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For 2 000 years Tahlia had lived on the fringes of humanity as one of the most powerful and feared Royal Vampires in existence The only ray of light in her endless brutal existence is the reincarnation of her human lover Aurora For the past 20 centuries the blue eyed beauty's love added a gentle touch to the otherwise deadly veneer of the Vampire ueen As protector and lover she passionately loved her mortal partner and jealously guarded her existence But that all changes when her lover's birth coincides with the resurfacing of a cunning and elusive enemy set out to upset the Vampire hierarchy This time the target is not Tahlia—directly It does however; threaten the Vampire ueen's existence

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    It is surprising that this book is rated so highly as objectively it is not very goodThis is not to say it doesn't have its charms; for many people looking for a simple lesbian vampirehuman love story this will fit the bill The plot is crisp and clean with reasonably likeable heroes and dastardly baddies Betrayal Ancient Rome briefly Danger Romance Lots of cheesy things that get large ticks in the plus column for those seeking meaningless entertainment There are however problemsThe obvious will uickly become apparent to anyone who speaks English namely that the author appears to have only a rough grasp of that language This is also the problem most forgiveable Either this is a very young native English speaker or the writer is doing their very best with only an only half mastered language; they do valiantly either way Their bravery does not make the text any less of a mess to read Tenses change randomly sometimes within sentences Adjectives and verbs are used strangely almost boldly Conversations have a certain stiff clumsiness with serves to distance the reader from the emotions being conveyed No one talks like thatI mention these things not to be churlish to a writer clearly doing their level best but to warn a reader prepared to shell out money; I was left feeling annoyed that I had paid good cash for something so poorly edited Literally any volunteer editor on the internet could have done a better job of checking this before publishing Whoever did check the text was again either very young or couldn't speak English This is a bit galling when this book is sold as a professional work So much for the technical problems But the real problem arises in the text with the actions of the main character; not to put too fine a point on it but she essentially criminally stalks the love interest This is very Twilight esue albeit it plays out with much less stupid teenage drama and many moments of arbitrary mood swings This is actually fine though The characters are surprisingly good fun they have a certain warmth For Uber fiction the two characters seem nothing like X and GTo be frank however at one point the stalking leads Vampire Main Character to go beyond the acceptable; she has sex with Human love interest while said Human love interest was unconscious and unaware of her existence To be honest and without trying to be melodramatic that was immediately horrifying; I am amazed the characters in universe didn't start yelling clear cut rape and staking Main Vampire in the sun I had to put the book down for a few days until I could stomach it again Alas the book doesn't seem to actually notice anything wrong with that scene which compounded the problem To be honest this book could easily be compared to poorly technically written albeit far better characterised Christine Feehan novels With lesbians and way less purple prose The vampires display roughly the same set of powers and organisation the human is a telepathic artist and everyone angsts To be fair to this novel however the angst is never overdoneOverall the book is not a good one although it would have been probably 4 stars with proper editing and no creepy rape vibes With those things it's getting a single star Ruthless but justified

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    The vampire turned wolf thing was odd but I love wolves so I dig it

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    I read this series on a Xena website and was very happy that it was published