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Babylon Restored formerly Manhattan may give David answers Ruled by the mysterious High Epic Regalia David is sure Babylon Restored will lead him to what he needs to find And while entering another city oppressed by a High Epic despot is a gamble David's willing to risk it Because killing Steelheart left a hole in David's heart A hole where his thirst for vengeance once lived Somehow he filled that hole with another Epic—Firefight And he's willing to go on a uest darker and dangerous even than the fight against Steelheart to find her and to get his answers

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    BRANDON SANDERSON David and the crew is back although some of them take a back seat in this book because a few go to Babylon Restored David Tia Prof are the ones that go and leave Abraham and Cody behind with Edmund I love Abraham and Cody so much ❤Anyhoo the crew are going to meet with some other Reckoners to try to take out Regalia She's another epic that wants to cause trouble since the death of you know who She has an epic named Obliteration who is super bad and there are some other randoms I forgot to say our crew meets up with Val Mizzy and Exel the other reckoners and there is an underwater bunker thing and it's awesome Regalia herself deals in water so this is a great water epic What fun it was Although Obliteration is blowing everything up for her so it's like water meets fire And Megan Firefight is in the city as well and things are looking up Yassssssssssssssss There are some revelations Are there not always revelations? There are some deaths Aren't there noalways some deaths? There were some good times and bad times I'm not going to ask again I loved this book and I was so happy to have Megan back BUT I really hope one of the bad things doesn't stay a bad thing in the next book I'm always sooooooo cryptic or stupid however you want to look at it DAnyway I love Sanderson I'm loving this trilogy and I hope all goes well in Calamity ♥MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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    My name is David Charleston I kill people with superpowers AFTER GETTING YOUR GOAL WHAT? David Charleston’s life couldn’t be better now in this dystopian world where insane superpowered humans keep killing and destroying anything at their reach since after years of being studying the “Epics” how this superpowered humans are referred learning how their powers work but important what their weaknesses are to know how to kill them all now he is a member of the secretive organization known as The Reckoners the only thing between the Epics and total destruction of the planet and even better his main goal Steelheart the Epic who killed his father he was able to discover what was his weaknessHowever while David is 19 years old just having his 19th birthday and many people could consider him someone still too young he is feeling like he already got his lifetime goal and now he isn’t certain what’s next in his lifeMoreover his vision about the Epics is now a conflictive oneJust one year ago it was simple he wants to kill all Epics since all Epics were evil however now he met some Epics that aren’t evil some are doing what they can to fight Epics and some of them are willing to help humanity as long they aren’t disturbed and having time to read but even conflictive there are Epics that he wants to believe that they aren’t evil no matter how much evidence there is against itHis simple world where he just needed to keep his head down to avoid getting attention to him while doing his secret investigation where all Epics were evil and deserved to die are long goneNow he lives in a complicated world where even the Reckoners are getting into “terra incognita” since they used to be an underground organization where they kill low level Epics getting in and out of any city in matter of weeks even each cell team of Reckoners knew very little about the operations of other cells Actually many people were unaware of the existence of such organization or believing that they were some kind of urban legendHowever now the population of Newcago already knew that the Reckoners were very real and even they were doing an openly public protection of the city against the invasion of any outsider Epic but that doesn’t mean that they were looking to rule the city they were trying their best to respect the new governing council ironically formed by many high class normal people that they were the same in a privileged position while Steelheart was the dictator of the city Superpowers may change but politics remain the same even in a dystopian realityAnd David Charleston is the new public sensation of Newcago Davis is now known as the Steelslayer A simple puny human that was able to defeat a god But I don’t kill them for vengeance not any This thing we do for me it’s like putting down a rabid dog It’s a mercy A NEW SCENARIO Welcome to Babylon Restored David the world’s greatest enigma Newcago the former Chicago was now free again but as this city was ruled once by an Epic there were other cities still under the insane ruling of other EpicsThe “lucky” cities were still under the insane ruling of Epics Since there were many cities totally destroyed now due the even insane actions of yet other EpicsIt was obvious that the Reckoners couldn’t do anything about the already destroyed cities but the victory over Steelheart was demanding a game change Instead of keeping killing low level Epics they had to go agains the High Epics ruling major citiesJust like Babylon Restoredformerly known as New York CityBabylar or Babylon Restored is ruled by Regalia a powerful Epic that even considering that she isn’t classified as an “High Epic” she was able to control the entire city Regalia also has other Epics working for her as their “field muscle” The Reckoners had already a cell team doing research and surveillance on Babylar so Prof left behind in Newcago his personal cell team to keep protection of that city but having with him the support of Tia and David and joining the cell established in Babylar Every organization needs both good chefs and good morticians The two great constants of life Food and death The only city that David has ever known had been Newcago and soon enough he will be amazed shocked worried and even clueless about Babylar and how different the things are managed there mysteries at plain sight and danger all around him You can’t immerse yourself in something without coming to respect it If you think that Steelheart was awesome your appraisement about this seuel Firefight will be even greater Firefight keeps developing this uncanny dystopian world where superpowered villains rule with iron fist the defenseless non powered humanity BUT with a refreshed vision where any recidivism of the status uo about the narrative of the first book is changed with new rules new scenarios new characters new kind of dangers new levels of excitement also where even the already known characters from the first book won’t remain the same and taking unexpected developments We want what we can't have even when we have no right to demand it

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    ON SALE Kindle deal for a limited time for 199 01Nov18 at ReREAD before Calamity with my fellow Reckoners at Buddies Books BaublesLoved it just as much the second time and my favorite new metaphor was The sun sank down like a giant golden pat of butter melting onto the corn of New Jersey Or wait That abandoned city was kind of like spinach than corn So the sun sank down into the spinach of Jersey It was also theorized that if David made a list the romantic level of vegetables is as followsBeet Carrot Turnip Parsnip Potato Radish Broccoli Cauliflower Lettuce Brussel SproutDavid should have said beet 425 Sparks that Hurt StarsPossible Spoilers for Steelheart Below Brandon Sanderson BS from here on is the master of both the Prologue and the Wrap Up Every story I’ve read by him has strong and interesting beginnings and some of the most heart pounding what the heck is happening endings I can’t say that I have read one story where he didn’t just turn things around and surprise me somewhere and ‘sparks’ Firelight is no different There were times in this thatI was shockedI held my breathI laughed out loudI had theories disprovedI feared for characters and sharksI hit my head wondering where that came fromI needed a buddy to hold my hand thank you AthenaAnd I was amazed by the shear creativity and Calamity of it all It took me on the ride that I’ve come to expect from any BS book We go to a new city filled with brand new challenges and Epics David has new challenges to face in a in this new peculiar city and new people to tell his incredibly awful metaphors to including things like “I felt like a cupcake on a steak plate” “I mixed with ordinary people about the same way that a bucket of paint mixed with a bag of gerbils” “Don’t do anything stupid''Don’t worry' I whispered over the line 'I’m an expert on stupid''You’re''Like I can spot stupidity because I know it so well The way an exterminator knows bugs really well and can spot where they’ve been? I’m like that A stupidinator''Never say that word again' Prof said” my personal favorite “You’re like a potato” I shouted after her “In a minefield” I’m just going to say itDavid is geeky adorable and I love it He is slightly infectious and I really like his rose glasses idea of what the world could be as naïve as it is at times I wasn’t expecting so many revelations to be made about the Epics where the powers came from the random weaknesses what really drives Epics and Megan I’m going to admit right now that I thought she was okay in Steelheart but I didn’t love her After spending a little time with her in this she is totally growing on me it could just be that her power is freaking Awesome and I love the whole concept of it or something else entirely I always like her I’m ready to kill you attitude though and I’m not always sure what side she is playing for “Did you just invite me on a date to spy on a deadly Epic planning to destroy the city?” “Well I don’t have a lot of experience with dating but I’ve always heard you’re supposed to pick something you know the girl will enjoy” She smiled “Well let’s get to it then” And the actionIt is all over the place with great fight scenes chasing bad guys water balletetc All the new Epics all have interesting powers and personalities Dawnslight is one of the most interesting EpicHero ideas I’ve read I spent most of the book trying to figure that Epic out and it ended up being so much cooler than I thought Regina is a great bad guy who I was never sure what she really wanted She is manipulative and Lex Lutharesk in her evil genius plot Newton aptly named and Obliteration rounded out the crew for evil very well Nothing like a bad guy spewing religious dooms day scripture to lighten the mood I was slightly sad that we didn’t spend a lot of time with Cody and Abraham from Steelheart I missed them terribly until I didn’t view spoilerIn the end I was so happy that they were no where nearby hide spoiler

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    Excellent book I have to say I enjoyed this one even than Steelheart because of the great character development Despite being 420 pages the book is very fast paced and the pages just seem fly by The other thing is all the chapters are uite short the longest is probably 12 pages then to be about 5 8 pages So as soon as I finished one I though another one won't take long so another one became another three or so I think it is a credit to Brendon that he know exactly the right point to finish a chapter to make a reader like me want to read the next one almost immediatelyThe book is written from the first person perspective of David After doing the seemingly impossible of killing Steelheart David much to his chagrin is nicknamed Steelslayer and regarded with an aura of awe and wonder Almost the same way Steelheart was This book follows Mitosis which showed the hard work of rebuilding and maintaining a city The book starts with the Reckoners battling and trappingkilling another Epic This is the third powerful Epic to attack since the fall of Steelheart Professor notices a pattern including a powerful Epic from his past Now David must join a new team in a completely unfamiliar to the point of alien environment in both its terrain and attitude of its people To top it all off his beliefs might not be concrete as they once wereI do like the character development David being seen as a mystical and political favourite but having no people skills Give him a gun and a mission and he is legendary force to be reckoned with but force him to talk out loud or take part in social situations and we might have a problem His conversations with Megon cracking me up especially the first one in this book mainly because I though there is actually someone almost as bad with girls as I am However with his analytical mind tactical and weapons expertise and no nonsense attitude he is a deadly as they come Still he definitely needs some hand to hand combat trainingGreat book The only fault I could find with it was that the last uarter of the book did feel it was rushed I would have happily read another 200 page of this story I can grudgingly understand why the last couple of trapsbattles were not described in full as it is from David's perspective and he was not physically there at the time I think these might be a couple of e novels like Mitosis If this is the case I hope they are a bit longer and they could very easily be another characters perspective However I liked this book and can wait for the next part always the mark of a good book In fact I already pre ordered Calamity

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    Review later CALAMITY NOWMy other reviews for this series Steelheart The Reckoners #1 Mitosis The Reckoners #15 Calamity The Reckoners #3

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    Actual Rating 35 StarsFirefight is a great continuation of the Reckoners trilogyOnce again I wanna start with the bad This book has the same pacing issues seen in Steelheart lots of buildup for the first 80% of the book then a rapid lightning storm of events in the last 20% If you've read Elantris think similarly to how that book is laid outWith Firefight I found myself distinctly less interested in the plot by comparison to its predecessor The plot is still awesome it just isn't as awesome During certain stretches I felt myself checking out or wishing for confrontation between the characters to arise Perhaps a bit of middle book syndrome?The events of the story meandered a little too much for my liking That's not to say this book is slow but because of how well the action packed pace of the first book worked I noticed where that momentum lagged a bit hereI appreciated that some of the main characters were fleshed out a bit and I saw growth in David as a person But because of the first person perspective there's a clear lack of connection between me most of the people surrounding David I also desperately missed two interesting main characters from Steelheart who were barely present here Even with these few errors this is a delightful book overall The premise is so much fun It gives an entertaining nostalgic superhero vibe without being predictable or lackluster I enjoyed the twists turns and I love watching David solve his way out of his predicaments I commend Sanderson on creating David to be extraordinary without losing his humanity He's got his set of skills along with his flaws and it's wonderful to watch him sort through what he likes dislikes about himself Hate his metaphors all you want I think they're super endearingWhile my interest in the immediate events of this story waver in and out my interest in the overarching dynamic of Epics vs Humans is consistently high The strongest point of these novels is the world building and after the events at the end of Firefight my curiosity about how the conclusion will play out is definitely piued

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    I like a book that starts fast and this book started incredibly fast This set me up with high expectations for the rest of the book And these were met completely The speed of the plot never slowed down not for one page It was energetic throughout; it was just action upon action fight upon fight Until one big epic climatic event at the end in the centre of the flooded city that leaves us with a heart jerking conclusion This was a very uick read Not because it was short but because I just could not stop reading it The plot was layered with unanswered uestions that I had to find the answers to Many chapters ended with a frustrating one liner that compelled me to read the next I had to read I needed to read So I did “My name is David CharlestonI kill people with super powers”David’s appropriate new name after killing the high epic Steelheart is Steelslayer His grown uite a taste for the blood of Epic’s and he’s become uite efficient at killing them too The novel starts with his tracking down of Sourcefield an Epic who wields electricity With the efficiency of a military unit the Reckoners tactically engage her Epics are humans with superpowers High Epics have a reflex ability that makes them almost invincible unless you know their weakness And some of these weaknesses are very amusing one is made vulnerable by his own poorly preformed rock music Epics become consumed by the use of their powers; they take on a self imposed sense of divinity the they use them This leads to a group of homicidal super powered maniacs with a sense of self aggrandisement that the Reckoners must bring downObliteration can absorb heat from his surroundings and release it in a blast that can and has levelled cities This combined with his instinctive teleportation as a death wound draws near results in one tough Epic to kill Worse for unknown reasons he has teamed up with Regalia Regalia has murdered thousands in her claiming of her own city New Babylon She can control large bodies of water and can see through it at any location giving her an omniscient edge The Reckoners must stop themProf is an Epic and David’s mentor He is also the leader of the Reckoners suffice to say not many know of his powers He supresses his powers to retain his humanity but knows if he indulges in his impulses his will lose all sense of oneness and become the very thing he wishes to destroy However he can gift his powers healing and force field production to others without any conseuences David naturally benefits from this in his missionsOverall this is the most exciting book I’ve read in a long while The plot is fantastic; the characters are brilliant and the ending is the kind that makes you wish you could fast forward time till the release of the next bookI won this book here on goodreads as a giveaway I was very fortunate as I got in ten days before releaseThe Reckoners1 Steelheart A vengeful 4 stars15 Mitosis A time wasting 2 stars2 Firefight A heart jerking 45 stars3 Calamity A terrible one star

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    SandersonitisI've gots itMind Blowing This book Obliterated everything I thought I knew about Sanderson I thought I knew his tricksI thought I knew what he's going to do I even sent theories to Robin and in the end I've learned to just let shit flow the way they should Just let Sanderson take over my life and give me amazing stories Now when this book started it started with a bang Running runningYEAH YEAH YEAH Then things changes and I was thinkingWhat are you doing Sanderson? Why are you changing things on meI don't want thiswhat is this fuckery? Then BAM And BOOM My mind was blown I can't give any because then it will spoil this book seriously spoil this book But one theory that I had came to life and I NEED BOOK THREE to see WHAT HAPPENS This is the only review I can give for nowI need to go through my notes and really think about what to write

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    Firefight starts off with a really rousing manhuntattempted assassination of a murderous Epic a person with superpowers who's been corrupted by them and uickly thereafter David who is sometimes called Steelslayer now; a way cooler name that he’s very proud of heads off with the Professor the leader of their rebel group to what used to be New York City to try to take care of another major Epic threat What New York City now Babylon Restored or Babilar for short has evolved into is almost the polar opposite of Chicago the setting of the first book Instead of a steel wasteland we have kind of an urban Venice a flooded city with tops of skyscrapers poking out with glowing graffiti and jungle growth inside of what remains of the buildings David is still a teenage guy who's impetuous and kind of charges around with blinders on and he still comes up with truly painful similes and metaphors which are not as funny as the author seems to think they are at least for me and it all was just getting kind of old The middle section of the book also slows down uite a bit giving me time to think about all the stuff that irked me So when my 12 year old son absconded with the book a few days ago when I was about 40% in I thought whatever I'll finish it sometime later ProbablyWell a few days later my kid finished it 5 stars from him BTW and I decided I might as well do the same And I was surprised when the second half of the book kind of reached out and grabbed me by the throat and demanded that I finish it immediately There were several surprises and unexpected turns and I even got some answers to of those pesky uestions that the first book had left me withSo here's the deal if you didn't care for the first book there's nothing in here that will really change your mind If you DID like Steelheart this is a solid seuel that moves the overall story along nicely Art credit Alex Lukas Flooded City

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    EDIT 127 IT'S FINALLY HERE Well time to go to the libraryORIGINAL I will now sit in my chair and waitand waitand wait