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Open the door to your retro computing adventure The Commodore 64 is alive and well in a thriving community of enthusiasts Updated for 2012 with additional content including a new chapter introducing programming the second edition of this book is your gateway to understanding and enjoying the C64 scene today whether it be through emulation or original hardware With tutorials reviews personal stories interviews and links galore the wide world of the C64 is at your fingertipsHave you ever wanted to know about the Commodore 64 and how you can enjoy the thousands of programs developed for it or perhaps create your own? Whether you are a newcomer to the still active Commodore scene or someone who owned a C64 back in the 80s or 90s who would simply like to play an old game once again this book will set you on the right pathSuarely targeted at the C64 novice but with plenty for veterans as well A C64 Walkabout discusses the old and the new with reviews of great old games and information on new products still being developed for the C64 and VIC 20 home computers of the 1980s

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    Not for me I can't imagine who the target audience really is because if you're reasonably switched on about how computers work and are at all familiar with the C64 there's nothing here that's going to inform or entertain youIt describes itself as suarely pitched at the C64 novice but feels like it's written for an audience who are confusedscared enough by modern computers to need almost click by click walkthroughs and then tries to explain the C64 as if they're novices who are also scared of that Hard to imagine who needs this level of simplistic reassuring guidance but also wants to get into emulating old machinesA book that can't decide what it wants to be trapped somewhere between nostalgia and instruction manual If this was from a professional outlet I'd give it one star but as the work of an amateur enthusiast who is clearly trying very hard it gets two

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    Un brin de nostalgie avec ce livre ui invite à se replonger dans ses souvenirs d'enfance grâce à l'émulation Les conseils de softs sont intéressants avec ce soucis de retrouver les plaisirs tactiles des objets accompagnant les logiciels

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    Idiosyncratic personal and charming but also somewhat arbitrary It reads less like a book and like a collection of blog posts

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    Good nostalgia points Many nice shivers of nostalgia

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    Great book Remember my Amiga age