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Sometimes we have to go back to the time when things went wrong in order to make them right George Cooper a 35 year old Bostonian in a thankless job is at the end of his rope Desperate for change he needs a way to gain the perspective and courage needed to do so After a crushing Thanksgiving encounter with his abusive semi ex girlfriend he ventures to the local island of Nantucket in search of that much needed perspective Little does he know that this magical timeless island will challenge then shatter every perception he's ever had about life both his own and in general as his three day weekend becomes an adventure spanning centuriesHe's about to meet the woman of his dreams but there's a catch She may only exist in his mind All George knows is he loves her and would do anything for her But would he DIE for her?

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    Loved this book had mystery romance adventure all rolled into one in a familiar setting of Nantucket MA

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    I started this book on a sailing trip to the Channel Islands Jack Comeau captures the whaling culture of 1840s Nantucket effectively Although I’ve never been to that island I’m a native of Boston where Jack has set the home of the protagonist George Cooper There I can vouch for Mr Comeau’s detailed sense of place He has a gift with description bringing an almost cinematic uality to the images he creates with mere words His sex scenes are suffused with passion without being explicit He skillfully weaves past and present as George travels through both eras while doubting his sanity George has a clear character arc which leaves him and Nantucket better off If you’re looking for escapist entertainment salted by sea air this is a must read for the summer and beyond