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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and it's all small stuff is a book that shows you how to keep from letting the little things in life drive you crazy In thoughtful and insightful language author Richard Carlson reveals ways to calm down in the midst of your incredibly hurried stress filled life You can learn to put things in perspective by making the small daily changes he suggestsincluding advice such as Think of your problems as potential teachers; Remember that when you die your 'In' box won't be empty; and Do one thing at a time You should also try to live in the present moment let others have the glory at times and lower your tolerance to stress You can write down your most stubborn positions and see if you can soften them learn to trust your intuitions and live each day as if it might be your last With gentle supportive suggestions DrCarlson reveals ways to make your actions peaceful and caring with the added benefit of making your life calm and stress free

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    I am not much of a self help reader occasionally I will read a Christian livingtheology book but that's really it but I recommend this book to everyone There are some real pearls of wisdom therein if you will pardon the cliche' I definitely believe some of these strategies are intuitive that you probably utilize some as survival mechanisms in your daily routine just to get through the day and dealing with others But it never hurts to get a gentle reminder My recommendation is to keep this book at work in your drawer or in your tote bag Pull it out when you need a few minutes to recharge your juices You will find yourself putting some of these tips to use right away As a shy conflict avoiding person who went into a field where I have to deal with people often difficult and often stressed and not always pleasant everyday I think anyone who has to be around and communicate with others heavily can use these skills in this book What I really like about this book is how easy it is to read Although Dr Carlson is a PhD he doesn't write in such a way to sound scholarly and less down to earth And this book is fairly inexpensive I got it for 9 at Barnes and Noble I'm sure you can find it even cheaper if you tried I believe his goal really is to help He uses a friendly conversation writing style that is very down to earth and concise He sorts of reminds me of Christian writer Max Lucado in that sense Each chapter is no than three pages at the most but so much good information is included plus personal examples of how the strategy was used by the author Nothing like seeing that the writer struggles in the same ways as the rest of usUpdate OneThis week I had one of those Mondays you really don't want to have I pulled this book out of my tote and started reading it It helped me to feel better because it really does put things into perspective We make big deals out of stuff that we really shouldn't We make our lives into soap operas when they don't have to be Why? It's such a waste of energy that we could be using to fuel our daily lives in better productive ways With a fringe benefit of leaving us plenty of energy to be content and enjoy our lives Dr Carlson really gets to the heart of that in this bookAt the time of update one I was still reading this book I started this review before I finished the book in order to get some of my thoughts down before they fly out of my headSome lessons from this book that I applied to my life this week Don't sweat the small stuff the titular lesson which bears repeating as a daily mantra Develop your compassion Remind yourself that when you die your 'in basket' won't be empty Choose your battles wisely Become a better listener Choose being kind over being right Practice humilityFinal updateWhat a rewarding reading experience This is the one self help book you really should read It doesn't matter if you're religious atheist whatever You can gain some wonderful insight from this book At the final reading I could see how the advice in this book would have helped me in a challenge I faced a day or so before It still helps on the other end giving me the insight to look at things from a healthy viewpoint Stress kills and I have come to the realization that I don't want to die from stress related health problems which I could be on the fast track to doing if I don't change my outlookThis book helped me today I had to deal with a person that I did not have a good experience with the first time around The advice this book gave me about listening to someone and what that person is truly saying and trying not to interrupt and trying to see the 'innocence' in them well it was simply invaluable I promise I am not the type to hype self help books But I can't help but praise this one Some of the powerful things I read about today Turn Your Melodrama into a Mellow drama Practice Ignoring Your Negative Thoughts Be Happy Where You Are uiet the Mind Think of Your Problem as Potential Teachers Get Comfortable Not Knowing Acknowledge the Totality of Your Being Cut Yourself Some Slack Stop Blaming Others Transform Your Relationship to Your Problems The Next Time You Find Yourself in an Argument Rather than Defend Your Position See if You Can See the Other Point of View First Listen to Your Feelings They Are Trying to Tell You Something Redefine a Meaningful Accomplishment If Someone Throws You the Ball You Don't Have to Catch It One More Passing Show Realize the Power of Your Own Thoughtsand a very good lesson for me Trust Your Instinctive HeartI am so glad I bought this book It will not be one that I shove to the back of my bookshelf to pull out rarely if ever It's going to be one that I carry around with me as I walk through life It won't replace the Bible for me It's not that kind of book But whatever your belief is it never hurts to put things into perspective And that is the simple message of this book You can learn to realize that the small stuff isn't worth all the drama and in the sum of things it's all small stuff as the title says

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    Okay so it's not cool to read self help books and frankly most of them give me the heebie jeebies but I think this book was kind of spot on I liked how the ideas were presented in small vignettes instead of a massive tome that overwhelms than inspires I think Carlson has a good point in suggesting that maybe we make a big deal out of things that aren't such a big deal I'm a pretty easy going person for the most part oh except for that depression thing and a lot of what he says reflects my own philosophy There were even a few new suggestions that I thought were helpful In general this is a book for someone who's a little too uptight a little too stressed and a little too much of a worrier

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    This book was on the nightstand in a friend's guest room where I stayed recently its natural habitat I suppose; where else would you expect to find a book like this? I read it over breakfast and it offers a bunch of tips on cultivating acceptance and loving kindness Imagine an irritating person as a tiny infant and then as a 100 year old OK this made me tear up; When someone criticizes you start by agreeing with them valuable skill; Nurture a plant talk to the plant tell it you love it I thought about the lavender struggling for life on my kitchen windowsill and promised it that I would do better? There's a fair number of vaguely condescending and obnoxious parables from the author's own life and I'll be disregarding his repeated suggestion to wake up at 430am to write and meditate glad it works for you though buddy If you've been to a yoga class or flirted with meditation a lot of this will probably sound familiar or maybe even be second nature to you already but it's a nice book and I felt a little loving and kind after reading it

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    Sounds dramatic but this book has been life changing for me in how I approach life How had I never read this Not only have I read it twice I took detailed notes and bought the audio book so I have it playing in my car on repeat I am someone who has always had bad anxiety and it's helped me tremendously but the real value and difference comes in constantly reinforcing and reminding myself these lessons every single day otherwise I just go back into my old habits

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    There is some great advice in this book It's very fitting that the author ends the book by telling you to live each day as if it was your last because he himself died unexpectedly during a flight from San Francisco to New York in 2006 He was only 45 years old Life truly is short None of us knows when it will end so we need to cherish it In this and many other pieces of advice I couldn't agree with the author There is a fair amount of repetition in this book which at first was annoying until I realized he was repeating what he likely considered the most important lessons And I agree that they're important Still somewhat annoying but understandable There was also one chapter I didn't appreciate where he brought religion into the picture learn to recognize God's fingerprints on everything or something to that effect In my opinion religion has no place in content that is otherwise based in scienceSome of the advice also didn't apply to me and it may not apply to you either In addition many of his real life examples are only relatable to certain people and so I didn't relate to them I also found that a lot of the information was basic common sense so I knew it already and therefore it didn't add a ton of valueCriticisms aside this is a book worth reading Did it change my life? No Well maybe Let's see I'm going to implement as many of the great lessons and tips here into my life as I can In time this book may indeed change my lifeRecommended

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    STRESSED?Once I get over pressured the second thing I always do is to read this bookof course the first and foremost is to prayWhen we are pressured and stressed we waste our time minding the tinsy minsy stuff in this world instead of fixing and turning our faces into what really pushes us into the edgeThis inspiring book tells us literally NOT TO SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF and to stop the things that slow our progress in attaining a life free from stressIn the struggle of attaining freedom from stress it is hard to accept that those we're feeling are training us to become something bigger and strongerAnd because of this book I think that is how life worksWe have to remind ourselves to go with the flow and not to break in those difficult times Fighting the pressure is often what pushes us to the edgeThis book tells us to look optimistically at things and importantlystress hahaLastly the book opens up the true purpose of life beneath our trials and struggle And that we should value EVERY PIECE of our life

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    Snippets of good behavioral advice that anyone can acceptbut putting them into practice? Like so many books of the self help variety all good stuff however people who are strongly locked into behaving in ways that are contrary to the direction being proposed here might find this book and so many others like it just another stick to beat themselves with for not being OK The kinds of change that are reuired of people to have the behavioral changes described here take root are trans formative that normally reuires change at depth through long and arduous spiritual work This doesn't beg the value of the advice given just the presumption that a uick read and an uh huh will bring about the changes necessary to alter habitual behaviorBooks offering uick fix paths to happiness are often delusional in their intent if not in their content In this case some good stuff particularly if it were to encourage some self examination at depthand support the work that might flow from it

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    This is an excellent book that could change the readers' behavior for the better The history of the book itself reveals how the author is ever ready to learn from the day to day happenings of life He got the idea of the title 'Don't sweat the Small Stuff' from Dr Wayne W Dyer in the course of business correspondence; and he has developed it as a valuable book for allThere are one hundred maxims in the book all of which deserve serious consideration For the benefit of my readers I shall list ten of them that belong to the first class1 Don't sweat the small stuff2 Let go the idea that gentle relaxed people can't be super achievers3 Don't interrupt others or finish their sentences4 Learn to live in the present moment5 Become a better listener6 Choose your battles wisely7 Remember that everything has God's fingerprints on it8 Practice ignoring your negative thoughts9 Take up Yoga10Mind your own businessThis book would certainly help anybody to gain a realistic and relaxed attitude toward life in general

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    The concept of this book is an admirable one how to relieve stress in your life and achieve a higher level of inner peace However while reading this book I found myself becoming stressed out This book is set up as essentially a list YES Another list of different methods and techniues that you can use to try and relieve stress from your life As I am reading the list of different ideas they make sense but I feel as though this book was throwing too much at me for any of it to really sink in It would have been much better if Dr Carlson had taken a few ideas and gone in depth with them as opposed to a very brief overview If you're truly stressed out and looking to relieve a little bit of it I would not recommend turning to this book for guidance

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    Not a bad way to help me reground my perspective I realized I had been slipping into negativity and feeling like every inconvenience even the small ones were a personal slight the world was clearly out to get me Haha jkjk I do recommend reading the physical book if you are going to read this one The audiobook was nice since I commute long hours but I think I would have enjoyed reading the physical book I would have been able to stop and contemplate easily whereas the the audiobook trudged on and driving me could only keep going and not pausestop itThere is some great guidance here Check it out Very short very direct gets you thinking and into self reflection