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Oooooh Say it Again Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex can be described as 60% self help and social commentary for men regarding their pursuit of short term andor non monogamous ie casual sexual companionship and 40% detailed examples of erotically explicit dialogue that author Alan Roger Currie used in his real life verbal seduction experiences with women Readers will enjoy Currie's no holds barred writing style and entertaining enlightening and honest advice and wisdom

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    Title OoooohSay It Again Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural SexAuthor Alan Roger CurrieIn Author Alan Roger Currie’s latest audiobook Oooooh Say it Again Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex Currie proceeds to debunk every myth associated with the belief that ‘men cannot understand women or figure them out’ After listening to Currie’s audiobook his third in a series I would suggest that such beliefs and attitudes should be permanently halted paused and eradicated from the male psyche Mr Currie’s audiobook is a slam dunk of wisdom and advice that is astonishing and resounding in its delivery This is an audiobook that will surely leave a lasting impact on men and women for years to come I love one of Mr Currie’s early emphatic warnings to his listeners “I don’t give people fluffy bullshit advice” Right there I was intrigued and enthused to listen to Mr Currie’s entire audiobookAlan places women into four different categories reciprocators rejecters wholesome pretenders and manipulative timewasters and has different modes for men Mode One Mode Two Mode Three and Mode Four with Mode One behavior being the preferred mode for men to cause women to get weak in their knees and ultimately have women referring to them as “Sir” “Daddy” or any other similar nickname of deferential respect Alan knows what it takes to get women to “play with their pussies” I loved it whenever he used that most sensuous phrase when discussing his love for kinky phone sex and female masturbation and he very much wants to teach his male listeners how to do the same thingIf you think Alan’s latest audiobook is about to teach you how to mislead or manipulate women or teach you how to get a woman in bed against her will or without her expressed consent then do not even think about purchasing Alan’s audiobook Alan does not teach men how to be a crude crass brute with women What Alan teaches his male listeners in the most realistic fashion is to recognize the confidence you have within yourself to draw forth the “Alpha male” that is buried inside of you and how to use that newly developed Alpha male confidence to bring forth what Alan refers to as a woman’s “inner kinky freak side” yes ladies we all have that side in usAn Alpha male we all know women love an Alpha male is what Currie believes all men should aspire to be particularly if their interest is in casual lays with women rather than a long term committed relationship Alan does not mince words when he lets his male listening audience know that being a “Beta male” with women just won’t cut the mustard in terms of leaving women feeling sexually aroused and ready to obey a man’s sexual commands Currie opines that women prefer Beta males only for platonic companionship financial favors and an empathetic listening ear even if those women’s behavior initially suggests otherwiseWhat I loved so much about Alan is how he avoids feeding into many men’s delusional fantasies of never being rejected by a woman who they want to sleep with Alan explicitly states that being rejected by women is simply part of the process of approaching and attempting to verbally seduce women This is a realization that all men listening to Alan’s audiobook need to take to heart and Alan stressing this point to men represents just how genuine and straightforward Alan is with his messagesNot only does Alan discuss in great detail what's wrong in terms of a sexual social order and gender bias but his assertions place women on the same level with men Yes the same level Alan’s audiobook is such a totally honest piece that as an avid listener one has to stop and uestion the rules and norms under which we were raised by our parents and others who were influential in our upbringingAlan’s audiobook causes the listener to uestion the decisions and actions that they have made and if you are a woman listening to this audiobook it makes you second guess the prudish well reserved “I only want to enjoy monogamous sex with my husband or boyfriend” personality that most of us have displayed so far Alan’s authentic teaching style creates a learning atmosphere that helps you to understand why you are exhibiting the behavior that you so freuently exhibitThis audiobook illustrates the varying degree to which we have received social programming and how we are culturally conditioned to react to information that goes against what society deems is accurate for our daily lives and wellbeing It leads the way under a full lit path showcasing for the first time in my experience the difference between “making love” and “fucking” and throwing the covers off the ever politely wrapped but suffocating to all the Madonna Whore Complex which originated with the now deceased psychologist Dr Sigmund FreudAlan’s audiobook is primarily about verbal seduction yes that fact is obvious but while listening to the book I realized another astonishing bit of information as everyone says one of those eureka moments Alan’s seduction philosophy can be used in both a personal space and even in a professional environment as Alan’s “Verbal Seduction Story #3” so profoundly illustrates The first three verbal seduction stories in Part Two of Alan’s audiobook are hot hot and hot And the very last verbal seduction story is just way too wild You’ll have to listen to it yourselfAlan’s message is one that than transcends the lascivious pleasures of the bedroom I truly believe that Alan’s “Mode One Approach” can even be translated to achieving your work related objectives as well For example in one chapter Alan points out that if a car salesman was to be Mode One with his customers he would achieve success while minimizing the amount of time wasted with customers who are not really interested in purchasing a new automobile but rather just window shoppingCurrie describes Mode Two behavior as behavior that places too much emphasis on being liked and seeking approval from others and he describes Mode Three behavior as being just downright cowardly dishonest and manipulative Currie also explains that Mode Four behavior is when a man has become so frustrated with his lack of success with women that he just decides to throw in the towel and relegate himself to being a bitter lonely misogynist for the rest of his life We all know someone like that don’t we? Personally I don’t think Alan’s message should be just limited to casual sex and orgasmic pursuits Alan is teaching life lessons here folks Before listening to Alan’s audiobook for review purposes I had no idea who he was After listening to the nine hour plus audiobook I fully understand why Alan is known by his male and female fans as “The King of Verbal Seduction” Personally I will just refer to him as The KING for short The KING teaches men how to use the power of their voice to make a woman’s panties wet to cause a woman to have an “aural orgasm” and oh my Lord in those aforementioned verbal seduction stories in Part Two of the audiobook be prepared to have your tissue men or towel women ready because when you listen to those erotic stories which are actually based on Alan’s past juicy experiences with women you will surely want to climax as wellThe KING expresses himself so passionately in each and every chapter and his voice is so deep and resonant that I was left feeling so excited to listen to each and every chapter in his audiobook The KING’s powerful erotic and sensual delivery is so palpable that it causes the audiobook to feel like a one and one face to face session with The KING He gives you examples but not just any regular run of the mill examples but examples that you can execute and practice every dayThe tone and expressive nature that The KING uses brings your imagination no matter how dormant you might think your imagination is to the foreground drawing on your mind’s eye to picture and envision the scenes as they happened His method of teaching allows the listener to gain a better understanding of what to say to women how to say it and everything else needed to help a man be on his way to becoming a “master” of verbal and aural seductionIf you are a current fan of his audiobooks and coaching sessions you must have already listened to his ‘Mode One’ audiobook and if you haven’t you need to download that right now before downloading ‘Oooooh Say it Again’ I visited The KING’s “training page” this is the page where Alan promotes himself as a Sex Coach and “Professional Dominant Sir” for female clients and couples which is the male euivalent to a woman being a Professional Dominatrix for male clients and couples Below are a few of his enthusiastic testimonials from his training page to let you know that The KING is very much a renowned erotic conversationalist who imparts such life changing knowledge and advice on to his clients“I was brought up in a very religious sexually conservative household and it negatively affected my sexuality I went out of my way to always present myself as a ‘good girl’ to men but it hurt most if not all of my relationships with men The KING trained me how to allow my ‘Inner Freak’ and ‘Inner Slut’ to come out Since his sessions I have had some of the best relationships with men and some of the best sex ever in my life” Valerie W – San Diego CA“My relationship and sex life with my wife had grown stale Alan aka ‘The KING’ has a way of getting you to talk comfortably about issues that would normally be uncomfortable to talk about This man has a gift He caused my wife to slowly but surely change from the woman who was ‘wearing the pants’ in the relationship to a woman who now looks to please me and submit to me Alan’s sessions were well worth the money” Brian S – Chicago IL“The KING is the best sex trainer I was a total ‘prude’ before engaging in my sessions with my Dominant Sir He helped me overcome a variety of psychological ‘blockers’ that had been preventing me from experiencing a enjoyable and satisfying sex life I would recommend him to any woman who is a self proclaimed ‘prude’” Denise F – Houston TX Men who do you want to be? Do you want to be that man who most if not all women think of as “just a friend” and nothing ? Or do you want to be that smooth seductive man that can have than one woman enthusiastically dropping her panties for you and playing with her pussy and rubbing on her clit for you just by hearing the tone of your voice the Alpha male confidence in your voice and the erotic words you whisper in her left ear? OoooohSay it again is what you will be saying when you seduce her to the point of her pleading for you to slide your hard dick deep inside her pussy as you bring her to orgasm Then you will be her own “King” of the bedroomThank the heavens for this tell it like it really is book OoooohSay It Again as well as Mode One Both books are also available in paperback editions for men who want to highlight underline and circle every bit of information they are also both available in the e book format too Visit Audiblecom or com to purchase this treasure

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    Oooooh Say It Again was written by Author and Verbal Seduction Coach Alan Roger Currie Alan’s reputation most certainly precedes him Alan who is also known by his popular nickname ‘The KING of Verbal Seduction’ has been helping both men and women all over the world for decades enabling them to awaken their sexuality without apology Alan offers BDSM erotic domination submission advice to women and couples and advice about Polyamory men women and couples who participate in long lasting non monogamous romantic relationships For men Alan helps men transition from being a Beta male to of an Alpha male King Alan describes a Beta male as a guy who is timid insecure thin skinned and not really good at verbally communicating his sexual desires to women who he is attracted to An Alpha male is a guy who has of a confident swag to him brass balls and a backbone of steel and knows how to be charming and seductive with women while straightforwardly letting those women know upfront that he wants them to experience a lot of sexual orgasmic pleasure courtesy of his stiff fully erect you know what in between his legs Despite his extensive experience and ualifications Alan describes the issues at hand in this audiobook in very layman's terms as he points out at the beginning of the audiobook The main theme of the audiobook is human interaction and verbal communication The audiobook is directed to single heterosexual men looking for successful relationships with women and particularly sexual relationships that may be brief or non monogamous in nature Alan’s audiobook his third makes for a very pleasurable listening experience for women because of Alan’s very smooth seductive hypnotic voice Alan’s voice especially shines in the second part of the audiobook when he shares with his many listeners six seduction stories from his real life experiences Alan Roger Currie's approach to seduction is simple Alan feels that no man needs to use corny openers misleading ‘pickup lines’ or manipulative tactics with women in order to be successful with them Alan believes in just being truthful with women in a very bold confident totally fearless manner and if women criticize you for being crass or too forward you never apologize or back down from what you said If you get rejected by a woman you accept her rejection and move on to the next woman of interest I would recommend that his male listeners first listen to his first audiobook “Mode One Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking” before listening to “Oooooh Say it Again” If you do not you might get confused when you hear Aland discussing the difference between being Mode One bold and straightforward Mode Two cautious and beat around the bush Mode Three timid phony and misleading or Mode Four angry antagonistic and bitter with women Alan makes it very clear in this audiobook that women are highly unlikely to indulge in casual sex with the ‘too nice’ and verbally timid Beta male types Alan explains that if a woman is going to risk gaining the reputation of being known as a promiscuous woman she will only risk her public image and reputation with a man who is very confident assertive and sure to convince her that she is going to experience the time of her life while in bed with this seductive and cocky Alpha male Alan mentions that the Beta males tend to be taken advantage of the women that he calls ‘Manipulative Timewasters’ and these women never end up having sex with the Beta males despite persuading the Betas to spend money on them and spend a lot of time flattering the women and entertaining them when they are not having sex with the womanizing Alpha males Alan’s second audiobook “The Possibility of Sex” is the audiobook that covers the Timewasters The audiobook is divided into two clearly defined parts The first part provides a solid guide on helping men identify the women that Alan calls ‘Wholesome Pretenders’ which are women who will publicly behave in a very sexually conservative manner with a high emphasis on long lasting monogamous sexual encounters but privately these women are kinkier and into short lasting non monogamous sexual encounters than meets the eye Along the same lines Alan also touches on the influence of Dr Sigmund Freud’s ‘Madonna Whore Complex’ which suggests that most men want ‘good girls’ for marriage and long lasting conservative sex but want kinky and promiscuous types for kinky casual sex As a woman listening I loved that Alan never passed judgment on women who are kinky or promiscuous or polyamorous and stated that society places unfair pressure on women to always be the ‘good girl’ type instead of making them feel comfortable being sexually liberated The second part of the book on the other hand uses several of King Alan’s adventures as case studies This part of the book is very remarkable for being highly erotic and extremely arousing full of kinky interesting and exciting stories The women will absolutely love the second part of the audiobook Using his own experiences as an example King Alan provides concrete evidence to the fact that a man must be confident and Alpha to seduce women rather than polite timid and Beta In one story King Alan seduces a college student who is also a part time secretary in a business building on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana In another amazing story King Alan persuades two women who he just met who don’t even know each other to indulge in a threesome with one of his male buddies How is that for incredibly persuasive verbal seduction skills? I would highly recommend this audiobook to all single males looking to improve their confidence and verbal communication skills with women In addition I am confident that the many female fans of King Alan who listen to his sex oriented podcast program ‘The Erotic Conversationalist’ will surely enjoy the seduction stories in the second part of the book The title of this audiobook is most fitting because when King Alan says ‘ooooooh say it again’ you can’t help but be tempted to grab your favorite female sex toy and obey whatever King Alan tells you to do

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    Available on com couk Audiblecom Audiblecouk among other international sites affiliated with comWhen I first came across this audiobook which was written and narrated by Professional Dating Coach Alan Roger Currie I predicted that it was probably going to contain some beliefs opinions and assertions that I would inevitably find myself in disagreement with After listening to the audiobook which runs 9 hours and 25 minutes my prediction was pretty much on pointThe audiobook Currie’s third in a series is designed to help men identify women who Currie refers to as ‘Wholesome Pretenders’ which the author and narrator says are women who present a disingenuous public facade of being a ‘prudish strictly monogamy oriented good girl’ when in fact these same women possess a side to them that is erotically uninhibited and not really averse to engaging in one or episodes of casual non relationship sex with a man of choiceIn Currie’s first audiobook Mode One Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking the main message was to encourage single heterosexual men to approach women of interest and then fairly uickly let them know what their true romantic or sexual desires and interests were in a confident upfront and straight to the point manner From that point Currie asserts that men will be able to identify women in one of four categories Reciprocators Rejecters Wholesome Pretenders or Manipulative TimewastersCurrie’s second audiobook The Possibility of Sex How Naive and Lustful Men are Manipulated by Women Regularly primarily focuses on the women who fall into Currie’s fourth category the Manipulative Timewasters The audiobook I listened to primarily focuses on the women who fall into Currie’s third category the Wholesome PretendersIn this one Say it Again and I assume his other two audiobooks Currie divides men into two categories Alpha males and Beta males He describes Alpha males as those who are very confident erotically dominant and really don’t care about the criticisms and negative feedback they may receive from women who perceive their behavior as rude or disrespectful Currie describes Beta males as of the well mannered want to be liked by women very badly ‘gentleman’ types who are commonly written off as weak and unlikely to get lucky with women particularly outside the context of marriage or a boyfriend girlfriend relationshipIn a nutshell Currie conveys to men that being a cocky and borderline rude Alpha male is far seductive to women than presenting yourself as a polite modest nice guy type You get the sense that Currie believes that when men exhibit behavior that attracts criticisms and insults from women that this is a good thing while conversely believing that when men exhibit behavior that attracts nothing but praise and compliments from women that this is so a bad thing for men and will eventually result in those men having a woman place them in the dreaded ‘friend zone’I did not find Currie’s primary message in his audiobook to be a particularly bad message at all After all Currie does repeatedly make it a point to distinguish between a man who is an extremely confident and erotically dominant Alpha male who would choose to verbally seduce a woman with X rated words versus a man who is a bitter resentful blatant misogynist who would rather rape or date rape women after getting them inebriated without much conversationCurrie’s point seems to be that if there is a very thin fine line between behavior toward a woman that will be perceived as so safe and cautious that it might bore a woman and behavior toward a woman that is so brash crass and blatantly sexual that it might turn a woman completely off then Currie wants you to walk up to that very thin fine line and position yourself right there indefinitely without necessarily crossing that line in either direction A true challenge for most men indeedPart One of Currie’s audiobook is the Self Help portion and Part Two of the audiobook features six Verbal Seduction Stories that are based on Currie’s real life conversations with women who were or less Wholesome Pretender types These six stories include erotic role play between Currie and some vocal actresses that essentially amounts to ‘audio porn’ for his listeners Some of those role play excerpts are really hot while others are just amusingHere is where I begin to have problems with Currie’s message Is a brass confident self assured and self important Alpha male really what is needed in today’s dating scene? Isn’t this one or two steps shy of being the BDSM oriented ‘Dom’ and ultra controlling Alpha male championed by the Fifty Shades of Grey book and recently released movie? As mentioned Currie wants men to walk on the very thin fine line but the uestion is will most men have the discipline and savvy demeanor to avoid crossing that line into a zone of chauvinism sexism and misogyny with women? I believe this is a very risky proposition for the average Beta male in society looking to transition into the seemingly popular Alpha male territory with the main objective to getting laid casually with womenSecondly I simply do not like Currie’s four categories of women that he emphasizes in his three audiobooks For example Currie claims that all women who are of the Manipulative Timewaster ilk are out to manipulate all of the naive and lustful men of the world I disagree This makes me feel like Mr Currie does not have a complete understanding of how the female mind really worksWomen don’t necessarily know within the first ten to fifteen minutes of their first conversation with a man if they want to become romantic or intimate with him in the long run If a man approaches a woman in a bar certain factors will determine the type of relationship if any she will ultimately want with that manA woman may not know instantly what it is she wants and doesn’t want and a woman changing her mind in the early stages of a first interaction with a man is common This is why a woman may appear flirtatious at first but somewhat cold later on Calling women who change their minds ‘Manipulative Timewasters’ suggests that most women have an ulterior motive which is to take advantage of and emotionally wound men In my opinion this is simply not true Such suggestions vilify women who want to take time to get to know a man’s personality and character before making the decision to become sexually intimate with a man of choiceThis audiobook is a bit of fun for men who want to learn how to seduce women as a result of direct verbal communication as opposed to strictly non verbal cues Currie’s third and allegedly final audiobook does indeed contain some good tips for the Beta male types who may be lacking in the area of personal self confidence and want to avoid the emotional pain of rejection And again the audio porn portions are very much worth listening to for both men AND women At minimum you will be thoroughly entertainedI appreciate that men have the right to read or listen to self help books that will encourage them to be comfortable in their own skin and ultimately develop into a man who is real and authentic with women But I’m just saying that listeners should be aware that women are three dimensional than what Currie seems to suggest that they are and that being verbally direct with women to the point of being potentially perceived by women as crass or rude isn’t always the best way to go nor the only way to seduce a woman into agreeing to engage in casual sexBy the time I was finished listening to the audiobook in its’ entirety I would conclude that even though Currie is not exactly like the fictional character of Fifty Shades’ Christian Grey he was only one or two steps away Right on that very thin fine line

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    Title Oooooh Say It Again Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural SexAuthor Alan Roger CurrieAvailability wwwaudiblecouk wwwaudiblecomGoodreadscom rating 5 5 starsIn the third audiobook from dating coach and seduction guru Alan Roger Currie I found myself on a journey of discovery and arousal With an established reputation as the ‘King of Verbal Seduction’ Currie’s book of two halves will both educate and pleasure the listener In a somewhat Freudian vein the book explores the social conditioning behind the intimate affairs of man versus women how romance and love making are deemed part of ‘relationships’ and boy do we strive to achieve this state of boredom but why? whilst lust and one night stands for dirty girls and bad boys but wait isn't that the fun we all want to have? He illustrates this point with several examples once of which being the good girls with a darker side hiding under their facade He suggests that these ‘Wholesome Pretenders’ face the world as monogamous prudes projecting an innocent front behind which lies the wicked truth In reality these are naughty uninhibited girls with a penchant for all things erotic and a lust for no strings attached nights of passion This is just one such categorisation of the female gender and he has some strikingly accurate descriptions of the male of the species too In his uest to educate he accurately explains how men need to channel that Alpha male and ooze the downright cocky confident sexual seduction air that sends women weak at the knees whilst leaving them in such of arousal that their ‘inner kinky freak side’ just has to come out a playa bedroom win for both parties Lowering inhibitions and embracing the joy of filth this is proper sex education for grownups Listen and learn guys this is seduction gold No stones are left unturned but do not expect sympathy boys Currie tells it as it is Rejection is part of the learning process so suck it up buttercup and get back out there and this time try harder In part two the depth of learning and arousal is heightened further with as Currie regales the listener with six verbal seduction stories based of course on real liaisons of the King himself Told in such a way that imaginations are sparked and juices are flowing Be warned serious arousal is coming it’s not really an option expect to get delayed in this part as you enjoy the fires in your loins climax is optional but in all honesty inevitable This book is a perfect companion to exploring your own awakening and getting to grips with not only your own close personal assets literally but helps you get to grips with getting the pants off your wildest fantasies and then exploding into a night of lust passion and pleasure rather than your average anti climatical fumbles in the darkI would highly recommend this audiobook to men and women alike

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    I truly enjoyed this book I liked best how you learn to realize that women are also very sexual creatures in search of a exciting sexual experience I would definitely recommend this book to several if not all of my friends to help them in seductively conversating with women It is totally inspirational Great job

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    Very detailed in advocating being straightforward with your sexual intention for short term encounters As I was listening to this while walking down the street a grin was plastered on my faceNaughty yet educational for both genders I also like his tips on improving your voice for an erotic charge

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    Cut the bullshtI like how he cuts all the unnecessary fat out of his writing Upfront and straightforward is the only way of life

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    Great and informative book for the man looking to attract a fine woman

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    If you want to up your aural game this is the book Maybe it's because Alan's a brother like me but his situations the types of modes men operate in and the different types of women really hit home Wish I came across this book years ago when I first moved out and started living on my own or even earlier from back in high school daysNot only was this book packed with solid advice Alan was also kind enough to share some potentially life changing resources from other authors I would recommend this book for any man who's shy or has been conditioned by family friends or society to not straightforward when dealing with matters relating to sex

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    July 7 2018 – page 113 5136%June 12 2018 – page 102 4636% There is something useful in this book it's all about dig up deeperJune 11 2018 – page 94 4273%June 11 2018 – ShelvedJune 11 2018 – Started Reading I am not really proud about this book some of the stories and principles are typical direct way come on you can't go and do it like this way