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What drove them apart? And will danger bring them back together?Griffin left after New Year's Eve There was a misunderstanding He thought he saw something Leigh swears he didn't see He came back a month later But by then she'd already done something that Griffin thought was horrible He couldn't be with her any So he left for goodNow three and a half months later a madman named Marcel is threatening Leigh demanding that she get a message to Griffin She doesn't have a choice She has to go to Griffin for helpMore than anything she wants him back but he's made it clear that he'll never forgive her Stuck together in the same apartment they will have to confront their problems Because what Marcel has planned for them is so harrowing they'll need to be able to depend on each other

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    I was SERIOUSLY let down by this follow up book Why on earth the writer decided to pretty much sabotage the main character Griffen i completely uttery hate that she did it Touching on his torment in his younger years was one thing and gave great reason for how withdrawn he was is one thing But to pretty much destroy him in the 2nd book was just agonizing and for me and REUINED this book completely I really really hope if there is a 3rd book which i will read ONLY IN HOPES THAT THE AUTHOR REDEEMS the main character Griffen I like the serium aspect and that the book is kind of like Nikita or a sifi Alias But overall i kind of hated the book but really LOVE the main characters I just so badly want peace happiness for them

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    I'm not one that normally writes reviews but for some reason I decided to on this one I loved the first book read it in a day and was excited to see that the second book came out I read the second book in about 8 hours I thought I was great book until the end It just ends The end nothing With out giving anything away I will just say three paragraphs could have made it a great book

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    Lots of violence torture and killing Defo not for the faint of heart

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    Only criticism thus far in the Assassins series After having a drug addiction killing your boyfriend in a car wreck killing several people being a first hand witness to several people being killed a few of whom were close friends you yourself having been shot and tortured several times losing two children having believed your father was dead erasing not actually dead fathers memory and then deciding the best plan of action was to just kill him I would assume homegirl would have a few emotional problems She stays pretty solid through out the whole book I get that it's meant to be one of her most dominate character traits but maybe I just feel like the author didn't play up the few break downs she had enough? I don't know I really liked the book I just didn't feel a strong enough connection with Leigh's guilt and grief I'm not saying the description wasn't there I'm just saying I didn't feel it You know what? Screw it I'm not good at leaving negative reviews 85% of the time it was a great book There

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    4 12 stars I found this book sooo much enthralling than the first I couldn't put it down Every page seemed to have my heart pounding with anticipation While reading this book I experienced every possible emotion The plots were unnerving and shouldn't have been something I enjoyed but the author's writing was so descriptive and captivating I couldn't look away I honestly loved this book and know my review isn't doing justice but wow just WOW

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    It seemed like all of the conversations the characters had kept being repeated same issues This book had a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes too many not to notice It didn't add anything to the characters' story should have left the first book as a standalone

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    Not the direction I expected this to go and was a bit difficult to read at times but still loved it Interesting insight to the human mind

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    I can't believe the nonsense I just read

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    like the read but predictable at time Leigh is always running into problems she never listens

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    5 Stars AgainTITLE Slow Agony Assassins #2AUTHOR VJ Chambers GENRE New Adult AcademicCollege Romantic SuspensePUBLISHED March 13th 2013PURCHASEDCOST 399MY RATING 55MY THOUGHTS I chose to purchase and read this book because after reading the first book in the Assassins series Slow Burn I couldn't wait to continue the story Most of what I said in my review of Slow Burn continues to hold true throughout the series this far WOW for starters I loved this book so much I'm glad I didn't read the synopsis before I started this book because I probably wouldn't have given it a second look I am soooo glad that I DID give it a chance though So glad Slow Burn is a mix of Romance and maybe Sci Fi or Fantasymaybe? It's actually probably realistic than we know with the technology and knowledge out there now though So maybe not Sci FiFantasy at allwho knows Anyway I fell absolutely in love with the two main characters and could not put this book down The author VJ Chambers wrote this book incredibly well Her characters are beyond well developed and I feel like they are real people who I know personally The love story aspect of this book is extremely original I've personally never read a love story anything at all like Slow Burn I loved this second book in the Assassins series Slow Agony every bit as much as I loved it's predecessor Slow Burn This one continued on with the story we were introduced to in the first book as well as gave us the chance to meet and start to get to know the characters who will star in the books yet to come in this series I can't wait to read the rest of the series Once again WELL DONE author VJ Chambers Well done