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Does sexism against men exist? What it looks like and why we need to take it seriously This book draws attention to the second sexism where it exists how it works and what it looks like and responds to those who would deny that it exists Challenging conventional ways of thinking it examines controversial issues such as sex based affirmative action gender roles and charges of anti feminism The book offers an academically rigorous argument in an accessible style including the careful use of empirical data and includes examples and engages in a discussion of how sex discrimination against men and boys also undermines the cause for female euality

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    From the book cover While the manifestation of sexism against women is widely acknowledged few people take seriously the idea that males are also the victims of many and uite serious forms of sex discriminationYou know who takes sexism seriously? Feminists who argue that sex discrimination is bad for everyone You know who doesn't take sexism seriously? People who only complain when sex discrimination hurts men

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    The Second Sexism a play on Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex is a book that will piss off many women as evidenced by the only comment it has at the time of this review Without even reading the book the woman in uestion decided to assert that feminism cares about sex discrimination and therefor that men who complain about sex discrimination should not be taken seriously Apparently only women have a say in the matter This is exactly the type of rationale that we see in the feminist movement today; the interests of women are pursued in spite of everything else and this is justified trough a false and dogmatic feminist theory In The Second Sexism Benatar starts by defining key concepts like discrimination sex discrimination and wrongful discrimination and then goes on to explore the role of men in society past and present the disadvantages that men experience simply because they are men and the instances where men are wrongfully discriminated against Throughout the book Benatar debunks several myths that are seen as fact by feminists while at the same time engaging with the opposing arguments and responding to a myriad of objections Just like in his previous book Benatar's writing style is extremely clear and his arguments very carefully constructed In essence another great book by this great thinker Recommended for anyone who cares about justicesocial fairness rationality and truth

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    A brave honest and clear starting point for further discussion of sexism against males Every self proclaimed feminist should read this and be enlightened by what they find

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    I found some of the author's arguments uite convincing and thought there were a few interesting examples Still I'd like to point out some aspects of the book that I personally didn't like First of all it was too repetitive The structure and persuasiveness can be kept in half the size of the book Further there were only a few not toomundain examples of the second sexism Would've definitely liked if there were precise scientific experiments

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    David Benatar is better known for his antinatalism manifesto Better Never to Have Been The Harm of Coming into Existence But the claims he makes in Second Sexism in my opinion are better argued but might seem just as controversial to many I'd recommend this book to readers of both genders Pretty good read even if you are not into philosophy

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    V některých ohledech velmi zajímavá kniha protože buďme upřímní nad něčím se přeci jen tolik nepozastavíte Zajímavé poznatky místy děsivé argumenty ze strany feministek kdy tak trochu vrtíte hlavou nad tím co je někdo schopen říci Bohužel jsem ale nakonec z knihy byla spíše zklamaná Je sice kratšího rozsahu ale s ohledem na obsah je dlouhá až moc respektive autor často opakuje Členění krátce představím jev pak něco pak vysvětlím proč si myslím že daný je diskriminace dost vede k tomu že se na můj vkus až příliš často opakuje Místy jsem z toho měla dojem že pokud je něco dle autora skutečně špatné tak to bude natahovat a natahovat pokud je něco tak na pomezí kdy to není tak zřejmé tak je to spíše ve stylu něco tam napíšu rychle to odbudu ale stále to budu považovat za relevantní a hodné zmínky Tím nechci říci že by se v těchto případech nemohlo jednat o sexismus ale místy mi to skutečně připadalo ne příliš věrohodné Téměř jako hledání něčeho za každou cenu i když to tam může býtje osobně bych prostě potřebovala více dat lepší statistiku a ne dvě čísla která autor prezentuje Ale odkazy na další literaturu a studie jsou super to nepopírám pouze mi nesedl ten styl prezentace od autora

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    Some reviewers of this book either did not read this book or they read a bit of it somewhere and ran to goodreads to express their disgust These goodreads people all women see this book one in which the argument that sexism goes both ways is provided and it's as though their ideologically poisoned brains simply stop working and instantly devolve into word vomit that's devoid of an argument only a sense of confusion and anger that a philosopher would dare to look around the world and through history at the topic of sexism with both genders in mind and come to a conclusion that doesn't match the propaganda that they've been taught in their gender studies coursesSo with a book like this of which I'll need to review in full later I might as well clarify first off that I despise both the ideology of the Mens Rights Movement and that of third wave feminism eually All ideology including Benatar's pessimism though uite often correct is deludedAnd I'll need to stop there for now and only add uickly that The Second Sexism like any literature about sexism toward women should if we're being eual here people be read rather than dismissed or skimmed through

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    Somewhat rigorously academic and not particularly polemical this investigates what exactly can be considered sexism and argues that even by lenient standards men experience institutional and systemic problems

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    Rating 5 Must ReadI was actually lucky enough to have David Benatar come to my graduate classes in Psychology where we could uestion him on his books so my thoughts on this book are heavily influenced by additional information he provided through uestioning First off this book isn't about sexism as a whole It has nothing to say about sexism against women There are enough books that do that This book is purely about sexism against Men and Boys just like the title says I think many of the reviewers of this book should look at the title again I personally agree with everything in this book My biggest problems were that a lot of the arguments and discrimination are tied so closely to socioeconomic status and racial discrimination It's not Benatar's fault that these are linked and this book doesn't aim to cover those links However by not examining them one isn't getting the entire picture Like looking at a problem through a keyhole instead of a window

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    This is a very important book to discuss from any viewpoint student teacher boy girl mom dad etc I think everyone could learn something from this book A book for any true feminist