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Mongo and his brother Garth are changed forever as is their view of the world because they possess a secret that must never be told Here the epic adventure continues as the brothers become fugitives and outcasts struggling to solve the puzzle of an extremely dangerous Vietnam veteran with information that could topple the government

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    Fun but it was a stretch

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    Gotta just give a three to this one It was achingly macho and I'm never a big fan of politicalmilitary intrigue stories The writing is as solid as ever though I loved the art aspect of the story and wish it played a bigger part as it was it felt like a uick addition included solely to help advance the plotmake stuff make sense if you know what I mean?A note to say that I read this out of order so the subplot with Garth's healtheffects of a previous case went over my head I think this may be better enjoyed if read in order

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    I read one two? other Mongo books and they were mysteries with dead bodies too but this one is spythriller and has violence of a grisly variety than I remember from the previous books which is treated very casually I will read at least one but if they continue in this vein I'll probably give up the series

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    For me this is like the best of Mongo series

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    One of my favourites in the Mongo series and possibly the firs tone I ever read it's hard to be sure since it was so long ago For me this was the introduction to the character of Veil Kendry who has his own series though a much smaller one than Mongo's Revisiting this and being reminded of all the tragedy and horror of the Vietnam conflict from such a distance of years was a very interesting experience For my take on the Mongo series as a whole see my post at Black Gate Magazine

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    A marked deviation from all of the previous entries in the Mongo series Grounded in reality without even a hint of the previously prominent fantastical or supernatural elements that have marked the series Two Songs is of a thriller ala The Day of the Jackal or Six Days of the Condor The final forty pages though be glad that we live in a world where the next volume is only a bookshelf away Waiting for the next installment is not an option

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    Fifth of the Mongo mysteries This book continues a story arc from the previous book and adds it to an excellent story about covert operations in Viet Nam and a soldier still affected by it Five stars It was tense ingenious and action packed with a good non predictable ending I loved the book

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    Très bien

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    Wonderful story with interesting characters in a nutty nutty nutty situation Chesboro takes the basic concept of writing mysteries into a whole new ballpark

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    a fairly straight spy like Mongo nothing really supernatural just a shoot em up government conspiracy type offering With the trademark humor and pacing