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By Michael Riordan previously coauthor of Solar Home Book and as of 1987 affiliated with Stanford's Linear Accelerator Center ISBN 0671648845 From Library Journal During the 1960s and 70s the Standard Model theory of elementary particles was developed and was supported by experimental findings; the theory involves uarks entities at the sub nuclear level which carry fractional electrical charges and which cannot be isolated from the complex of particles in which they exist Riordan an experimentalist involved in the uark hunt tells the story colorfully with many brief sketches of the personalities involved An excellent book to show lay readers the drama and the disappointments of life on a research frontier

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    Well written and knowledgeable history of the particle physics in the late 1960s and 1970s In particular the experimental theoretical and instrument physics that led to the uark model of hadrons and the rise of the 'standard model' This is a great if conventional example of science communication Riordan ably brings out the humanity of the scientific enterprise challenging both extremes of the social constructivists and scientific realists Highly recommended

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    Reading almost like a suspense novel Riordan describes the interplay between theory and experiment in particle physics that led to the development of the Standard Model and the evolution of big machine physics

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    This is one of the favorite books I've ever read The story of the beginning of uantum mechanics is fascinating The great scientists who brought it about were hilarious characters without eual I love the author's descriptions of them and the drama surrounding the existence of the uark

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    Fascinating outline of how our understanding of uarks the building blocks of particles came to be discovered and understoodThe science did get a bit deep and so the author was forced to uickly bound ahead outlining major ideas instead of what happened but he cannot by blamed too much