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Forgiveness is the pulse that sustains all friendshipsThe most anticipated seuel of the yearWhere Did We Go Wrong? left readers asking “Who got shot?” Where Did We Go Wrong Again? continues immediately after the shooting One of the beloved central characters is critically wounded and another is murdered The bonds of friendship and love are tested after the tragedy causes all involved to make irrational decisions that complicate their lives even Nothing will ever be the same as everyone is forced to make monumental life altering decisions Can relationships be salvaged in time to help one other through the conseuences of poor judgment?

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    This book was just as good as the 1st These 3 sisters had some shit with them but in the end nobody can't beat the bond between friends family That's a given

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    Let me tell you This book took me on a ride What I loved was the emotions the author was able to invoke I ended up liking almost everyone I disliked from book 1 disliking everyone I liked I almost didn't want Joy to have Allen bc he put up with way too much from her Bea And my fav storyline was Gabby Bo The depth mindset of their characters truly provided for a powerful story I have laughed been upset cried overjoyed throughout this entire book Two thumbs up

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    This seuel was certainly not a disappointment to the first book I enjoyed the turbulent unpredictable friendship of Maxine Joy and Gabby as well as the hilarious character of Bea I felt I knew all these characters personally Great job Monica Mathis Stowe Will be looking out for future reads

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    Where Did We Go Wrong Again? is a fun read that will once again have you experiencing a range of emotions Throughout the story you will pity Maxine fell sorry for Joy and hate Gabby but in the end you will definitely love something about all the characters

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    Read this in one day and was not disappointed Great seuel and highly recommend this book

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    Great storyI loved the friendship that Maxine Gabby and Joy shared with each other through all their ups and downs they had each other's back After Allen began to recover from his gun shot wound caused by Dean his and Joy's relationship takes another turn for the worse Maxine tries to reconcile with her husband but finds out the hard way some things are better left alone Gabby is still Gabby but for once gets a taste of her own medicine and she doesn't like it one bit I enjoyed this series and look forward to from this author

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    Very thrilling dramaI absolutely loved 12 of this book The story line was well developed along with each character I love how I could spend time getting to know these ladies I felt as though they were my friends Well worth the read ♥️

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    To goodLoved this series Joy just aggravated me with her man Gabby she's one of a kind I can't give her a chance P

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    Monica Mathis Stowe does it again with her seuel to “Where Did We Go Wrong?” I hurriedly read WDWGW just so I could get into “Where Did We Go Wrong Again?” I’d heard about Monica’s methodical writing style of plotting to keep her reader engaged Her plan worked The pulse of the story is loyalty and forgiveness When friends are caught in a uagmire after discovering one friend shoot and another murdered everyone involved literally has some serious life changing decisions to make These characters must decide what is of greater value friendship or sanity Monica does an excellent job of picking up right where she left off in “Where Did We Go Wrong?” You start reading “Where Did We Go Wrong Again?” knowing the main storyline That is three college friends living fast and hard gets themselves in a big mess of “murder was the case that they gave me” trouble You know right away that you still hate Gabby feel sorry for Joy and blame Maxine Just as in “Where Did We Go Wrong?” a murder hangs in the balance and continues to complicate the bond between these young women This story gets messy You find yourself playing detective and trying to solve a case because you don’t want your favorite character to be guilty You even become frustrated once you realize there are twist and turns than the Los Angeles freeway Because the book is so intriguing you keep reading and hoping for the outcome you want I don’t want to give away any spoiler alerts but I will say that both books are probably the best I’ve read this year“Where Did We Go Wrong?” and “Where Did We Go Wrong Again?” are hard to put down It took me about six days to read both books and both are definitely worth the read Believe me you won’t be disappointed The seuel is thrilling and even that does not sum it up I highly recommend both books

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    The author did a good job of eliciting negative emotions toward the female characters and empathy for the male characters The book is a shining example of the type of woman you should not ever want to be Maxine the weaker neediest of the 3 friendsgrew a back bone after being set afire but remained worrisome This character is shining example of women who don't know how to exist without a man She wore her desperation like a coatJoy the most immature with a dose of selfishness of the 3 friendsShe was just doing too much Even after all that Allen went thru for her over the course of 10 yrs and after he returned Joy was angry over a kiss and some nude emails photos from someone trying to get her man I mean really It was ridiculous and I lost interest in her She was even immature than in book 1 I felt sorry for Allen He put up with so much dealing with her and got nothing back in return I really hoped he would move on from her He didn't cheat on her And his character deserved a happily ever afterBee was too much all aroundGabby the most selfish narcissistic and devious of the 3 friendsFinally we got some background on how Gabby became the way she isHate it or love it