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Over a decade ago Gerald Crabb sat down at a piano in his home and began to play and sing a few lines of a song that was going over and over in his mind He never promised that the cross would not be heavy and the hill would not be hard to climb He never offered our victories without fighting but he said Help will always come in time He knew at that moment that God had put something very special in his spirit He didn't know at the time how special it really was and he had no idea that it would reach out to the masses Now after ten years of hearing so many stories and the testimonies relating to the song he stands amazed He feels very honored to have held the pen as God gave the Message of hope and encouragement to his children These stories will amaze you and challenge your faith Throughout the sickness pain suffering frustration and even death their faith and trust in their Lord never wavered Step by step holding to the unseen hand of God he led them Through the Fire

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