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Gerard Cachon and Christian Terwiesch Matching Supply with Demand An Introduction to Operations Management 3e is the most authoritative cutting edge book for operations management MBAs The book demands rigorous analysis on the part of students without reuiring consistent use of sophisticated mathematical modeling to perform it When the use of uantitative tools or formal modeling is indicated it is only to perform the necessary analysis needed to inform and support a practical business solution The guiding principle in the development of Matching Supply with Demand has been real operations real solutions Real operations means that most of the chapters in this book are written from the perspective of a specific company so that the material in this text will come to life by discussing it in a real world context Real solutions means that euations and models do not merely provide students with mathematical gymnastics for the sake of an intellectual exercise

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    Just in time for my Operations final next week This text was actually digestible and a useful reinforcement of class materialPro tip You can use the glossary and summary of key notation and euations in the back of the book to create a pretty comprehensive study guide I'll report back if it helps me pass this exam

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    This is probably the best text I've read for the MBA program I'm in Highly recommended for anyone in services or manufacturing looking for an introduction to ops management techniues

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    Read as part of MBA program Not bad but extremely dry

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    It was actually pretty clear and interesting It had a bit of a sense of humor too though it was still dry and academic

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    Yes I read a textbook from beginning to end In that order Does inserting a Costanza uote make me less of a nerd for choosing to read a textbook? I had read assigned parts of this book during graduate school but many sections were new to meI have been unable to find any practical business books covering specifics of Ops Management and Supply Chain so I finally decided to just dig into this It's pretty dense but provided a good refresher on all the key concepts and provided a new perspective on many professional challenges I am facing

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    I have read many books about supply chain but this one is different The approach and examples used in the book are very practical and useful to solve real problem out there The book is well structured It will be best companion on supply chain together with factory physics

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