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Kylie’s story continuesfrom the afterlife She’s found her place in the Goddess’ Eternal Gardens and she couldn’t be unhappy Tara is alone and in pain thinking that she’ll never see her best friend again But Tara isn’t all that Kylie has to worry about Pandia the daughter of her beloved goddess has been abducted by the other warring goddesses When the upcoming war escalates Selene decides that she needs to send Kylie back to help those loyal to herBut going back isn’t as easy as it seems First Kylie must make a deal with Hades the Lord of the Underworld in order to get back her body She must do battle with a dragon and even the god himself Just when Kylie thinks things can’t get any harder she returns to Tara and finds that the war is just about to start Selene has a special job for Kylie and her friends track down and rescue her daughter Pandia from the clutches of evil warring goddesses

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    What I liked The Trials Kylie is forced to push herself farther than ever before in order to get back to Tara and the others There are some cool action scenes that were well written and suspenseful and I liked how Kylie survived by not only using her skill and training but also by using her intelligence Her final test was my favorite of the three Greek Mythology I liked that there was so much Greek Mythology in this book than in the first There were so many different gods and different creatures and different places and you can tell the author did her research on the subjects Hades I really liked how the author portrayed him Most of the times he’s seen as evil but in Greek Mythology he is actually greedy and selfish than outright evil He wasn’t just a flat character Kaven and Kylie’s relationship It progresses in this book while Kylie’s relationship with Tara takes a bit of a backseat War There is tons of epic fighting in this book and people are wounded and killed Kylie’s final battle was really detailed and I felt like I was right there with her struggling to defeat an evil goddessWhat I disliked Tara wasn’t as big a part of this book as I hoped she would be The scenery changed uiet often One moment they would be at the cliffs then at the meadows then under the sea It was a little jarring to have to get used to such different scenery in such a short amount of time The book was shorter than I would have likedOverall I thought this book was much better than the first part even though I really liked that one too It really branches off and there are no similarities between this and other books I would recommend this book to anyone and I hope the author writes of them 50

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    Wow This book was much better than the first and I really liked the first one You can tell Samantha Hoffman did her research and everything just flowed I also liked that fact that it wasnt a perfect happy ending for the most part they were a part of a war and people die in wars so it was nice that she didnt just save everyone at the end

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    This book was even better than the first one There was action death and wonderful accurate mythology Kylie really grew on me in this book and I loved that she was willing to do anything and suffer any amount of pain to get back to her friends all because she knew how badly they needed her I’ve always been a fan of sword fighting and I was glad to see a bit of it in this book The fighting was awesome and the characters were all great I loved the look at the Gods and Goddesses and I especially liked Selene and her relationship with her “children” For the most part I was glad with how things turned out

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    This is the second book in my Daray Hall series You can get it for just 299

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    Definitely better than the first part The similarities to the House of Night series were pretty much gone and it definitely became its own book I loved the fighting the drama and the look at the gods I also liked getting to see the mother of all vampires in action and getting to see how she interacted with her children

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    I truly enjoyed this seuel it had a lot of action and heart to it I am mildly disappointed in the lack of closure since I found out there is not another one planned However I couldn't put this book down I love all the characters involved but would have liked a in depth look at some of them Spin off series covering all the minor characters maybe?

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    I don't know if this is the end of the series or not but it definitely could be due to the ending of this novel I really did enjoy this series Samantha Hoffman does have talent when she writes This novel is worth the read

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    I really enjoyed this book

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    Excellent read Could not put it down

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    A great seuel to her first book However both books ended abruptly