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In a radical departure from his previous work on animated films and comics featuring superheroes the award winning artist Bruce Timm presents an extensive survey of the many forms that his muse has assumed in his mind's eye Naughty and Nice The Good Girl Art of Bruce Timm showcases over 350 full color line and pencil images of partially clothed and nude women of almost every conceivable description and temperament some accompanied by Timm's commentsThis substantial collection provides shapely forms and earthly delights throughout its pages Be it a sophisticated city gal or a savage jungle ueen a hard boiled dame or an elegant lady from the land of fantasy a uietly smoldering sorceress or a wild hearted adventuress Timm's ladies are sure to please the eyeOver 150 new images have been prepared especially for this handsome book Timm explores the female form with absolute creative freedom and pure personal expression is the result The artist has granted Flesk Publications unprecedented access to his archives to provide the best representation of his private works These rarely seen images span the last 15 years and are showcased in a single collection for the first time

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    More pictures on my blogActually before this book there was a teaser for this book and with the same title It was a limited edition and had only 16 pages Now the real deal is finally publishedThis is a huge hardcover book at 304 pages filled with wonderful pin up drawings from the masterful Bruce TimmThe illustrations are beautiful and uite large on each page which usually has just one girl Much are nude drawings Very seductive I like the poses There are some horror themed pieces with vampires and the last few pages have drawings of DC superheroes such as Batgirl Catwoman Supergirl etcIf you like Bruce Timm's art this is a volume not to be missed

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    Incredible artwork I love Bruce Timm's DC work so I was thrilled to see Posion Ivy Harley uinn Batgirl Zatanna and the Black Canary among these pages The introduction by Jim Steranko was very interesting but I wish there was writing by Bruce Timm about his own work and inspirations

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    Worth every penny Look through Bruce Timm's erotic drawing is such an experience I was sorta hoping there were erotic drawings of DC characters Namely Barbara Actually kinda surprising there isn't a lot of her as I expected

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    Growing up Bruce Timm cartoons were what defined my interest in DC comics Raised on SuperFriends and Adam West's campy performances I had gravitated to Marvel Comics for higher level storytelling and compelling characters When Batman The Animated Series made its way onto TV screens I was sucked back into the magic of the DC Universe; I owe it all to Bruce Timm As a leader in the field of animation and cartooning Timm's clean lines distinctive styles and engaging characters defined the look of DC for over a decade This compendium gives us a peek behind the curtain to view the wizard at work His feminine forms are spectacular and well deserving of the massive compendium Ranging from inked sketches to full blown paintings the images are silly sexy captivating and inspiring the definition of naughty and nice

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    A gorgeous collection and insight into the mind of one of the best artist and animator's to come in a long time An inspiration to my art and a must have reference book to see what you can do with very little at times

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    Just got this book in the mail yesterday It is absolutely gorgeousI've loved Bruce Timm's art ever since I first saw it on Batman The Animated Series IMO he has only gotten better since

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    Sexy and subtle Bruce Timm's artbook is a must have for anyone in love with his style

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    Fantastic artwork from one of my favorite artistsfilmmakers

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    I don't usually care for pin up style but somehow these really work for me

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    The art is niceThe comments not by Timm often verge on creepy and gross