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Pricksongs Descants originally published in 1969 is a virtuoso performance that established its author already a William Faulkner Award winner for his first novel as a writer of enduring power and unuestionable brilliance a promise he has fulfilled over a stellar career It also began Coover's now trademark riffs on fairy tales and bedtime stories In these riotously word drunk fictional romps two children follow an old man into the woods trailing bread crumbs behind and edging helplessly toward a sinister end that never comes; a husband walks toward the bed where his wife awaits his caresses but by the time he arrives she's been dead for three weeks and detectives are pounding down the door; a teenaged babysitter's evening becomes a kaleidoscope of dangerous erotic fantasies her employer's her boyfriend's her own; an aging humble carpenter marries a beautiful but frigid woman and after he's waited weeks to consummate their union she announces that God has made her pregnant Now available in a Grove paperback Pricksongs Descants is a cornerstone of Robert Coover's remarkable career and a brilliant work by a major American writer

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    Pricksongs Descants is mostly about the power of human imaginationThat sweep odour that girls have The softness of her blouse He catches a glimpse of the gentle shadows amid her thighs as she curls her legs up under herImagination is rich but it plays dirty And that’s a reason so many prefer to live an imaginary life in a realm where everyone can be kingHe loves her She loves him And then the babies come And dirty nappies and one goddamn meal after another Dishes Noise Clutter And fatThat’s the real life Who wants it?

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    Legendary NarrativesThis collection of early stories is not a lesser work in any way In it Coover maps out the journey that his writing career would subseuently follow It announces and displays his early ambition and skillIt reflects a dual interest in the subject matter of fiction and its methodology As Coover says of some of his stories in retrospect great narratives remain meaningful through time as a language medium between generations as a weapon against the fringe areas of our consciousness and as a mythic reinforcement of our tenuous grip on reality The novelist uses familiar mythic or historical forms to combat the content of those forms and to conduct the reader to the real away from mystification to clarification away from magic to maturity away from mystery to revelation And it is above all to the need for new modes of perception and fictional forms able to encompass them that I barber's basin on my head address these storiesThe Interpolation of the Post ModernCoover tells his stories within the framing device of other stories of myths and legends of fairy tales and parablesFairy tales in particular are often written with great economy perhaps because they formed part of an oral tradition in which they were memorised and recounted from generation to generation for the benefit of the youngTheir economy leaves Coover scope to interpolate modernity into the tradition of the fairy tale Transposed to the contemporary he fleshes his tales out with pricks and cunts In doing so he reminds us how much fairy tales have always been concerned with sexuality especially the fear of seduction abduction rape murder and the premature loss of virginity thus making explicit what was formerly and formally implicitSome Titular HypothesesThis concern is signaled in the title of the collection which adapts an expression used by Granny in the first story a prologue of sorts I know who's got her giddy ear with his old death cunt and prick songsThe idea of a death cunt a black hole in the words of Rikki Ducornet is a perception of the female body as seduction a lethal detour of the spirit leading to enslavement; the cunt as snare prison and coffinview spoilerSee Rikki Ducornet’s The Death Cunt of Dell hide spoiler

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    One of the milestones or pilestones in self reflexive fiction the influence of Pricksongs Descants among the subseuent two generations of humorous imps genrebenders and transgressive egomaniacs in experimental prose fiction is plain to see Metafantastical fables reworkings of reworkings forking paths and fucking piths numerical mini chapters self regarding scoundrels for narrators black humour mindless surrealism incomprehensible but entertaining indulgences sneaky s o c shock fodder minxish moralising these are the realm of Coover whose exuberance relentlessness inventiveness comic spirit is unflushable and whose tireless endless exhausting books and stories keep coming like a waterfall of perverted warpedness Among my personal pleasures the ‘Seven Exemplary Fictions’ in homage to Cervantes the stomach plummeting weirdness of ‘The Elevator’ the carnival craziness of ‘Romance of the Thin Man and the Fat Lady’ and the comedy of ‘A Pedestrian Accident’ The other stories in here were too Cooverian in their oddity tedious incoherent or simply unfunny

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    In his piece For Bob collected in the 2012 The Review of Contemporary Fiction dedicated to Coover author Joe Ashby Porter says about his first encounter with this book it so bowled me over I had to teach it to understand it better A perfect explanation to how this collection of stories feels upon the first readingCoover does than deconstruct familiar myths and fairy tales he was one of those first writers that wanted to do something with the structure of fiction Some of these pieces might appear uneven and unstable but it is pure jazz tip o' the hat to NR and perhaps as readers we aren't intended to totally get it

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    So farewell forever then to metafiction This is the stuff where it says I wander the island inventing it I make a sun for it and trees and cause water to lap the pebbles of its abandoned shoreswhich is how The Magic Poker kicks off in this volume Metafiction yeah that's right it's fiction about fiction celebrating the lying truthfulness and the truthful lies we all need to keep our brains glued together Apparently I mean I don't really know I just work hereNow you know those trailers for movie comedies which are hugely amusing with a couple of great jokes and you sprint to the cinema when it comes out and you sit through the thing only to find that the two jokes you saw in the trailer were the only actual jokes in the whole movie and the rest of it was 87 minutes of rising aggravation and insulted intelligence mollified only by smuggled in licorish allsorts I'm not paying your prices you ripoff front of house manager well Robert Coover's book is like that I'd read the two good ones which are A Pedestrian Accident and The Babysitter and both are brilliant But that's it One of the major problems with metafiction this goes for the immensely better Donald Barthelme too is that the whole tone of it is smirky like someone telling you a story they think is really really funny whilst keeping a straight face but you can't see where the humour is Also metawriters are in love with fairy tales and myths and are forever running uninteresting riffs on them like a jazz saxophonist taking some standard like My Favourite Things out for yet another ten minute noodle We can live long and happy lives without it Back to reality

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    He pronounces it aloud smiles faintly sadly somewhat wearily then continues his tedious climb pausing from time to time to stare back down the stairs behind himWhen the time arrives for resolution I will be there One day soon the followers of Coover will engage those of Barth tooth and claw There will be no uarter The scene will remind us of Bangkok and we will wear the shirt of Coover proudly Through the tear gas and vitriol we will triumph Our cause will prevail because of the brilliance of The Magic Poker and The Babysitter These two exercises astonish in their smutty Impressionism It will be admitted that I was sometimes too impatient or ill euipped to truly delight in all of the pieces presented here Where Barth paints with manic glee about Story Coover recycles his own variations distilling a Gestalt where the dross whispers of all outcomes and the reader's imagination trembles in capacity Hope remains and victory will be ours Coover Rules

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    Holy shit This is some crazy something All the edgy writers that young folk like us like? They don't have shit on this guy Seriously my reviews are just utterly devolving At any rateliterally every fundamental aspect of fiction is toyed with in here characterization timeline voice perspective The overall effect is one of complete disorientation but it's the hardest my brain has had to work to read a book in a long while and that to me is valuable as hell

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    Dear RobertIt was great seeing you again It’s been sooo long It was nice to catch up with one another after what 20 years god that makes me feel so old? Anywhoas hard as it is for me to bring myself to do so there are some things I ought to sayNamely I’m talking about your pricksongs It had been so long since I’d even thought about your pricksongs that the idea of revisiting it well you know just seemed kinda fun But I see now that you really can’t go back Let’s not kid ourselves; ain’t a one of us that’s a teenager any Honestly I did love your pricksongs so much thenBut this is genuinely one of them cases of it’s not you it’s me and I mean that from the bottom of my heart I’m just a different person right now Since we’re being honest I’m just sort of playing the field and having a big ol’ ball Just this week I went out with a fella named Darconville and his cat three nights in a row and I tell you it was amazing He was so original and funny and just everything that I’m looking for in a beau right now Now don’t let that detract from the sizable heft of your pricksongs and its accomplishments Like I said it’s me and not youYou know how much I love you and Bruney and Burny Bob— it’s just that your pricksongs didn’t feel right this time Don’t take that to mean that it won’t ever feel right again Lord knows how much your pricksongs meant to me when I was young Thing is I kinda got a line on this Latin fella name a Borges right now Thinking about spending some time with him Would you believe it? A Latin Me Mother would just die XOXOCodyPS I promised myself I wasn’t going to bring it up but since we’re being honest well here goes I thought that the penis joke you made over dinner was incredibly inappropriate especially for people our age Really there's only so many jokes one can make about their manhood before you start uestioning what they're compensating for There I feel better Seriously “uenby and Ola Swede and Carl” and “The Babysitter” are stunningly disturbing

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    I liken this to a circus with lots of stunts and acrobaticsSo as not to get discouraged or intimidated skip the first story I should call the stories here properly as ACTS like in a real circus The Door because it is not easy to digest my interpretation of it is that it is some kind of an inter generational dialogue using the fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk as a literary allusion Go straight to some of the favorites like The Babysitter The characters and the setting a father his wife their three young children one of whom is just a baby Father and mother going to a party nearby They're leaving the kids with a young and pretty babysitter who likes to bathe in the couple's bathtub surreptitiously after she had finished attending to the kids' needs Just outside however is her boyfriend and his pal waiting for the couple to leaveWhile at the party the father of the kids thinks of a good excuse to leave it so he can drop by their house and maybe surprise the babysitter naked in their bathtub He has the hots for her So with the babysitter's boyfriend's pal He wants to have a threesome with the babysitter and the boyfriend inside the couple's house Now that's the situation So what's the story? Wrong uestion What are the STORIES? That's much betterImagine parallel universes of different events and outcomes but with the same characters and situation And imagine the events in these parallel universes televised and you watching these events simultaneously with just a normal pair of eyes You can't watch all of them all of the time All you can do is to snippets of the unfolding events one at a time in each tv screen A virtual overload of visual stimulation which strangely I found highly eroticYou want pathos instead? Try A Pedestrian Accident A man is run over be a motor vehicle and lies on the road He's still alive very much conscious can hear everything in pain has an acute sense of everything within his field of vision but cannot talk Coover surrounds him with oddball characters with their infuriating actions and dialogues Then feel death coming for this hapless victimThe Marker involves something we all have here at goodreads a bookmark But no one is reading here Instead we have a man his wife and later five policemen First the wife gets naked and invitingly lies in bed inside their bedroom Her husband then takes off his clothes puts off the light then feels himself towards the bed in total darkness He found the bed only after several tries He inserts it in felt dry nevertheless kisses her and he smells something bad Lights on enters the five policemen The wife had been dead for weeks and the husband sees himself in coitus with a smelly cadaver Now what about the bookmark? Why the title? I can't spoil your fun by answering these uestions Read itThere are many others to choose from each story a madness of a different strain The last one is entitled The Hat Act see? they're ACTS with a magician as the principal protagonist uite apropos since each of the acts in this book is nothing short of magical

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    355 stars This was a case of my personal connection with a book not lining up with the work's real impact or excellence Despite my miserly three star rating I would recommend reader give Pricksongs and Descants a try In fact if I was just going to rate the book on innovation it would get 45 stars My favorite stories were uenby and Ola Swede and Carl; a Pedestrian Accident; the show stopping The Babysitter and the retelling of the story of NoahThe retelling of Noah is shocking and tragic while providing a glimpse of the biting edge we see later in The Public Burning A Pedestrian Accident is an absurd story of a man with a broken neck somewhat reminiscent of Barthelme and Beckett The other two stories use a techniue whereby every potential angle of the story is turned towards the light and examined It's the literary euivalent of John Coltrane taking a 12 minute solo to run every single idea in his head into a corner working and re working themes and motifs until he reached the exhaustion point Coover uses the storytelling style on four or five pieces in this collection but it reaches its high point in The Babysitter In fact if you're on the fence about reading this collection check it out from the library skip to page 206 and have at it If you're not ready to read after that then it just might not be up your alley but at the very least you will have had the chance to experience something new and vital in fiction