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This book is part of a dark fiction series and may disturb some readersSome of this story is not safe sane or consensual and this is not a manual on how to practice kink Jodie is scraping the barrel trying to stay afloat An idea arrives that could rescue her finances and bring her together in a kinky way with a man she never gave up on She's terrified and fascinated and tempted as hellCapture fantasies rule her eBook Re enacting one in a documentary would surely be irresistible viewing to millions of women?But Jodie and Klaus discover that underneath an ordinary man dark desires may lurk What will win in the end? The man and lover or the monster?

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    Holy Fuck  What a dark pain edged orgasmic ride this one turned out to be  Cari Silverwood is a new discovery for me and now I’m going to have to slavishly read her back list because wow how wonderful is it to find an author that appears to be such a good fit  If you like your BDSM a little edgy your consent a little dubious and your boundaries pushed then I suggest you give her a tryAs the blurb states Jodie decides to make a documentary about capture fantasy – a fetish which she believes turns many women on as they read about it on their e readers and she’s not wrong there right?  She’s looking for a healthy dose of Stockholm Syndrome  She enlists Klaus her accountant and ex lover to play the role of captor and agree upon a schedule and a rigid set of rules  Klaus duly locks her up in her basement but it soon becomes apparent that this is not working at all – it’s dull and staid and they both know it’s just pretendJodie had given Klaus an ereader full of books to serve as background reading he’s done his own research online and has a deliciously wicked box of tricks and somehow Jodie has managed to waken a latent sadist residing inside Klaus that neither of them ever knew was there  It’s kind of like awakening the Kraken as Klaus takes charge of the situation and forces Jodie to submit and tears up her ‘rules’ and starts to run the show his way  She no longer has a say but that’s OK because she trusts him right?  Or does she?I so enjoyed this – it’s so fucking HOT it’s unbelievable  I know I peeked over the top of my Kindle at my poor unsuspecting hubby with bedroom eyes as I read this and I feel sure that loads of readers probably did too  It’s very much the evolution of a sadist and his submissive little masochist as both of them make huge discoveries about themselves as the story progresses and they edge far closer to a MasterSlave TPE relationship  They're both very strong characters which makes Jodie’s descent into submission hard fought and difficult and yet thoroughly engaging to read  It’s really incredibly arousing and the sadism is pretty edgy  It’s so unbelievably erotic to read and I positively devoured this in one sitting  I know I’m never going to look at accountants in the same way ever again  The story is told from alternating view points so we get to hear exactly what Jodie and Klaus are thinking as they get further and further into their kink and I really valued getting inside both of their heads  Klaus begins to take things deeper and darker than either of them could ever have anticipated and I so enjoyed how they began to fear that he may take things too far as he pushed Jodie far beyond her boundariesI’ve read the blurbs for the rest of the books in this series and I know that Cari Silverwood is about to push me beyond the boundaries I normally like to read within but I’m about to take that journey with her because we all know we learn the most about ourselves when we’re out of our comfort zones and I’m inspired enough by this author to follow her down the dark twisted path she’s delighting in dragging her readers downFANTASTIC new discovery for me – if you like your romance dark your sex with a hefty helping of kink and your consent dubious at least then Cari Silverwood’s the gal for you45 sadistic stars Buy From

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    45 stars YawzaSee this is what happens when I skim the synopsis and get one click happy It was all right there – should have been no surprise but I totally missed the whole “warning part”I’ve got to admit I’m of a “glitter kink” kind of girl While I’ll dip my toe into some hard core stuff I generally swim in the shallow endThe interesting thing about this book is that for the most part except for two scenes I’d say this wasn’t anything out of my comfort zone as narrow as that can be I’ve read books that have fucked with my mind a whole lot than this ie Comfort Food or Seduced in the Dark– but this one for whatever reason seemed to mess with both my mind and my heart in eual measure which made the impact of each far greater then it “should” have been Does that make any sense at all?In both of my examples Comfort food and SITD the dominateskidnappers are very experienced and in a way I think it made the things they did even if they were repugnant easier to take because as a reader I TRUSTED that they knew what they were doing even if I didn’t agree with their end goalThe scenario in this book is one I’ve never read about before – one where the Dom isn’t experienced Well than half of the BDSM books I’ve read have inexperienced subs so I’ve read that perspective a lot Being inside Klaus’s head as he discovers and tries to come to terms with the fact that he is a Dom and a Sadist was flat out one of the most fascinating and at times scariest things I’ve ever readEverything starts out pretend a project a façade but then it gets real Really really real I was so rational about wanting to I swallowed hurt her control her it made the rest of the world go out of focus I’d thought of this me as a cave man But no this was like a monster me Did every man have some version of a monster inside him deep down? Maybe we just needed the right circumstances to set it loose?I rolled my shoulder to work away the tension I just had to remember where my monster hid so I could shoo it back into that place in my head when the time came” The situation was uniue too in that Jodie and Klaus had previously had a vanilla relationship and were now friends so there was already a level of trust there built over the years to fall back on Interestingly enough the book still revolved around building trust though just not Jodie learning to trust Klaus but Klaus learning to trust KlausI think that if it’s accurate this book finally gave me my first true understanding of the sadist thought process My heart broke for both Jodie and Klaus but ironically I think for Klaus His struggle to understand himself was agonizing and his “learning by doing” was scaryThis isn’t the darkest book I’ve ever read Not by a long shot but it touched me mind and heart and really made me think and feel “Oh Fuck I’m done I’m caught Who was the captor here? Me or her?”

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    More suitable titles 100 ways to become a sadist 100 ways to realise you are a masohist Are you an boring account or a bored vanilla guy? Implementing locks and takedowns from your judo training into sexual humiliation Deep down she loves being a good girl for you How to use a fake kidnapping and capturing fantacy to get back with your ex You want it I want it Don't be embarrassed Let's keep it forever I may think titles laterOveral this is a very dark romance novel It is given by both protagonists' points of view And I really enjoyed it

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    4 beautifully uniue pleasurable captivating stars The eyes are the mirror to the soul and right then my soul was very dark This is surprising a slow working way dark read It starts off kind of slow but then it catches up to you and take a full swing into dark erotica captive dom and sub I really uite enjoyed this book I love how the author took something different and very uniue way of captive books and did a spin of mind fuckery Jodie is struggling with money she needs to make money and as she does documentaries why not do a documentary about a captive fantasy that she reads about in her Dark Erotica books and make one for everyone to see But this is a consent captive fantasy documentary Klaus is her accountant and ex lover Jodie wants Klaus to be the one that is holding her captive but with rules She will be under his will for one month One month she wants to get the concept of captive fantasies and being mind fucked throughout the entire month Starting now The rules are gone This month has shown me two things that I was a sadist who liked hurting people and that I couldn't control it when I let it loose There was some issue for me when it came to Jodie though She Ummm Let's see I am not sure what she was expecting Jodie wanted the whole captive fantasy come into play and being held against her will per say but was expecting too much to me It came to a point where Klaus was being to nice and boring and not working out the way that she planned Then Klaus takes all of the rules away and does it his way Yes I was so fucking happy when that happened I wanted Klaus to take full ownership of Jodie and do what he pleases But still there was this nagging Jodie in the back of my head that kept thinking for example yes I do need new clothes but why is he taking my suitcase full of clothes and my tooth brush is in there Food yes I want food lobster sounds good I just felt that she was expecting out of what she wanted Like a 5 star captive fantasy treatment This is dual POV I loved getting Klaus POV in the story He at first didn't really know what he was going to do Then starts claiming the dom that is inside of him and taking what he wanted He started to go by his desires and his desires had no limits I loved it I loved Klaus He was the sadist of a man that I love He finally took over everything not giving Jodie a choice and that is what I wanted It became on the real side of the fantasy that I was looking for It became darker and that is what I loved most about this story There was no limits Just an FYI there are needle play comes into play in this book and some mffm action which I loved also Overall as you can tell I really enjoyed myself reading this book There is a second book and I am looking forward to see where the author is going to take it I hope darkness maybe even darker than what I had in this one

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    spoiler freeOk I'm ready to admit itI'm a sick sick girl Not only that but hey I'm okay with it ; Right or wrong non con works for me and this book took non con to a new level I've read all variety of dark reads with rarely as much as a flinch and yet Take Me Break Me pushed me a bit outside of my comfort zone I didn't even think that was possible anyWith so many dark reads out there with non con and BDSM they really start to blend together It's really all the same story and sometimes a good author will manage to add something a little different THIS book however was pretty original The concept behind it was new and intriguing and most importantly this wasn't the experienced Dom taking on the BDSM virgin It wasn't that this was the most depraved thing I've ever read I never felt like the author was writing simply for the purpose of shocking me or grossing me out some authors I feel are just looking for the shock factor It was that I felt pulled into their world I took the trip with them and felt the psychological changes that they experienced Being so pulled in with them mentally made the physical that much potent to me The writing was excellent and the alternating POV was absolutely beneficial in this book I loved being able to see things from his perspective to understand what he was thinkingfeeling when he was doing these things to her I kept waiting for it to dull down At 30 50 and 70% I thought there was really no extremes to reach I was wrong It should go without saying that this is not for everyone and considering the warning label there should be no one complaining about the content This was pretty intense even by my standards I'd say 45 stars The very end was a little slow for me but I was very pleasantly surprised by this booksick girl that I am ;

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    What can i say other than that i totally agree with TrentThis series grabbed me from the start and held me captive till the very last page of Yieldthe final book in the series A series i have tucked in a special dark; corner of my libraryReading TMBM againi loved how i was drawn inagainfrom page 1 Jodi and Klaus are still so precious to me The way they grew into their roles as Master and slave Knowing their thoughtstheir doubts about how far to surrender to his sadismeánd their growing feelings made them even loveable They are the first couple of this wonderful series and i love them dearly

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    WellhuhI liked this a lot It was a really uniue take on many things to be honest Jodie wants to make a documentary about Stockholm syndromecaptive fantasies She recruits her old lover Klaus to be the 'captor' whilst she is the 'captive' At first it is all smooth sailing and she is locked in the basement and fed the same foods Just like a regular ol' prisoner they both realise this isn't working and Klauswell Klaus does cough stuffThe most compelling thing about this book was watching Klaus descent into this sadistic Dom character He cared for Jodie all the way through but at the same time he was aware he was going too far and losing control He was constantly having to reign himself in not too successfully in all honesty A few times I got mad with Klaus and his uestioning of loves existence But he did genuinely care for Jodie even though he was A DICK when he uite a big spoiler view spoiler Left her After breaking her down and making her his captive and slave HE FUCKING LEFT HER Wow dude not cool Stripped her soul bare then pissed off when it got too much and he worried he would go too far I get he was scared of himself I get how horrifying it must be to find you're ok with hurting people But Klaus had too much of a brain to behave that way he considered everything and was so meticulous But if Mr Klaus struggles he just pisses off No Naughty Klaus Poor Jodie not made a decision forever wore MITTENS SO SHE COULDN'T USE HER HANDS sensory deprivation and everything she must have fallen to pieces to be so broken down then abandoned Oooo I'm still pissed at you Klaus hide spoiler

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    35 Glorious Ménage a Trois Stars I'd just signed a document that gave the man opposite me permission to mind fuck me into the next centuryThis uote alone pretty much sums up the whole story of Jodie Klaus's initiation into the world of capture fantasy and Bdsm Jodie is currently an underemployed comedian and film maker She decides one day to live out her fantasy and start filming a documentary exposing the lure of capture fantasy SubDom scenarios Jodie implements herself into the said documentary as the captive and her ex boyfriend Klaus as her captor And that's when things start to heat up Jodie is submerged into a uniue situation of intimately knowing her said captor and trusting him enough to do inexplicable acts to her Unbeknownst to Jodie these scenario's are then frightening her they are also awakening a sexual appetite she never knew she had And Jodie is finding instant gratification in being;Bound gagged and broken But it doesn't take long before Klaus Jodie find themselves submerged into this lifestyle and going above and beyond the traditional capture scenarios As they encounter different scenario's to act out things get intense leading to graphic and in depth accounts Along the way things heat up between the two and are ultimately faced with new challenges that can peak their interest in a mutual manner And that's how we get the BEST ménage a trois scene out there The scene was intensely HOT without it being overly appalling This is not your traditional dark read it's like an in depth look behind the scenes into the psychological aspect of capture fantasy and bdsm how it effects everyone differently Ultimately effecting Klaus and Jodie differently but simultaneously leading them to different paths that seem to scare them My complaints Due to some choppy scenes and the cheesy slow start I would have given this book a better rating Suffice to say it was a uniue experience to read alongside my favorite skank aka Soraya

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    45 mindfck stars Like anyone like everyone I craved stuff that could never happen I dreaded the idea of ever letting myself go The old Lord of the Flies book came to mind Peel off the veneer of civilization and people are unspeakable monsters beneathDid every man have some version of a monster inside him deep down? Maybe we just needed the right circumstances to set it loose?I knew this book would be interesting and hot but I wasn't prepared for how deep it would delve into the human psyche Turns out BDSM can lead to uite the crash and burn if it involves two people who have no idea what the fuck they're doing I felt a roller coaster of emotions just reading the damn story so I can only hope nobody in real life would be stupid enough to experiment like this Regardless interesting isn't a strong enough word for the events of this book It was powerful It was also filthy hot A lot of things that happen between these two or won't be everyone's cup of tea Hell some weren't even my cup of tea But over the course of the book I found myself slowly becoming desensitized to things I previously would've balked at and I think that was the point Some things when the opportunity presents you just have to grab them So I was grabbing my ex girlfriend and doing whatever I could legally that made my dick hard and my mind inhabit that laser beam sharp thought place I’d just discoveredKlaus and Jodie used to date but they broke up amicably Really that doesn't matter because they both turn into completely different people anyway See Jodie needs money and since capture fantasies are all the rage right now she decides to make a month long documentary of what it's like to be a slave Since she trusts him she asks Klaus to be the man in the film but the rules they decide on together are laughable No sex no nudity no physical damage it sounded like a solitary confinement special to me Of course shit gets boring fast but don't worry Klaus decides to spice things up Only Klaus takes it a bit far Turns out nice guy accountant Klaus is a total sadist oh and Jodie? Total submissive pain slut Thing is Klaus has no idea what he's doing which isn't good considering the guy really has nothing in the way of limits Let the fun begin This was Klaus? I thought I knew him all of him NowI wasn’t sure I knew me let alone who he was or what he might do nextJodie and Klaus were likable even if they were dumbasses It's not far fetched to imagine two people thinking they can handle this for a measly month You would think though that when their arrangement pretty much turned TPE they would understand that you can't just stop The fact that they both kept referring to the month long time period made me picture a large cloud looming ahead and it made me anxious as hell The story is told in alternating POV and I loved that I loved experiencing the way both of them changed It wasn't just Klaus nice guy turned sadist Jodie was a pretty rah rah feminist and it was like she didn't even realize what was happening in her own brain Not that you can’t be submissive and a feminist You totally can since a big part of being a feminist is accepting your own sexual desires without shame Their experiment pretty much turned into crack for both of them and we all know you can't take a 30 day crackhead trial and then just decide it's not for you That's not a bad analogy either they were both doling out orgasms like they were candy I would imagine the comedown isn't pleasant after a month of doing increasingly sexual sadistic and kinky shit It would probably be worth it though because damn were they hot together For being new to the dark side Klaus sure knew how to lay the Master pipe “I think I think you’re my slave right now Jodie Or close to it in your mind and in mine To be honest nothing we have ever done together has been as amazing as this I’m in love with making you hurt and wince and scream but I also want to watch you come I want to fuck your gorgeous mouth and your ass than I ever did before I want you mine than ever before”This book definitely isn't all sunshine and roses but it is a very interesting profile of the human brain of what can happen when you finally surrender to your deepest darkest fantasies Is it possible to do that without losing yourself? Yeah probably but the way to do it isn't how these two went about it If you are into serious BDSM every aspect of it good and bad then definitely read this book The moments that made me uncomfortable surprisingly weren't during anything sexual or really physical at all The mindfck is what made this book but the filthy hot kinky as fuck sex definitely helped a lot “Tell me Jodie Who owns you? Are you mine? Because I think you are I think you’re fucking mine”

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    Semen reminded me of bad oysters I have had this unread on my kindle for far too long Embarrassingly long when you consider that Cari Silverwood is one of my go to authors So amid the strangeness of trying to work from home I decided to use some of that extra time to plough through my TBR listI don't think I've ever read a story uite like Take Me Break Me Consensual non consent is a kink that does have it's appeal though only if it's within a framework of agreed limits and with a safeword Hyped up on reading capture fantasy but with no real idea of SSC or RACK Jodie and Klaus set out on a very dangerous adventure indeed I think what struck me most other than just how debauched degrading and dangerously filthy the play in the book is was how honest and real the story felt Even when they wandered into uncharted waters and risked either running aground on a hidden reef or being smashed against rocks along the coastline This was an adventure an exploration a conuering of new lands that I simply had to be part of He hadn't budged While I'd run through the encyclopedia of my worries filed them alphabetically and then set them alight he'd barely shifted an inch I'm going to be brutally honest and say that this book didn't hook me from the start It took a few chapters for me to get into the flow of the story but once I did then that proverbial hook very definitely sank itself under my skin And no Ms Silverwood despite your apparent obsession with needles and all things sharp and pointy that most definitely fits in the category of 'your kink is not my kink but that's ok' EekI haven't read any other reviews yet I like my mind to be fresh my opinion to be untainted so I've not idea what others may or may not have said regarding the following point At first I doubted that Klaus had never had any kinkydominant leanings prior to his role play with Jodie But then I realised that I actually CAN relate to that 100% we aren't all born knowing we desire certain kinks many of us never saw recognised or even suspected those desires resided within us Not until we were well into adult hood and possible hitting middle age And no before you ask it wasn't a 50 Shades of Gray inspired revelation I've never even read the book though Cherise Sinclair might have started the ball rolling or should that be flogger swinging?I digress so back to THIS book which is a veritable delight of kinky fuckery delving into some very sadistic acts though thankfully Jodie is a huge masochist so is totally down for all Klaus can deliver Watching the pair of them grow into their fetishes uncover their darkest most hidden desires and discover a whole new world of pleasurable torment pain and power exchange was fascinating The pleasurable pain was pretty darn good all on it's own And I giggled at the irony of this line this scenario would have had me flipping the ebook pages one handed Touche Ms Silverwood you certainly know your readers well 😉😂This isn't a how to guide in fact it's probably of a how not to tale though common sense prevails in the end and whilst Ms Silverwood leaves it on of a HFN note than a HEA neither Klaus nor Jodie are soppy romantics so anything else would have felt false at this point As they embark on their adventure this pair have no idea of the rabbit hole they willingly throw themselves down Nor how much they will not only enjoy the fall but come to crave it in a can't live without it way Maybe if I was another man I'd have been thinking about how to talk her into a relationship after the documentary ended I would have been talking with her full stop But the opposite course of action drew me like gravity on a man falling from the sky I was going down down down I'm supposed to be finishing one arc and reading another over the next 2 days but am hugely tempted to indulge in reading Bind and Keep Me the next steps in Klaus and Jodie's adventure It's unusual but this does NOT end on a cliff hanger and you COULD read it as a stand alone though Klaus is just too delightfully dark and deviant to ever want to leave him behind unless it's for a little ass play of course