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A spine chilling exploration of the haunted sites of Britain and Ireland and an indispensable guide for ghost hunters everywhere More than 130 haunted sites and many ghosts are described in evocative and atmospheric detail A wealth of biographical information and extracts from original documents place the specters in their historical context Written by inveterate ghost hunter and professional tour guide Richard Jones whose detailed research reveals many ghost stories that have never before appeared in print Superb photography and contemporary illustrations supplement the text and maps pinpoint the sites

10 thoughts on “Haunted Britain and Ireland

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    This was an excellent and interesting book to read It was nice for a change to actually read about the hauntings in a somewhat fictional manner as if the writer was telling the story while he talked about the haunted areas The pictures were beautiful and scary It is one of the most interesting haunting books I've read

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    This is a well written book with descriptions that really give you a feeling of the atmosphere The book is divided into geographical areas with useful maps The photos were stunning I wish there were photos of each place but that may not have been possible Some of the stories I had read or heard before but Richard's narrative added new details For me this is not a book to sit and read until you finish it in one or two sittings like a fiction book but one you sample here and there as you gave time But some of the stories were so interesting I would often keep reading A comprehensive collection of ghost stories

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    A decent guide if you want to go looking for famous haunted places but I found it rather bland in its storytelling of why each place was supposed to be haunted Several of the stories I had heard before but they had been told in much better ways and while I don't believe or disbelieve in Ghosts and hauntings several of the stories came across as completely far fetched just because of the way the story was told

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    Interesting tales but only a couple of good photos I want to see the proof

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    I love this book

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    Honestly I am left unsatisfied; not the least bit chilled When an author uses half of the text to describe the setting of a story and only a sentence or two to actually expand upon the happenings they are not doing the story justiceAlso the accompanying photos were rarely linked to the story in fact the images preceded the story often giving away key points before you reached the taleThe author has a fondness for overusing words such as 'sundry' and phrases such as 'shimmering shade' This guy needs a thesaurus The only positive thing I can say about this book is that it is a good guide if you were ever to travel to England for a ghost hunting excursion

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    I liked this book better than the Castles or Houses books of the same name While there were some overlap of items this book offered a much wider selection of stories and snapshots of places Which is obvious from the fact that this book didn't focus on a specific thing like a castle or a house This seemed to allow for much variety of stories which I enjoyed very much than the previously 2 mentioned books

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    Well presented coffee table style book with some beautiful photography and a broad spread of reputedly haunted locations except not one in South Yorkshire so I was a teensy bit disappointed by that

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    A perfect book for the armchair ghost hunter Some haunted gems to find in here great photos and key too well laid out

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    Odd collection of ghost stories