that but I appreciate how matter of fact it isThere were a couple of minor spelling glitches far less than I've seen in books from bigger publishers but in no way do they get in the way of this awesome fantasy Seriously I am such a fangirl over this book that I'm starting the seuel right now This was YA fantasy done right

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    Full review also posted here on TotalTeenFictionDisclosure I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI was sent this copy by the author to review and thought the premise sounded interesting Ad follows Beckit who discovers the mystery guy who has appeared throughout her life is actually a knight assigned to protect her who then sweeps her off to his homelandI'll start of by warning you that I didn't like this book which is going to be reflected in this review I'm always sad to say that but this just wasn't an enjoyable read for me Firstly there seems to be an awful lot going on The book is set in a world with knights from another planet vampires banshees werewolves magic and fairy dust I never uite settled into that world and it seemed like there was just too much to get my head around Secondly I was never uite sure why things were happening and Beckit just seemed happy enough to go along with it all I just didn't get that sense of purpose to really let me get invested in the story I thought Beckit had some potential as a character She doesn't feel like she fits in because of her shape and size and has a great realtionship with her best friend Meka with the two of them obsessing over their favourite werewolf TV show I thought that was something a lot of people would relate to I make TV show references with my friends all the time But even those little references weren't enough to win me round in the endOne of the main things that let the story down for me was Aaron He's introduced as this sort of stalker figure who constantly pops up in Beckit's life and yet this doesn't seem to put her off in any way which was just weird It would totally creep me out having a weird guy show up everywhere I went and the fact she didn't seem in the slightest bit unnerved put me off Then there was the fact that throughout the book I felt I knew absolutely nothing about him other than the fact he was assigned to protect Beckit If I was going to form any kind of connection with him as a character I needed to actually get to know him and I didn'tThen there's the romance element Ad which didn't win me over at all Like I said I felt nothing for Aaron and then there was the fact that I felt zero chemistry between him and Beckit Yet Beckit has this major crush on him and then they start snogging each other's faces off when they barely know each other It was all just a bit strange to me Only it got worse when we got to the sex scene I don't want to spoil it but I always mention if there's explicit content anyway and there was in this book And it was so so awkward to read It felt like a public service announcement for teenage sex uote from the book Is sex really this amazing? Of course it is her brain whispered When it's with the right personThat moves me on to the writing which was probably one of the things that made it difficult to get through this book It was just a bit clunky for me and I would find myself having to skim over bits that didn't fit or correct them in my head In the story Aaron is an erone and Beckit is his poh iverstant which lead to sentences such as The poh iverstant and the erone hurried to their next destination I just found it so frustrating when they were referred to with these titles instead of their names If they were characters we hadn't yet been introduced to then I would maybe understand that formality but when you knew who they were it was just off putting It felt very strange seeing Beckit constantly referred to as the human as well Ad is written in third person and occasionally the perspective would switch around a bit I much preferred it when it was written from Beckit's POVThere were also cases of strange phrasing being used for example when H2O was used in place of the word water I think I actually groaned at that one considering the context was somebody having a shower My final problem was the youth speak and pop culture references that were crammed in OMG was used far too often for my liking and I couldn't help but cringe at homegirl and FML being usedI always try and explain why I didn't like a book because it can be a very personal thing and the things that bothered me may not bother other people at all In the end I just found it very difficult to get through I think if I was the kind of person who could just stop and not finish a book then this would've been one I would have moved on from because I knew about halfway through that it just wasn't for me But I have to finish things And so I ploughed on to the end and sadly it didn't get any betterFind books like this at TotalTeenFiction

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    I read the first 70% of this book in less than 24 hours It took me four days to finish the rest Here is whyI can't stand romance So I must be a glutton for punishment right? Because I have made this proclamation in other reviews before and I did go into this book with full knowledge that there was romance ahead and yet I read it What's the deal? I'll tell youLet me start with the pluses Ard is a well imagined story that is a brave mash up of many myths and legends I was most attracted to this tale due to a review i read about the book How often do we get a fantasy tale featuring a clearly black not the ambiguous she could maybe sorta kinda be black female protagonist who DOES NOT fit the usual stereotypes? She's not petite and blond with waist length flowing locks frail confused in need of stroking a crybaby scaredy cat nor is she unable or willing to stand up for herself ie Bella Swan and her ilk don't live here Uhm I know there are some books out there like that I just can't think of any off the top of my head And that's not all The entire cast is diverse in every conceivable way making Ard a fantasy novel realistic than most For this element of extreme diversity and the bravery to take a hand mixer to this tale I'd give it a fiveI love the friendship between the protag and her bff That was truly sweet and a bright point Good to see the bff doesn't bite the dust in the shadow of the love interest That was awesome This tale is also raucously funny I mean I actually giggled out loud a couple of times The bff is a source of endless laughterBut it doesn't end thereArd is in desperate need of an editor as besides the spelling flubs which are few the switches in POV and tense are freuent and off putting The pacing is a little too uick and shallow for my taste but I suspect that this is likely typical of YA which I don't often read that it needs to move uickly to keep the reader's attentionThe romance I can tolerate romance when it is subtly woven into a story when its tasteful when I'm spared the dirty details and when the characters fess up and just get it over with The pushpull emotional roller coastering of this romance eventually became than I could possibly bear It annoyed me Why can't people just be honest about their feelings and move on? This romantic element was enough to make me put the book down for a few days It just put me off this taleThe ending left a good deal of intrigue which makes me glad the second is available its just that based on my fellow Goodreader's review I'm not sure I'll be able to stand reading it I bow out for now

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    This book is REALLY good I really enjoyed the romance between Beckit and Aaron I love Aaron Ran and Meka are hilarious I can’t wait to read the second book

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    stars Wellllllbeep I mean seriously I am a big ball of torn I don't even know what that means good start LenoreSo here's the thing There were two things about the way this book was written that just bugged the crap out of me I mean SERIOUSLY drove me batty And I will get into them And then there were a handful of things that kind of annoyed me but not horrendously And then there were things I loved I spent the first half pretty sure that I would just finish the book give it an OK rating and move on with my life But the problem is that the good things have me compelled I want to know where the story goes And it ended on a pretty big cliffhangersort ofI never know the definition of cliffhangers but it wasn't all neat and tidy So I'm going to read the next one Even though GAH JUST GAHOK so let's get the really bad out of the way and work our way to good Bad thing #1 this book was written in what I believe is 3rd person omniscient and I do NOT read 3rd person omniscient so I'm not sure exactly but I don't think it was done very well MOST of the time and for a good chunk of the beginning it was in 3rd person limited Beckit's head and I was enjoying that And then all of a sudden we definitely weren't in Beckit's head And it confused the crap out of me First because I wasn't entirely sure whose head we were in or if we were in any headand it happened sporadically for the rest of the book We'd be going along as Beckit and then whamsomething else Sometimes I could figure out it was probably Aaron but other times I just couldn't tell And because it was so sporadic it was really jarring and I honestly feel like the book would have been better served to stick to Beckit onlyI don't think the switches really added much given how confusing they wereBad thing #2 Sort of related because sometimes when the POV was switching it would almost be sort of like a narrator and so the author would continuously switch out Beckit's name with the human or the poh iverstant It really didn't fit I don't understand the point of doing that It felt like when someone is given the advice to change things up to provide variety but it just again made me confused about the perspectiveOK so those were the bads that drove me batty Onto the meh things 1 The pacing was a bit off for me I felt like things moved really rapidly at the beginning but without much explanation and so I wasn't invested I tried to explain the book to my husband and he laughed because I sounded like a run on sentence and then they got to the planet and then they were attacked and then they ran to a village And I didn't like that the chapters would end with a sort of cliffhanger but then would not immediately resolve in the next chapter Like and this is not an actual example bc I don't have one handy she would turn around and scream but then the next chapter would start off with her lounging hanging with her BFF and eventually they would explain what made her scream It felt like contrived tension2 The love triangle was unnecessary in my opinion I mean yes it's no secret I don't like love triangles but this one really didn't serve a purpose or at the very least it should have served a short purpose and been resolved it kind of felt like we were getting into the trope of everyone falls in love with the heroine who thinks she's an ugly duckling and that's just not my faveespecially because I kind of liked that Beckit was not a usual sizeshape3 Aaron He was inconsistent as all heck He would have a few swoony moments but I really didn't know enough about him to really understand why he was drawn to Beckit or what he was thinking or heck what he was like which given that the perspective jumped we could have had moments in his head to enlighten us?? And then he would become childishly possessive For a thousand year old Knight he behaved like a child with a temper tantrum too often for me to swoon And I just didn't get the pull that Beckit felt for him It felt like a crush and lust I don't think I got enough interaction to get where it turned into Heck I don't understand if they're even friends4 The sex scene didn't fit the tone of the book I'm a proud reader of all levels of steam from sueaky clean to erotica but the sex scene was hella explicit for a book that felt YA than NA And for characters that were goofier But maybe that was just me and at least there is a warning in the blurb5 Beckit and Tameka but mostly Beckit were way too accepting of things And for Beckit it was based on some feelings If those feelings were then explained to be some magic pull between an erone and his poh iverstant then I would accept it But just because you acknowledge to the reader that she should be waryskeptical but just isn't doesn't really satisfy me And what are Tameka's parents thinking? And does she not care about them worrying about her?Damn this review is getting long Sorry guys THE GOOD 1 THE WORLD Colour me intrigued I kind of love that there's this planet that contains all these supernatural creatures and that's just the way it is and everyone just lives together It amuses me I enjoy it And I ADORED the way the Knights were added and how they're kind of shifter like with their armor being a part of who they are as creatures or something Like seriously cool2 When the writing was on I really felt for Beckit and the things she was going through and she got me in the feels It wasn't consistent but when it was there it was amazing3 The bits of sassy humour Seriously the characters had me grinning in a number of places And I know this is a downside for some readers but I enjoyed the youthful slang that Tameka and Beckit used It just fit their personalities and brought out their teenagerness And the games night It was a great moment of levity that was sorely needed4 Beckit was smart I ADORED the scene in the council meeting I wanted to high five her all over the place5 While I wasn't the biggest fan of the romance and it was inconsistent when the chemistry was there I really felt it6 The motley crew of friends Tameka was sassy and pretty funny though she would probably get on my nerves after a while in real life Linnie was an interesting addition and I hope we see of her in the future I really hope Frost has a lot secrets to tell bc while he's interesting he will be even interesting if there is something to the little hints we see every now and again Royce is even intriguing he's a nice foil for Meka And RAN Ran is my total favourite Love that guy I can't even7 Even the smaller secondary characters were intriguing Denzin Dozen Xoe Hakeen Gwon8 Particularly Atlas I love me a fatherson dynamic and he really added to the story9 And I can't stress this enough DIVERSITY A black heroine A hispanic BFF A gay werewolf A bi vampire And even secondary characters were a colourful array of ethnicitiesAnd this can go in the bad and good the overarching plot It's intriguing but it was really shuffled to the background a lot I mean I still don't understand what the Te Trad even is or what they're going to do or much about where the whole conflict is going to go But nevertheless I'm intrigued I want to knowSo there you have it Next book has been purchased about to be started We'll see if I can tolerate the bad enough to enjoy the good for the rest of the series

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    First let me say Wow This book hooked me from the first lines and I could not sit it down I immediately picked up with book two and finished them both in three days Ard tells a tale about a girl coming of age and finding out that all of our Earth myths are not only true but in fact alienThe story starts with our heroine Beckit Wright She is a seventeen year old on the verge of high school graduation captain of the swim team and through her own description not a girl to turn heads She's an orphan and remembers nothing from her childhood or about her birth parents After a series of FML events Beckit learns about Traterra a planet filled with banshees werewolves dooms mermaids vampires just to name a few and that she is a part of some supernatural te trad As the Earth te trad she has been called to Traterra to protect it from a yet unnamed foe Beckit is a character I found easy to relate to Wilder's use of everyday slang and references to popular pop culture keep our heroine tied to the readers in an Earthling type wayThen there's Aaronoh my he makes me swoon He felt safe Which was funny since safe wouldn't be a word one would use to describe the stalker Turns out Aaron is not a stalker but an erone from the planet of Traterra His job is to protect the te trad at all costs And does he ever have his work cut out for him Aaron struggles not only with his job but with his feelings for Beckit making a very hot romance Every time he spoke it was like someone was pouring melted chocolate down Beckit's spine And those eyes Besides our two main characters we have Tameka Beckit's besty and only other main character who is human Ran a werewolf Linnie the witch and Frost the vampire This ragtag group become not only close friends but family to Beckit as she is not only away from her home but learning about a future that is uncertainThe only reason I could not give this book five stars is the narration at the beginning Through out the first several chapters we are in a third person limited POV and get a taste of what is going on from all of the characters I found this very hard to follow and several times caught myself having to reread certain sections just to figure out whose head I was in Overall though the book is outstanding I laughed out loud cried with Beckit and found the whole romance endearing By far this is one of the best sci fi books I've read in a long LONG time I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    So I have had this book for a few months but didn't really do much than put it on my to read list Yeah that was a giant mistake This book is a non stop thrill rideBeckit is not only a really human heroine made all the important by the fact that she is one of the few humans in the book but she's an honest to goodness teenager I get sick of the YA NA book characters that act like five year olds and speak like middle aged sailors Becks and her best friend Tameka feel so spot on in their reactions to the changes in their circumstances and environments I loved that Beckit was an athlete and even that she was bright Though she made me wonder about her brain a few times on the journey to the palace but I am digressing Ard is full of action and intrigue;while some uestions are answered what does Becks have to do with all of this? Many are raised and left for the next bookbooks And for all of the political drama Becks has uite the personal drama going on with AaronOMG a few words on Aaron The literal knight in shining armor He was stoic and staid while being bada#s and hot like fire I loved the dynamic between Aaron and Becks and Aaron and Atlas but again digression Having typed all that I really wanted her to take a can opener to his ard a#s there at the endThe supporting cast is necessary not always true in these paranormal series and I loved how the author explained how so many supernaturals can coexist on one planet Frost wasis a decent foil for Aaron and Ran just made my day Atlas was my favorite and I hope Linnie gets to do a bit in the next book Speaking of when is the next book coming? I cannot wait to read itFrom my account

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    I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI am not normally a fan of YA but made an exception because this was an interracial romance This was fast paced and very different If you are looking for paranormal romanceUrban Fantasy with a multicultural cast this series is worth a look

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    This book was provided to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased reviewI really like a book full of supernatural beings and have no issues at all with vampires werewolves and witches being written about again and again Every author does it differently and I really liked these guys they were kind of normal people who didn't make a fuss about what they were which makes sense really What is less successful is when authors try to bring in a new supernatural They often seem contrived and really just the same thing with a different name In this book however I loved the knights and the way they ard up for battle It brings a whole new meaning to the knight in shining armor saving the damselThat was my favourite thing about this book the world It felt almost like a fairy tale world and I loved that I could almost believe around the next corner there could be just anything and it would fit in just fineThe characters and the writing were less impressive to me though At times I really appreciated how 'real' and really teenage the two human girls seemed But at other times I found their reactions unrealistic given that their lives were in danger and their language so cliche bordering on inaccessible to those of us who aren't and weren't even at one stage an american teenagerThe writing was patchy Some of it elicited an emotional response out of me Some of it drew me in and made me feel a sense of presence But some of it jarred and I found myself checking my progress a little too often To be fair I have read so many first person narratives to have been uite spoilt but usually I am used to the third person after 20 30% in this case not so It irritated me that the MC was referred to so often as 'the human' and other such the'sTo sum up I actually found the world the creatures in it and the trouble it faced fairly interesting I was a little too irritated by the patchiness of it though I think it may need some work to strengthen and draw the reader through I'm sorry to say that I'm just not emotionally invested in it enough to want to know what happens next