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Prisoner of Southern Rock is the unlikely story of one Southern boy's rise from near poverty to a respected Southern music historian specializing in the sub genre known as Southern Rock The book traces Smith's journey from his meager beginnings in upstate South Carolina to his work as a musician and journalist during his college years and his destined founding of the Southern rock magazine Gritz following a near death experience from a chronic bacterial infection Prisoner of Southern Rock also includes never before seen photographs uotes from Southern Rock's finest and an annotated list of the 100 Defining Moments in the History of Southern Rock

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    Michael Buffalo Smith is than a prisoner of Southern Rock with a gift of transcribing his stories into awesome accounts of events during a historical genre of music Accounts that are so easily recognizable and identifiable to musicians and fans alike who grew up during the times of the '60's 70's in which music played a huge role in both our society as well as a place for us to go to be free for that brief period of arena concerts Michael Buffalo Smith takes you back to that time whether you were there or not I first met MBS backstage at a concert at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach SC I was in a band on tour Meeting MBS was one of those moments you felt like you already knew somebody even though you grew up several states away Somehow I felt our souls had crossed Later I learned he was not just a Prisoner of Southern Rock but instead a walking encyclopedia of that genre's genealogy and many other facts of music as well In closing this is a must read for all musicians including current young aspiring musicians or simply fans of music the south or a troubling though innocent seeming time Thanks MBS for an awesome job

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    If you are a fan of Southern Rock Michael Buffalo Smith's book should be on your reuired reading list; his first hand account of capturing the personalities and behind the scenes stories kept me turning the pages on Michael's very interesting life story Rob Duner Fenter

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    Boy Howdy I am glad I don't know this author His friends family and acuaintances die with horrible freuency