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This omnibus features the first three novels from the Dying of the Dark seriesThe Vampires’ Last LoverTxema Ybarra is the most unenviable nineteen year old girl aliveSmart pretty and athletically gifted this University of Tennessee freshman should be enjoying college life and her entrance into adulthood And for a moment she doesuntil the vampires show upBorn with an unusual ‘twin teardrop’ birthmark on her neck Txema pronounced Chema is one of only a handful of females in the world who bear this trait It marks her as a vessel of eternal youth and beauty for an elite vampire society determined to protect her precious blood But it also is the only thing standing in the way of a rogue ‘undead’ nation determined to destroy mankind and usurp the power their sexier brethren have held uncontested for centuriesCaught in the middle of this war after all the other bearers of the birthmark are murdered Txema must flee America and heads to France under the protection of five beautiful vampires who all have a vested interest in her survival The race is on to save her blood as well as her very life to ensure the survival of Les Amantes de Vampire Otherwise Txema will be the last onethe vampires’ last loverThe Vampires’ BirthrightA birthright It should be something no one can ever take awayBut that’s not how it works in the world of vampires Especially when that birthright involves a uniue type of blood necessary for an elitist vampire society to remain young and beautiful The earth’s most privileged undead believe they deserve a stake in Txema’s blood and there is power and prestige for whoever controls her ancient bloodline However the vampire demon Ralu and his burgeoning Chupacabra army crave the same lofty status Unlike his brother Gustav—ruler of the elite European vampires—Ralu desires the death of Txema and with it the end of Gustav’s two thousand year reignAs this teenage mother to be fights for survival for her and her unborn daughter the journey to elude Ralu and traitor vampires among Gustav’s civilized allies takes Txema across the globe The race is on to save or destroy two human livesand determine the rightful holder of The Vampires’ BirthrightBlood Princesses of the VampiresWhat happens when a flammable torch is thrown into a highly volatile situation?Welcome to Txema Ybarra’s continued misadventure In this third installment the world’s last civilized vampire kingdom brings Txema and her infant daughter Alaia to the remote Tien Shan Mountains of Kazakhstan Seeking refuge and a lasting deterrent against Ralu and Huangtian Dadi’s dragon assassins Racco and Gustav plan to recreate ancient amulets to protect mother and daughter from attack Based on the only formula that can effectively kill any vampire this one of a kind protection currently belongs to just one person Marissa St Germaine Txema’s beautiful half humanhalf immortal cousin and the offspring of Chanson and RaccoAt first glance the prospect of cloning the amulet sounds easy enough Except Marissa—who is nearly the image physically of both Chanson and Txema—is in no mood to be so charitable Held as a prisoner against her will for nearly three hundred years she is anxious for freedom Freedom from the fortress she’s been sheltered within freedom from her protected blood status and especially freedom from her estranged father Racco

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    Aiden James does it again Writes a book so intriguing that it just can't be put down The meld between Vampires and Humans make the characters real If you have never read any Vampire stories before Aiden's books are the first ones to read You will be hooked Looking forward to from him