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Madeline Burnet is out of work after ten years as the highly skilled personal assistant to the owner of a luxury travel agency During a job interview she meets Karen Green The job reuires skills Madeline doesn't have but Karen offers an unexpected alternative arrangementShe needs a fake girlfriend to help her get through the holiday season Madeline's affections are not aligned towards women but she accepts for the money and the chance to make contactsIt turns out that being a fake girlfriend can be a very confusing jobHoliday Escort is a delightful tale involving two very different women This story is sure to bring pleasure to the readerThis is a novella of 40000 words approximately 120 printed pages

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    Half the book is like this She came home we ate I flirted we danced The cycle repeats itself with a little variation Plus the power dynamic of the relationship was so messed up

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    25 rounded to 3This started really cute the premise was good the building of the relationship was nice and I really like the MC but around the 70% mark it becomes weird for me view spoilerI mean Madeline basically becomes a 1950's wife is a very foreign thought for me after working 10 years in a very demanding job she is ok with this new life The story make it seems like two women with demending jobs can't have a love life I don't know to each their own I guess but it was weird for me hide spoiler

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    If this book isn't written by Robin Roseau I should be very surprised That is beside the way of this review but sets the tone The characters are stilted and formal with one another Both Roseau and Lynde if they are different people write main characters who repeat one another's full names endlessly This bleeds into the sex scenes which are clunky and uncomfortable; I could only lament my Kindle wouldn't skip through it faster The subdom dynamics abruptly introduced into the narrative at this point only made the overall unclean impression worse; despite being about a lesbian relationship normally a safe haven for eual and negotiated modern relationships the power relations in these books give me the screaming wailliesKaren hires Madison never Maddie only Madison to cook clean and generally organize her life while she runs around being the Heap Big Executive lawyer Through proximity and some gratuitous Tangoing they fall in love kinda Maddie then becomes a housewife Reading this felt like I was setting back feminism fifty years by association and I am generally all for people doing what made them happy But Maddie was clearly unhappy and in the end gave up large parts of her self to stand by her woman At one point Karen's mother actually says that Maddie controls Karen's happiness By the aforementioned cooking and cleaning etc I think I read the entire thing out of some masochistic desire to see how bad it would become; like a terrible car accident it was difficult to stop watching Even if doing so would have been for my own goodDon't buy this book; it is truly not worth it

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    Yes this has a bit 1950's mindset with the stay at home wife and the MC's relationship was a bit tell than show but I wanted a fast read yesterday and this was a nice change of pace I love fauxmances so I just settled in and chose to enjoy this for what it was 3 stars

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    Madeline Burnet needs a job and Karen Green has an unusual one for her be Karen's fake girlfriend for the holiday season But the feelings that develop between them feel anything but fakeI thought that this was going to be a cute story and it did start out okay The author desperately needed an editor; she reused words repeatedly within a few sentences of one another seemed incapable of telling the difference between the verbs lie and lay and made several other grammatical errors complement instead of compliment die instead of dye etc Nothing pulls me out of a story uicker than poor grammar and this story had that in spadesThe whole premise was unrealistic I'll grant that but there's a way of spinning a cute story The author didn't do that though Madeline was supposed to be straight but it sure didn't take her long to decide that she was at least bisexual Everyone accepted this without uestion or judgment How realistic is THAT? And then there's the U Haul trope Karen and Madeline had been together for about a month tops and they're already talking about marriage and Karen calls her wife a few times Umm Seriously? How about taking things slow and learning about one another instead of rushing into something?Karen and Madeline were both swinging from emotional highs to lows within a few sentences which was dizzying to read There is absolutely no depth to be found here; the characters are painfully one dimensional And then there's the her job is to make the money and your job is to spend it but wisely thing which Karen's mom pretty much says verbatim to Madeline and only after a couple of months of dating ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is beyond ridiculous Madeline is made to feel guilty for wanting her own money and job Ugh

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    So I reread this and from four stars it goes to 25 I only have so many books on my phone and I chose this oneI originally rated this four stars and I am wondering where my head was at the time as I didn't enjoy the story this time around A straight woman is told in a job interview No You can't have the job you want you're not ualified but what about pretending to be my girlfriend for the holidays? This woman relaxed smiling Madeline says yes for a large sum of money and moves in with Karen this tightly wound Type A personality and not much elseBoth women have a strong interest in dancing the Tango to be specific Karen the boss has a dance studio installed in her basement What are the odds though? The story would break down if both women didn't have this interest which makes the whole thing even implausible It is one area or interest in which Madeline is better than Karen however I think if memory serves the Tango also appears in one of the author's other books There doesn't seem to be any real chemistry to the couple and one person serving the other so the one can make the money and be sexually dominant is discussed in the book but is distasteful to me If you really liked the tango you might like this anyway as the couple not only dance at Karen's home but Karen's friends and colleagues as well

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    A cute storyThis is not a uniue story or one that will leave you thinking or anything but it is a story that will make you smile Maddie needs a job Karen needs a personal personal assistant One's straight and one is notbut them together whatta gota story that with a Christmassy feel that will make you smile a little Plus free on kindleUnlimited and relatively not completely error free

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    Wtf did I just read?? I'm done 73% and I don't think I can go any further that thatNo just noShe couldn't pay me because then she'd have to pay taxes twice or something like that what????

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    CuteOkay so I'll admit I find the bossunderling dynamic alluring and this novella certainly hit the briefIt's overall a pleasantly written story uite predictable and a little saccharine but to be fair sometimes that is what is what I kind of want I'm sending mixed messages here and I apologiseso in summarysweet overall well written with a pretty predictable plot which was still enjoyable

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    I normally don't like novellas but I actually liked this one It's light a happy read and though length wise it's short but it did cramp in a story where you still see some development in the characters A word of warning though the setting of this book is not entirely realistic particularly with friends and family around Madeline and Karen being unusually receptive to their unconventional arrangement and later on their relationship If you don't like u haul plots you will not like this book either