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The eagerly awaited seuel to the #1 New York Times bestselling Words of Radiance from epic fantasy author Brandon Sanderson at the top of his gameIn Oathbringer the third volume of the New York Times bestselling Stormlight Archive humanity faces a new Desolation with the return of the Voidbringers a foe with numbers as great as their thirst for vengeanceDalinar Kholin's Alethi armies won a fleeting victory at a terrible cost The enemy Parshendi summoned the violent Everstorm which now sweeps the world with destruction and in its passing awakens the once peaceful and subservient parshmen to the horror of their millennia long enslavement by humans While on a desperate flight to warn his family of the threat Kaladin Stormblessed must come to grips with the fact that the newly kindled anger of the parshmen may be wholly justifiedNestled in the mountains high above the storms in the tower city of Urithiru Shallan Davar investigates the wonders of the ancient stronghold of the Knights Radiant and unearths dark secrets lurking in its depths And Dalinar realizes that his holy mission to unite his homeland of Alethkar was too narrow in scope Unless all the nations of Roshar can put aside Dalinar's blood soaked past and stand together and unless Dalinar himself can confront that past even the restoration of the Knights Radiant will not prevent the end of civilization

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    UPDATE 299 Kindle US Today 8720My KaladinShallan print is so beautiful It’s in a frame on my wall now CHECK OUT MY FREAKING PICTURES AFTER THE GIFS Y'ALL OMG ♥Let simply start with the book itself before I show the freaking freaking freaking awesome inside pictures and map on the dust jacket I'm am freaking happy I got the pre order from Audible BUT I was waiting to read this beautiful book and listen at the same time ♥PART ONE UNITED DALINAR SHALLAN KALADIN ADOLINI'm going to do a series of excerpts from each person I'm not going to say what is going on or from what year I want to keep it a little mysterious Although there will be some funny parts There will probably be SPOILERS in some of the excerpts so if you haven't read the book just skip this or if you don't plan on reading the book and want to read the randomness then be my guest I decided to only do this for the first part of the book and the rest will be my regular review So lets crack on with it DALINAR Dalinar Kholin appeared in the vision standing beside the memory of a dead godOnly six days had passed since their discovery of Urithiru Six days since the awakening of the Parshendi who had gained strange powers and glowing red eyes Six days since the arrival of the new storm the Everstorm a tempest of the dark thunderheads and red lightening And the Voidbringers? Dalinar asked They came to annihilate Kalami said Their goal to wipe humankind from Roshar They were specters formless some say they are spirits of the dead others spren from DamnationA single awespren burst around around Dalinar like a ring of blue smoke Stormfather Thakka before today I'd have bet you half the princedom that such a shot wasn't possible He turned to the archer What's your name assasin?The man raised his chin but didn't reply Well in any case welcome to my elites Dalinar said Someone get the fellow a horseWhat? the archer said I tried to kill youYes from a distance Which shows remarkably good judgement I can make use of someone with your skillsThey can write? Navani pressed The Voidbringers themselves are sending you contracts?Dalinar's shoulder protested as he stretched He had found middle age to be like an assassin uiet creeping along behind him Much of the time he would go about his life as he always had until an unexpected ache or pain gave warning He was not the youth he had once been Dalinar remembered Her name was Evi She'd been tall and willowy with pale yellow hair not true golden like the hair of the Iriali but striking in its own right Anyone? Dalinar said You can show them to anyone?During a storm I can approach anyone I choose the Stormfather said But you do not have to be in a storm so you can join a vision in which I have placed someone else even if you are distant Storms Dalinar bellowed a laugh What have I done? the Stormfather asked You've just solved my problems The problem from The Way of Kings?No the greater one I've been wishing for a way to meet with the other monarchs in person Dalinar grinned I think that in a coming highstorm ueen Fen of Thaylenah is going to have a uite remarkable experienceSHALLAN Brightness RadiantShe rested her freehand against the map Stormlight poured off her illuminating the map in a swirling tempest of Light She didn't exactly understand what she was doing but she rarely did Art wasn't about understanding but about knowing The one knocking would be Palona who had once again noticed that Shallan had skipped dinner Shallan sucked in a breath destroying the image of Veil recovering some of the Stormlight from her Lightweaving Come she said Honestly id didn't seem to matter to Palona that Shallan was a storming Knight Radiant now she'd still mother her all the Adolin stepped in carrying a large plate of food in one hand some books under the other arm He saw her and stumbled nearly dropping it all Shallan froze then yelped and tucked her bare safehand behind her back Adolin didn't even have the decency to blush at finding her practically naked He balanced the food in his hand recovering from his stumble then grinned Out Shallan said waving the freehand at him Out out outskip someOh for Damnation's sake Shallan Can I come in now? And just so we're clear I'm a man and your betrothed my name is Adolin Kholin I was born under the sign of the nine I have a birthmark on the back of my left thigh and I had crab curry for breakfast Anything else you need to know?Sure Fine Anyway we aren't alone Pattern come here please She held out her hand palm up He reluctantly moved down from the wall where he'd been watching As always he made a ripple in whatever he crossed be it cloth or stone like there was something under the surface His complex fluctuating pattern of lines was always changing melding vaguely circular but with surprising tangents skip someAnyway Shallan said Pattern you're to be our chaperone tonight What Pattern said with a hum is a chaperone?That is someone who watches two young people when they are together to make certain they don't do anything inappropriate Inappropriate? Pattern said Such as dividing by zero? skip someVery well you two Pattern said No mating NO MATING He hummed to himself as if pleased then sank down onto a plate Pattern approached and tried to slide up her illusory dress but then stopped backing away and humming in pleasure at the lie I found him he proclaimed I found Adolin I see that Shallan said He came at me Adolin said in the training rooms screaming that you'd found the killer Said that if I didn't come you'd probably and I uote 'go do something stupid without letting me watch'Your imitation is pathetic Shallan whispered Here Let me show you how it's doneShallan drew in her Stormlight going alight like a beacon Things screamed pulling away from her As she stepped around the formation of worried bridgemen wading into the blackness at their left flank figures extended from her shapes growing from light The people from her recently rebuilt collection KALADINHello Father Kaladin said The guardsman finally caught up shouldering past gawking townspeople and waving his mace toward Kaladin like a baton Kaladin sidestepped absently then pushed the man so he stumbled farther down the hallway It is you Lirin said Then he scrambled over and caught Kaladin in an embrace Oh Kal My boy My little boy Hesina HESINA Kaladin's mother appeared in the doorway a moment later I gave you people an order Kaladin said I'm not fond of repeating myself And what Roshone said makes you think you can order anyone around boy?Kaladin turned back and swept his arm before him summoning Syl A bright dew covered Shardblade formed from the mist into his hand He spun the Blade and rammed her down into the floor in one smooth motion He held the grip feeling this eyes bleed blue Everything grew still Townspeople froze gaping Roshone's eyes bulged Curiously Kaladin's father just lowered his head and closed his eyes Any other uestions? Kaladin asked Kaladin crept through the rains sidling in a wet uniform across the rocks until he was able to peek through the trees at the Voidbringers Monstrous terrors from the mythological past enemies of all that was right and good Destroyers who had laid waste to civilization countless times They were playing cards No spoilers ahead I can't believe I just finished the 3rd book and there are what is it now 7 to be written? I feel like I feel like I feel drained I feel like I have come through so much This book is by far better than the first two books in my opinion Oathbringer was filled with so freaking much And yes the first two books at 1000 were filled too but it was just different I felt like this book had I mean I would never not love the first two books and have them on my favorites list but this one just sealed the deal even I can't even imagine what else Brandon Sanderson can write in this world I'm almost scared to know Although I don't think I will live long enough to finish the series since there are so many and what 2 3 years in between I loved every single character in this book even than I did before Well not so much the evil people but they were great too The back and forth stories the past the interludes they were all perfect I'm not saying that some didn't go over my head because all highepic fantasy does that to me I don't care I will sort it all out some day with re reads like I always do Lord though the freaking battles I had to fight off a panic attack My peeps fought a crazy bloody battle Brandon Sanderson thank you for this wonderful book Thank you for the art inside and out Thank you for putting so much effort into this book I don't see how you or any other author I love that writes these freaking murder weapon tomes can think up these worlds and that's all I have to say Okay a couple things I know that all Stormlight fans will love this book If you don't then you fell off the cliff I don't know Now I'm going to shut up because this is my longest review to date and Goodreads isn't going to let me write much Happy Reading My Wonderful Stormlight friends Mel ♥MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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    My review probably won’t be able to do this book justice Well justice is dead but I’ll see what I can doIt’s not an exaggeration to say that my expectations regarding Oathbringer were extremely hard to contain I had heard a lot of fantastic things about this series the first time I went through The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance last year but I read through them many years after their original release dates Oathbringer is a different experience in terms of environment and surrounding hype; this time I’m actually in the midst of all the hype praises and excitement everywhere Because of this my expectations were Skybreaking high; especially after reading one of my favorite books of all time Words of Radiance Despite my irrational expectations I’m gratified to say that Sanderson managed to meet my expectations because Oathbringer ended up being another masterwork installment in The Stormlight Archive series “This book the third in the Stormlight Archive is the most intimate most tightly woven and most eclectic book I’ve ever written—all wrapped up into one I like this book I really really like this book” –Brandon Sanderson There’s always something in Sanderson’s story that resonates with me Whether it’s a topic involving religion oppression camaraderie or love any book he writes will always feature one theme that is expressed articulately and that is hope In my opinion out of every book that Sanderson has written so far Oathbringer is the darkest in terms of tone Yet despite how dark the story gets Sanderson reminds us that hope will always be there and it is a theme that I will always appreciate It’s refreshing satisfying and makes me happy to read his books There’s always something philosophical and positive to learn and apply in our real life situations from Sanderson’s books and that remained true here maybe even stronger than ever “The trick to happiness wasn’t in freezing every momentary pleasure and clinging to each one but in ensuring one’s life would produce many future moments to anticipate” The story was unpredictable full of twists and turns and filled with tons of revelations Oathbringer managed to build upon every foundation that was prepared since the beginning of The Way of Kings and in phenomenal ways In this gigantic book there are no words wasted In fact there is so much plot progression in Oathbringer that it makes both The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance–as epic and majestic as they are already—feel like a preparation for this book alone With new antagonists who completely raise the stakes for Roshar along with tons of powerful and memorable moments Oathbringer is a meticulously structured book that felt like a trilogy or duology on its ownThe amount of action seuences in this book far surpasses both of its predecessors Sanderson is seriously at the top of his game when it comes to his action scenes here If you have read any of Sanderson’s books you should know by now that Sanderson always prepares a fantastic climax seuence to end his book in a memorable way; this applies for all of his books The fanbase called it the Sanderson Avalanche no idea who named this in the first place and this time we didn’t get just one but two avalanches This in my opinion is a very smart move Not only it made the book felt like a duologytrilogy it also made the pacing exceptional Unlike Words of Radiance which featured Sanderson’s best close uarter combat seuences to date Oathbringer’s final conclusion is of an epic war on a grand scale Giant monsters magical blades magic clashing and unleashed dark and cataclysmic situations heart pounding intense fist pumping and poignant moments all told in magnificent shifting multi POV narration; it was action packed pivotal and simply epic in the true sense of the word It’s been half a year since I’ve read and reviewed any of Sanderson’s full novels You know what made me miss his work the most? His characterizations Sanderson always has a way of developing his characters with his narration to the point where we truly get inside their heads even when it’s written in third person perspective I’ve read a lot of fantasy books and there are really only a few authors who can do this wonderfully The number of characters featured is not small by any means; this series features hundreds of characters At the same time it features Sanderson’s biggest cast of POV; yet these characters all remain distinct and uniue in their personalities Tons of characters—both main and side characters—receive proper and significant character developments but the spotlight of this book undisputedly goes to Dalinar We have seen Kaladin’s past in The Way of Kings Shallan’s in Words of Radiance and finally it’s time for Dalinar’s If you have started the first book most likely you’ll know already what Dalinar past will involves I need to remind you of this unlike the previous two books—even though Words of Radiance was meant to be Shallan’s book—Kaladin is not the main character here Oathbringer is without a doubt Dalinar’s bookPicture Dalinar Kholin by vargasniIt's truly an incredible experience to have witnessed Dalinar’s growth throughout the passage of time Three chapters into his past and I can say that it was already better than all Shallan’s flashback chapters in Words of Radiance I was completely captivated by Dalinar’s character development and history here; Sanderson truly did a superlative job in integrating Dalinar’s past into the main storyline It was emotionally rewarding to read the culmination of all his experience in this book; making him one of my favorite characters of all time “Dalinar Kholin was a connoisseur of death Even since his youth the sight of dead men had been a familiar thing to him You stay on the battlefield long enough and you become familiar with its master” If I have to choose only ONE thing that Oathbringer did better than its predecessors it’s definitely the lore and world building The world building is already masterfully done in the previous two books but somehow Sanderson successfully made it even better The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance storylines were heavily centered on The Shattered Plain whereas Oathbringer finally diverts its attention from that place and visits many other major cities in Roshar It’s epic in scope and combined with intricate maps and astounding revelations in the lore this is once again Sanderson at the top of this game If you’re not a fan of intricate world building I seriously think you’re going to have a hard time enjoying this series because that is definitely one of the main strengths of this seriesI’ve talked about Sanderson’s prose several times now and I don’t think I need to state how well written his books are His prose is simple immersive vivid Oops I did it again but the most important thing to me is that it always feels like coming “home” Sanderson shows us that fancy words and purple prose aren’t necessary to create a masterpiece of an epic fantasy His writing never felt forced it’s like all these words came to his head naturally A sign of an amazing book is when you’re reading and never felt bored with any page Oathbringer is in fact the biggest single installment I’ve ever read in my life and I was completely enthralled with every moment of it Some much smaller book could make me feel like homework but for Oathbringer despite its staggering size I still craved This is all due to the extremely well written and well polished prose style that Sanderson employsLet’s talk about the book’s value When people told me they don’t want to start this series because it’s too monstrous I honestly can’t agree with that The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance were too short for me; with each book’s conclusion I always ended up craving and that’s still true here Oathbringer is a staggering 450k words or 1243 pages and somehow it’s still not enough Plus each book in the series feels like a special limited edition Starting from the beautiful endpapers by Dan Dos Santos and Howard Lyon then the gorgeous chapter icons and twenty two interior artworks by amazing artists such as Miranda Meeks Kelly Harris Ben McSweeney Isaac Steward and once again Dan Dos Santos we are given so much in order to enrich our imagination and experience Oathbringer is truly a MUST HAVE book At the time of writing this review I have around one hundred physical books and only three of them— Words of Radiance Oathbringer and Arcanum Unbounded—are hardcovers I won’t go into full detail on why I dislike hardcover but to explain it as simply as possible they’re heavy uncomfortable to read and super expensive However I have to make a special exception for this series because of its gorgeous artworks and satisfying value I spent 45 to buy the HC of Oathbringer it is that expensive where I live but it was truly money well spent and I’ll do it again for future installments of the seriesPicture Thaylen Female Fashion by Dan Dos SantosI have talked a LOT about this book Let’s get to the most important uestions Is Oathbringer a worthy seuel? Absolutely Is it better than the previous books? Sadly I have to say noIt’s definitely better than The Way of Kings but not Words of Radiance In my opinion it’s inferior to Words of Radiance in terms of uality There are some things that Words of Radiance did better especially when it comes to intimate and evocative scenes and there are also some ways in which Oathbringer surpasses it such as plot and world building However this will be the first time I actually have some cons—though they are minor—with any installment in this series To me the main character of the series is Kaladin This is almost completely a Dalinar and somehow Shallan’s book I know I know it was meant to be written that way and I have no complaint about how it’s written However Kaladin’s storyline didn’t truly begin until halfway through the book which took 600 pages; before that his POV was scarce and close to nonexistent despite him making an appearance in other character’s POV Picture Grumpy Kaladin by botanicaxuIt’s just a matter of preference; Dalinar’s Shallan’s and everyone’s storyline are incredibly compelling in their own way but Kaladin and Bridge Four will always be special and remained one of the most illuminating parts of the series for me Secondly I mentioned in my Words of Radiance review that I fell in love with Shallan’s character there but Oathbringer changed my mind on this Shallan’s growth—though fascinating and making the plot interesting—occurred in ways that made me dislike her character Shallan is in fact the first female character written by Sanderson that I dislike at this point and I sometimes even found her infuriating Lastly there are two scenes that I wish didn’t happen off screen “Accept the pain but don't accept that you deserved it” Do know that these are minor cons and that the three books in The Stormlight Archive totally stand above almost all books I’ve ever read in the genre Oathbringer is not a perfect book by any means but just like true love I absolutely love this book with all my heart despite some flaws it had Diving into this series is like diving into a long term relationship and one I’m glad to partake in Call me selfish but right now I’m at the point where I’ll be completely happy if Sanderson decides to drop all his outside of Cosmere universe works I just can’t bring myself to care about his other books outside of Cosmere when in fact I already know that the Cosmere and this series comprise his magnum opus This will probably be my last epic fantasy novel review of the year I binge reread and read the series so far within three weeks and now I’m in a major “Stormlight Archive’s hangover” I will need at least a month before starting another epic fantasy series unless I’m willing to risk rating them unfairly That said I’m going to end my review here this has become the longest review I ever wrote so far and trust me there are a myriad amount of things I left out for the sake of making this review as spoiler free as possible for your maximum reading experience Oathbringer is not just a book it’s a grimoire that’s filled with magical power capable of transporting me to the best kind of escapism experience It strengthens the reason why I read why I love epic fantasy and why The Stormlight Archive is my number 1 favorite series of all time I haven’t read Malazan Book of the Fallen yet so this might change in the future The Stormlight Archive has always been one of the series which I urge anyone to start as soon as possible and this is still true Waiting for the completion of this series before diving into it is ridiculous; not only are you going to have to wait at least twenty years before its completion but we don’t even know what the future holds for this series and for each one of us Do Not Wait Start this masterpiece series now and let us speak the ancient oaths together “Life before death Strength before weakness Journey before destination” Picture My Cosmere collection Side note I need to remind you once again to please read Warbreaker before diving into this series; same as Words of Radiance one character from that book appears hereYou can order the book from Book Depository Free shipping You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

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    Well this was disappointing Easily the worst so far I postponed writing a review hoping some time and a re read would somehow improve my opinion of the book It didn’tPart 1 was passable Part 2 was watered by too many unnecessary PoVs Part 3 was watered by too many sub plots and not enough interaction between characters Part 4 didn’t manage to pick up the pace Part 5 tried to suish so many events it became chaotic The plot takes over characters and they are like leafs in the storm They just accept whatever for the purpose of moving the story forward because there was no time to be bothered or surprised So much so that the author felt the need to at least include a sentence on how overwhelming everything is and people have no choice but to carry on without wasting time to be relatable or fleshed out Yeah that should fix it notAdolin murdered Sadeas at the end of WoR yet the conseuences lead to a larger narrative arc with little personal development None of the main cast cared Adolin was missing in the second part served as solely comic relief in the third Kaladin also didn’t get a PoV in the second part; instead we have various Bridge Four narrators Expansion of PoV characters is one of the things I dislike in this book The world is large enough We already have interludes The constant inclusion of new viewpoints breaks the WoK promise of focus Those new Kaladin flashbacks were unnecessary we already have chapters upon chapters on Dalinar’s flashbacks can Brandon not make a third of the book about the past please? Especially when simultaneously trying to have thousand things happen in the present tooShallan continues her personality split which initially didn’t bother me much but I hoped we’d be done with that by the end of the book Instead not even the Hoid dues ex machine could stop this painfully boring arch Her fascination with Kaladin doesn’t get explored but neither is it fully denied However he does acknowledge he never loved her which should have been obvious; you don’t fall in love with someone just because you fell in a chasm with them Plus she constantly insults him and shows no appreciation of his character Why do people ship them again? Anyway I’m glad there wasn’t a love triangle Dalinar’s flashbacks were probably the most interesting set we got so far Dalinar’s oath was once again unclear What exactly happened? Why didn’t Dalinar ask that uestion? He didn’t know what Ascention is He ignored this remark like he ignored all mentions of Adonalsium while simultaneously claiming to be looking for the real God and anything larger than Honor Syl is this special Ancient Daughter and blah blah Like Ivory is basically a prince Stormfather is sliver of Honor Glys is half corrupted Don’t tell me is Wyndle Cultivation’s personal gardener? Lift was able to enter Dalinar’s visions and sneak up on Odium? Where’s the foreshadowing for that? Last book and in Edgedancer she had very little understanding of her powers How about a little explanation? Or can she suddenly do this because it’s convenient for the plot? Like how Amaram conveniently became a superpowerful mutant Kaladin couldn’t win against? And the drastic change in the scope of Shallan's abilities last book she could barely make her illusions move and they disappeared if she wasn't looking unless attached to Pattern Now she can make them perform a play create a whole army of them no need to look or attach them to anything She can also have a conversation with her illusions How believable At least she had the decency to be surprisedA dozen new PoVs and characters yet not a sentence about Redin the bastard son of the late king of Jah Keved who rode with a considerable force somewhere? Yet another dropped sub plot and unfulfilled expectation from last book RIP all characters with the letter E the author hates you all Elhokar’s non existent redemption arch with unsatisfying end was one of the worst Now a woman and a heretic is king and I bet we won’t see the social outcry and pushback such a drastic change should have upon a nation because the plot probably can’t spare time to deal with this like it couldn’t with a bunch of other arcs that were left midway List of ‘overpromised and under delivered’•Everstorm•Voidbringers•Unmade•People’s hatred for Radiants•Recreanse secretBut the crown of ‘most ridiculous’ goes to the Skybreakers – the only Knight Radiant Order to have kept their oaths for millennia only to join the enemy they have been fighting since times immemorial Wow As if the secret that caused Recreanse should be a secret to them They learned this over a thousand years ago for fucks sake They should have told Nale centuries ago and I’m already extremely skeptical to the notion this is news to a Herald This is either bad writing or an insult to the readers’ intelligence as there should be something else If there isn’t this a plot hole larger the hole that sank Titanic

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    45 stars Finishing Oathbringer was both a satisfaction and a disappointment Satisfying because this book was absolutely astonishing in every way that I expected it to be Disappointing because I wanted it to be longer even though it's almost 1300 pgs and it took me over two weeks to finish it What can I really say about Oathbringer? uestions that I have waited years for answers were finally answered all of my favorite characters were amazing as usual and Sanderson still keeps on developing a 1010 solid epic fantasy world with intriguing and full fledged characters in a world filled with great magic and despair I justDon't know how to really write a proper review for this without leaving out important bits and things here All I can say is that this series is looooooooooooong and can be rough to get through at times but it is so satisfying to read and if you have read some of Sanderson's other books in the Cosmere universe then Oathbringer will blow your mind with how complex it is within the Cosmere and how it all relates My only really critiue for this book is that the overall redemptionforgiveness theme in the story could be a tad too much at times but I see why it was necessary to bring it so much in focus for the overall arc There are also some expectations that were not fulfilled within the plot but those might be fulfilled within the next books Anyhow Oathbringer is astonishing in a mind blowing way Absolutely worth the wait and one of the most memorable books I have read this year Thank you Brandon SandersonBEFORE READING OATHBRINGER Edit 9122017 ONLY TWO MONTHS LEFT UNTIL I HAVE THIS BOOK IN MY HANDS WHAT A JOYI NEED THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW WHO DO I HAVE TO SACRIFICE TO GET IT IN MY HANDS???

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    ugh the wait will be so long

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    ARC provided by Tor in exchange for an honest review1 The Way of Kings ★★★★★2 Words of Radiance ★★★★★25 Edgedancer ★★★★ “You cannot have my pain” I am so sorry this review is a month late With the holidays and the start of this new year my life has just been a little hectic to write a review that does this amazing book and series justice But hopefully this will sing even an ounce of the praise that this epic fantasy series deserves because this third installment was nothing short of a masterpiece Also I’m going to try to write this review spoiler free but I am very sorry if I accidentally say a little something that could perhaps be considered a spoiler I mean these three books are massive and this story is so heavy I apologize in advance if I slip up I know I won’t say anything major but please use caution or maybe pass on my review if you would like to start The Way of Kings completely blind And I also think it is important to note that it is very important to read the novella Edgedancer before reading Oathbringer too This is a huge scale epic fantasy that is massive not only in size but in content Roshar is divided into ten minimajor kingdoms that are self governed Alethkar is the largest kingdom on Roshar and where most our main characters come fromThere is a battle going on for all of Roshar The Parshendi who live in the middle of the Shattered Plains are being led by some ancient beings to gain land and to free their enslaved relatives They also have war waged on them for assassinating a king The Stormlight Archive world is unlike anything else in literature First off unforgiving Highstorms are constantly happening around the world of Roshar Highstorms provide Stormlight which is an energy that the people keep in different gemstones which have a super vast array of different uses And because this story surrounds wars on many different fronts it makes sense that these Highstorms also help power some pretty powerful and uniue weapons armor and even some magical companionsWe mostly follow three main characters even though these books have extremely large casts Each of the characters you’ll be introduced to you’ll easily love or easily love to hate These are some of the best and most fleshed out characters I’ve ever read ➽Dalinar This whole series truly starts when Dalinar’s brother the King himself is murdered in cold blood Dalinar is also a Highprince of Alethkar Dalinar has struggled throughout all of these books trying to remember a past that is too dark for him to remember In my very humble opinion Oathbringer is Dalinar’s book Him and his family are truly the focal point and Dalinars character arch both past and present made me feel emotions than I have words for ➽Kaladin Once an apprentice surgeon once a solider once a slave once a head guard always a natural born leader but now so much Kaladin’s story has been such a beautiful story to watch unfold and I know it’s nowhere close to being done Kaladin has very much struggled with his self worth but I think he is truly starting to realize how much he belongs and how sometimes it is worth it to take a chance even if you’ve regretted it in the past Also if I don’t see a flute being played anytime soon I’m going to explode with anticipation ➽Shallan My feminist icon cinnamon roll I will never understand people who say that Brandon Sanderson cannot write female characters Shallan and her journey is one of the most inspiring things in this entire series She is daughter of a recently deceased Brightlord Then studied under Jasnah Kholin Dalinar’s niece She will forever and always be an artist And she is constantly growing and with her powers and as a person On top of all this I love the representation she showsgives as an abuse survivor And even though I personally feel like these are the main three there are so many amazing characters in this world Jasnah is forever and always my ueen Adolin has completely stolen my heart in every way imaginable Syl is everything I’ve ever wanted in literature but I probably don’t deserve her Pattern made me cry from laughing probably about 20 times with “NO MATING” Hoid is probably going to end up my favorite character in all of literature or at least the Cosmere And I’ll forever be begging for Szeth chapters because no amount will ever be enough “To love the journey is to accept no such end I have found through painful experience that the most important step a person can take is always the next one” The heart of this story is oppression but Oathbringer really focuses on what happens when you realize you’ve been the one oppressing on lands that you thought were your own Some pretty heavy parallels to our world if I do say so myself The bones of this story are religion and what people from all walks of life are willing to do in the name of their Gods I’ve said this in many reviews but religion is eually the best and worst thing in this world Religion can bring love and acceptance and peace but never has a war been fought that hasn’t somehow been about religion Brandon Sanderson is a very religious man but the way he writes about people who choose not to believe is so wonderfully done “The uestion’ she replied ‘is not whether you will love hurt dream and die It is what you will love why you will hurt when you will dream and how you will die This is your choice You cannot pick the destination only the path” The theme of this story is and always will ultimately be love The love of lovers the love of family the love of friends the love of ourselves the love of clans the love of our soldiers the love of our Gods Oathbringer truly feels like a love letter to found families and how true unconditional love can change the world always Like I know that sounds somewhat corny for this epic fantasy series but it’s the damn truth Love will always be the biggest driving force and this is proven time and time again in this series but truly highlighted in Oathbringer I know Brandon Sanderson gets a lot of hate for a ten year old ignorant statement he made And I’ll never defend or make excuses for what he said; it was wrong but I do believe he has changed his views and no longer feelsthinks like that As for the representation in this book Oathbringer has a mm relationship that warms my heart so very much We also get a POV from a disabled woman who is in a wheelchair who also happens to have the best bird companion ever And this book heavily deals with grief and trauma Dalinar in my opinion very much is living with PTSD and we find out a lot about his past in this book You know the past he desperately wanted to never remember My heart broke for him over and over in this book but I think the portrayal of his grief was expertly done and it meant a lot to me Brandon Sanderson has also stated that Renarin is on the autism spectrum which is awesome representation we rarely see in high fantasy Content warnings for severe depression suicide war themes physical abuse mental abuse emotional abuse violence murder and gore This is a very heavy book that doesn’t shy away from brutal things and that constantly talks about wars and duels and battles Please use caution if these things are not for you I finished this book on Christmas day and I couldn’t have asked for a better gift This series just brings me so much love and joy I honestly feel like it is Brandon Sanderson’s best work to date and I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to wait until the next installment I truly believe this is a once in a lifetime series and I feel so blessed to be able to experience it Perfection “Life breaks us Teft Then we fill the cracks with something stronger” Blog | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Youtube | Twitch

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    Sept 2020 Re reading along with Graphic Audio in preparation for Rhythm of War That Storming genius has outdone himself Again Words of Radiance was easily the best book I've ever read which naturally resulted in some pretty high expectations going into Oathbringer As much as I've tried to dampen it after waiting for over 35 years I just had to accept that it was futile Who am I kidding? Sanderson has completely smashed my all expectations by offering yet another best book I've ever read Is Oathbringer a masterpiece? I certainly think so Is it a fantasy classic that will stand the test of time and be remembered in the same vein as Lord of the Rings? That might stretch it a bit too far but only time will tell I wouldn't also call it flawless as it is not As far as I am concerned however it is a singularly brilliant creation which is both epic in its scope and intimate in its soul Art is about emotion examination and going places people have never gone before to discover and investigate new things The only way to create something that nobody hates is to ensure that it can't be loved either Remove enough spice from soup and you'll just end up with water The worldbuilding in this book to put it mildly outshines its predecessors We finally leave the confines of The Shattered Plains to traverse the other parts of this vivid and alien world The events from the end of Words of Radiance precipitated the need to extend the reach of the political narrative to other monarchies in Roshar Urithiru Kholinar and Thaylen City are all impressive and fascinating in very distinct and uniue ways I appreciate having the large full coloured map of Roshar behind the dust jacket that came in handy when trying to understand the relative location of one country to another The interior art is as usual stunning in illustrating the worldbuilding elements An endpaper depicting in world Heraldic art By Howard Lyon Oathbringer is a dense book Much to my delight the lore and histories of Roshar which so intrigued readers in The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance are deeply explored With each deftly handled exposition or revelation one cannot help but wonder at the mind that did not merely create but also balance and manage such complexity not only of Roshar but the Cosmere; the skill to weave that complexity into strands that teased and yet seemed almost apparent on hindsight It is like seeing tiny unconnected parts of a massive painting each giving you a small clue its implications only dawning upon you once the larger picture has been revealed Even then I am sure that I am only seeing a fragment of a whole one which is or less complete at this stage Or so I've been led to believeAfter three books in one thing that I kept marvelling at is Sanderson's naming convention in this series Using the term Radiants to denote knights who adhere to specific Ideals and who glow with Stormlight is so fittingly epic The names of the Ten Orders of the Knights Radiant those of the Heralds and the Unmade and the pivotal historical events such as the Desolations Aharietiam and the Recreance it all just sounds so appropriate in its own context I don't usually pay much attention to this aspect while reading unless it's really bad In this series it is too good not to do so As for pacing and plot progression it is close to perfection Oathbringer felt even like a trilogy in a single book than the previous two instalments The narrative ebbed and flowed with a slower start followed by mini climaxes and little lulls as the events gradually escalated to a mind blowing heart stopping and breathtaking climactic ending When the final chapters start to switch into multiple POVs you will know that you have arrived at what has come to be known as the Sanderson avalanche In this book it is an avalanche to end all that had come before – to think that this is only the third instalment For all the worldbuilding lore and action present this novel is sublime in balancing between a grand sweeping tale and personal character growth And this is where the book transcended from great to spectacularI've watched a recording of the BYU launch party of Oathbringer where Sanderson said that the first magic system he developed for Stormlight was that of soulcasting; an allusion to transformation which is the theme of The Stormlight Archive It is about the change and progression of people through their conflicts both internal and external and experiences As such the series is ultimately character driven despite all the fantastical elements wrapped around it The past is the future and as each man has lived so must you The uestion is not whether you will love hurt dream and die It is what you will love why you will hurt when you will dream and how you will die This is your choice You cannot pick the destination only the path Most of you would know this if you follow the series and its updates closely Oathbringer is Dalinar Kholin's book as the previous two were Kaladin's and Shallan's respectively from a backstory perspective And it very much feels like Dalinar's book With a longer history given his age relative to the two younger main characters there are a lot flashback chapters of Dalinar an enlightening powerful and highly relevant backstory to the events unfolding in the present timeline The manner in which the story of his past is woven to lead into the climax is absolutely masterful Accept the pain but don't accept that you deserved it The development of the characters both main and supporting ones continues to be most compelling and excellent taking the story in a direction that is not entirely expected but still wholly satisfying It is an understatement to say that Sanderson does not make it easy for his characters The path towards being a full Knight Radiant demands an embodiment of the Ideals each being difficult than the previous In this we see our beloved characters going through significant internal struggles and learning acceptance which makes any transformation realistic and gratifying when it happens More importantly is how Sanderson enabled readers to feel as if they are part of the inner turmoil and eventual evolution of these characters instead of being a mere bystander to the events And by staying steadfast to an existing core cast this only further fuelled my empathy and emotional investment for them favourites or otherwise Ten spears go to battle and nine shatter Did that war forge the one that remained? No All the war did was identify the spear that would not break Allegorically the story deals with both big and abstract world spanning issues and small and personal real life matters I respect the effort he took to understand and then write about mental health issues as well as his openness in dealing with discrimination and prejudice whether it's challenging individual perception societal norms or even religious doctrine Now I need to touch upon the prose and dialogue Personally I have always enjoyed Sanderson's dialogue and writing and find him uite talented in delivering simple direct and succinct phrases that truly make an impact without having to go into long and rambling philosophical discourses The in world texts in The Stormlight Archive demonstrate that he is capable of writing in a ‘elegant and poetic' manner but perhaps that is just not how he wanted to tell his stories Just as I can admire long beautiful passages of introspection and philosophy I can also eually appreciate the simplicity of unembellished prose which distils the verbiage Given how dense these Stormlight books are I prefer this style of writing as it allows me a thoroughly immersive experience Notably his writing skills are noticeably improving with every book he releasesAll that said the primary reason why this is the best book I've ever read is that it gave me the most emotionally charged reading experience I've ever had I cried and laughed I suealed and screamed I felt my heart turning to mush It brought out joy tears sorrow pain fear anger excitement anticipation shock wonder and awe so strongly that I'm sure emotionsprens surrounded me This is also in my opinion the darkest book that Sanderson has ever written There are moments which made me think that the series is treading into the grimdark territory Admittedly I did wish for my favourite character of the series and possibly of all time to have presence in this instalment but I accept that this might not always be the case given that the story is not going to centre around one main character as much as it might seem to be in the past two books There are also a few storylines which appear to be given too much of a light touch in the narrative possibly in compromise for the momentum of the overarching story or even perhaps to fit into future books These are a few of the issues which I am all too aware of may not be entirely well received by some existing fans Oathbringer can be treated as Book 3 of 5 out of a larger 2 part series of 10 books with the second part of The Stormlight Archive heading in a new direction As with each volume so far this novel is a self contained story that concludes most satisfactorily while teasing the reader with uestions and leaving some loose and new threads for future instalments Even after reading over 1200 pages I wanted and almost flipped back to the first page to start over again There can be no other testament to the magnificence of Sanderson's magnum opus where every book so far had succeeded in perpetuating such an obsession from me Fantasy fans allow me to reiterate if you haven't started reading this fantastic series seriously what are you waiting for? A fair warning though – be prepared to suffer from a hangover once you have finished reading these masterpieces NB For maximum reading enjoyment one should read Warbreaker before Words of Radiance and absolutely must do so before Oathbringer You can order the book from Book Depository Free shipping You can find this and my other reviews at Novel Notions

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    A special thank you to The Fantabulous Branwen who not only buddy read this book with me but has been buddy reading the entire Stormlight Archive series with me Branwen it's been so much fun discussing experiencing the magical world of Roshar with you and I can't wait to read the next books with you as well And now on to my”Book you have the right to a speedy trial” review THE DEFENSE Building on the earlier books This is a book review so it’s a perfect time to talk about a video game right?? There’s a method to my madness I swearOne of my favorite gaming experiences was when I played Mass Effect 2 The story of the game itself was great but what really made it so fascinating for me was how choices I made in the first game were carried over Side characters I had forgotten about came back seemingly unconnected events came together and what felt like a story with many side plots became a full cohesive narrative And that’s exactly how I felt reading book 3 of the Stormlight Archive While the first two books felt like separate volumes this is the one where the whole series really begins to mesh As we learned about the history of Roshar and its inhabitants bits of dialogue and seemingly minor events from the previous books suddenly carried much weight I’ve always said Brandon Sanderson was a master at world building but in this volume he didn’t just build a world he brought it to life I loved how events from the first two books came full circle in this one and the ramifications rippled throughout the world of Roshar The villains are so good at being badWho doesn’t love a good villain? In fact there's a whole subcategory of cat gifs dedicated to them acting like villains How do you know a cat is planning something evil?A IT’S A CATI felt that the villains really stepped up their game in this volume While the first two books featured people with less than noble motives or even people with uestionably noble intentions but ruthless methods to achieve them this time around the puppet masters who had been influencing events behind the scenes finally stepped into the spotlight I loved the inclusion of “The Unmade” twisted spren that serve a mad god and each have their own uniue powers and influence on the world This reminded me of the Forsaken from the “Wheel of Time” series where the minions of the main antagonist sometimes felt like they were a bigger threat than the one they served And not only we see the machinations of the servants of the mad god but the mad god itself was a much larger presence this time as well A hero can only truly rise if there is a formidable challenge for them to conuer and the heroes of the Stormlight Archive have never been challenged as much as they were this time around The Knights Radiant shine brighter than everIt’s amazing how the characters have changed so much from the first book yet still feel so true to themselves Kaladin still tends to look down his nose at the lighteyed nobles yet now he recognizes how unfair his prejudices can be Dalinar tries so hard to be a better person than he was before even as he sometimes falls back on his former brutal tendencies Renarin is as awkward as ever yet he shows backbone and continues to try to fit in even when he knows he won’t Of all the main characters I think the one who has come the farthest is Shallan In the first book Shallan seemed so unsure of herself and she responded to everything with a flip remark to the point where it could really grate on the nerves for the other characters in the story as well as the people reading it Yet while Shallan still struggles with her insecurities she is clearly a stronger person now than she was before In fact Shallan has what I considered to be the most badass moment of the story That's not to say Shallan has completely conuered her demons Shallan grapples with an identity crisis that manifests itself in a truly astounding way throughout the book but the fact that she suffers from this inner conflict just makes her seem that much stronger in those moments when she fights to overcome it All the main characters have been given so much depth by this point in the series it makes the reader care that much about them The Knights Radiant have overcome so much they have certainly earned the right to strut like badasses That’s totally Shallan making the snarky comment at the end Improved magic system A good magic trick is a beautiful display of mystery and wonder How HOW DID HE DO THAT??In addition to his ability to create such vast and interesting worlds I've always admired Brandon Sanderson's uniue magic systems as well The Stormlight series has always had an intriguing magic system but like everything else in this volume it was built upon into something even greater than before Illusionists paint stories and even worlds that come to life Everyday inanimate objects have souls that can be touched Every type of emotion attracts fantastic spren from between worlds The magic really comes alive during the epic battles and add extra layers of excitement to them I continue to be amazed at how Sanderson creates such complex magic systems that are still easy to understandExpect the unexpectedIt's practically impossible to talk about surprises in a book without being spoilery so please forgive me for how vague the next few sentences are Suffice it to say that every time I thought I knew where the story was leading the story pulled me in an entirely unexpected direction From an investigation in the first part of the novel that generated far uestions than answers to strange encounters later on in the story Sanderson never ceased to astound me Again I can't really get into specifics But here is a gif to help illustrate the necessity to be vague at times Perhaps my gif finding abilities aren't uite as sharp as they used to beAnd now for my one criticism about the bookTHE PROSECUTION Journey before destination looooooong before destinationAs much as I love the Stormlight Archive series these books definitely aren't for everyone There's no denying that the story tends to move at a snail's pace and that's only when the story is actually moving forward at all To once again use a video game analogy I've often compared this series to Skyrim where exploring the world and its occupants takes precedence over the actual main story line I was so enthralled by the world building and character studies that I was never once bored reading this and I felt this volume did have action than the preceding novels in the series Still if you read the earlier books and were frustrated waiting for the story to advance then this volume probably won't make a convert out of you This man will probably not be pre ordering Book 4THE VERDICTOathbringer is a masterpiece of world building and character study My favorite book in the series so far I loved how elements from the first two books came together in this one to create an even richer reading experience It's massive length and slow pace means it takes a while to see how it all plays out but much like one of the oaths declared by the Knights Radiant this volume focuses on the journey before the destination

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    5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum full five stars to Oathbringer and nothing less If you’ve read the two previous volumes in the Stormlight Archive you’d probably already understand; this series is a masterful meticulous continuation into the journey to explore the mysterious world of Roshar and once again this third installment is revealing so much about our characters and their roles in this epic tableau I find myself speechless as I often am after reading a Brandon Sanderson novel because there’s so much to talk about and yet also so much I can’t spoil I’m also not too articulate when my mind is blown so trying to put into words my roiling feelings upon finishing Oathbringer will be difficult but I’ll try my best to convey my thoughts on this work of art That said you should still only read this review after you’ve read the first two books and if you haven’t yet what are you waiting for anyway? just in caseFor readers who have made it to this point though you’ll already know that the world is on the verge of another Desolation a cataclysmic event that has occurred on a cyclical basis throughout the history of Roshar The heralds of these wars known as Voidbringers have returned along with the other forces of Odium a powerful being who is the manifestation of hatred itself The focus once returns to the main characters of this series Dalinar Kholin a Highprince of Alethkar who is the brother of the late King Gavilar; Kaladin also known as the Stormblessed who was a bridge crew slave before eventually becoming captain of the royal guard; Shallan Davar a young Lighteyes woman and scholar in training who studied under the tutelage of Princes Jasnah Kholin; and Adolin Kholin eldest son of Dalinar and a full Shardbearer like his father who is now betrothed to Shallan Together these characters must work together to hold off the end of the world but to do that they’ll also need some outside helpDesperate for allies Dalinar has set up his new base of operations at the legendary city of Urithiru after losing his own home to the invaders attempting to reach out to the other Highprinces and rulers of other nations in the hopes of forming a united front against the forces of Odium The enemy has now subsumed a great number of Parshendi fighters for their side through awakening of the previously docile parshmen with their summoning of the Everstorm and the only chance the humans have now may be the mysterious fabrials known as Oathgates which when activated are said to be capable of transporting anyone to UrithiruProblem is though Dalinar not only has the shadow of his past working against him most people also think he’s gotten soft in his resolve as well as in his head especially after he expressed beliefs that could be considered heresy So far much of what we’ve seen of Dalinar paints him as an honorable principled and valiant figure which is one of the reasons why he’s always been a favorite of mine ever since meeting him in The Way of Kings But the story has always teased a darkness in his past hinting at an angry violent and ruthless young man before the assassination of Gavilar dramatically altered his way of thinking There was also that mysterious business with Dalinar’s wife whom he can’t remember at all—not even her name which comes across as white noise in his mind if someone utters it in his hearingAs a result many uestions have been raised about Dalinar’s history and the good news is that Oathbringer lives up to every expectation by offering up a ton of answers Is it any wonder that this may be my favorite volume of the Stormlight Archives yet? In between telling the events of the present the narrative also occasionally takes us back to the past delving into Dalinar’s younger years Admittedly these sections weren’t always easy to read and not just because we got to see some of the atrocities he’s committed in his youth It was also hard to reconcile this young man who constantly fed off his sense of “The Thrill” by seeking violence and death with the older and wiser Dalinar I’ve come to know Though I hated to admit it I even came to sympathize with some of the other leaders and their reluctance in helping Dalinar fearing him to be a tyrant who will use the Oathgates to usurp them Still I suppose there was some beauty in these flashback chapters especially when Adolin was born and we got to see Dalinar react to becoming a father but ultimately there is a lot pain than happiness in these past seuences and some of the terrible and heartbreaking events covered the final few flashbacks damn near broke meOf course Oathbringer being “Dalinar’s book” notwithstanding Sanderson also pays plenty of attention to the other characters developing the roles of Kaladin Shallan Adolin and even those of a number of important supporting figures besides including a few I can’t name for fear of revealing too much Shallan in particular gets a lot of love because following the revelation that she is a Knight Radiant she has become something of a magical powerhouse That said getting a hang of her Lightweaving abilities involve a lot of growing pains and in inventing multiple identities for herself Shallan also risks losing the essence of who she is Much of Shallan’s storyline sees her testing the limits of her powers and learning to become comfortable in her own skin which also ties into her growing relationship with Adolin who is trying to come to terms with all that is expected of him as Dalinar’s son Their romance subplot continues to fill my girlish heart with glee though because I still can’t get over just how damn cute the two of them are together To be honest Kaladin was perhaps my one source of mild disappointment and only because his character and personality has not evolved as much compared to the others The storming bridgeboy is still as brave loyal and caring as ever but his penchant to want to save everybody all the time also means that the all consuming guilt still gets to him when he realizes he can’t But then again that’s why we all love Kaladin isn't it?Thus far I know I’ve only mostly talked about the characters but mainly because I think they are the heart and soul and these books But I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the incredible world building even if I probably sound like a broken record by now since it’s no secret that Brandon Sanderson is a genius when it comes to this area I am in awe of the number of new ideas that are still coming out of this series though and the astounding amount of new knowledge I gained about the world of Roshar from reading Oathbringer The characters go to some amazing places and see some amazing things and we learn along with them as they discover new and important information about the Desolations the Heralds the Oathpact Honorblades spren and so much And finally all I have to say about the plot is that it was epic Virtually no other word would do to describe this magnificent feat of storytelling While I won’t pretend that every moment of this 1200 page tome was a riveting experience I can honestly say I was never bored Oathbringer was long and slow to build but in a good way unfolding at the kind of pace that increases anticipation rather than induces tedium and there were also plenty of surprises and shocking developments including both triumphs and losses The last two hundred pages or so were something else as well Much of the book builds towards this final showdown when all the character POVs come together in an exhilarating climactic battle that’s sure to knock you off your feet You’ll remember the ending to this one for sureAll told Oathbringer is another stunning addition to the already impressive Stormlight Archive and I’m in love with this series than ever Events are starting to come together to form a clearer picture but of course there’s still much to come in this journey which I’m excited to continue If you’ve been enjoying this ride as much as I have so far trust me when I say there is no way you will want to miss this book Read it I say read it