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It's time to get subversive again The downtown divas of Sew Subversive are back with another happy helping of straightlaced sewing advice for stylish results every time Transform tacky bridesmaid gowns and pleated pants into picture perfect tops skirts and accessories The two Melissas and a Hope deliver 30 great projects that are achievable for even the new sewer Subversive Seamster is your secret roadmap to the jewels of thrifting and the ins and outs of refashioning This book has shortcuts tips and secrets to the wide world of inexpensive individualized fashion Our clothes make a statement about who we are What better way to say I am an individual than to wear one of a kind items made out of other one of a kind items? We derive the most fashionable satisfaction knowing that we are reusing and recycling what already exists in this material world and looking darn good doing it

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    I was sent a copy of the book Subversive Seamster for review Subversive Seamster follows Sew Subversive and is published by Taunton Press It is the creation of The Stitch Lounge Girls Melissa Alvarado Hope Meng and Melissa Rannels The Stitch Lounge is an urban sewing studio in San Francisco where you can rent time on a sewing machine or take classesSubversive Seamster shows you how to refashion your thrift store buys using many simple but effective techniues It shows you how to take those tired and unwanted clothes and turn them into something funky wearable and individualThe first chapter gives you tips and tricks about thrift store shopping Tips such as planning ahead carrying a tape measure with you and what to look for in clothing such as stains and smells It also tells you how to look out for sales and ask for deals Chapter two shows you simple but effective techniues that are used throughout the book Techniues include patches Lettuce edging ruffles pin tucks and Darts There is also a section for how to make your very own Ms Double Trouble The Duct Tape Dress FormThe next three chapters are dedicated to various projects including making mittens from an old sweater I have a pair of these made for me by a fellow Melbourne blogger ’Onegirl’ and they’re great making a bolero from a turtleneck sweater using a lettuce edging techniue cuffed city shorts from old men’s pants and a checkbook cover from an old tennis racket coverAs you may know I run the website Wardrobe Refashion so this book seems very appropriate for me What do I think of it? Well I think it is well laid out with great instructions and enough images throughout to help you with the techniues The techniues themselves are simple enough for those starting out in sewing and refashioning However I’m not too keen on the actual refashions but this is a personal preference they aren’t garments I would particularly wear myself I also feel that from the images in the book that the projects are not uite built to last the finish of the garments look rushed but this could be overcome in your own creations by taking your time

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    The Street Couture in the title certainly caught my attention but I was overall a little disappointed in the look of the projects is this what Street Couture is about? Pros Includes instructions on how to make Ms Double Trouble a personal duct tape dress form Projects were in the easy and medium level but they do not yield extradinary results Some good techniues eg fitting rouching adding ruffles creating embellishments that could be transferred to other projects Includes projects with men's clothing as the starting point and the dreaded bridesmaid dressCons Projects looked ill fitted on models with many rough edges and what looks like loose threads Projects did not seem to economize so while transformations were interesting in some cases there seemed to be a lot of waste

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    Hmm I appreciate the concept Upcycling is fun affordable and environmentally friendly One of the useful sections involves making a dress form out of duct tape Since dress forms are helpful but really expensive this could be a relevant skill to have I liked a few of the projects in particular earrings made out of an old leather vest But I found that most of the projects were either not that stylish or novelty type pieces that you probably wouldn't wear every day However whether or not the individual projects are your style they might give you inspiration for the types of things you can repurpose and what sorts of clothes you can make from a given type of material Note The book assumes that you already know basic sewing skills

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    This was an okay book The projects in it were for the most part not something I would wear They really don't look all that nice The one good thing about these kinds of books though is that they do give you ideas for projects of your own

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    When I attended Craft Con wwwcraftconorg in San Francisco this year I had the pleasure of visiting Stitch Lounge wwwstitchloungecom as part of the walking tour While there I bought a copy of Subversive Seamster as a souvenirThis book is a terrific addition to Sew Subversive the authors' first book The difference between this book and Sew Subversive is that this one focuses on reclaiming thrifted clothes The first book contains a lot of recycled clothing projects but it includes mostly t shirts and sweaters as the basis for projects Subversive Seamster experiments with thrifted and vintage styles The other difference is that this book starts where the last one left off as far as sewing skills see Sewing 201Subversive Seamster begins with some thrifting tips and then a section called Sewing 201 which goes over some advanced sewing techniues Some of these include sewing corners top stitching elastic ruffles and dying fabric The book even shows you how to make your own duct tape dress formAs far as book similarities I stand by the comments that I made on the first book for both Sew Subversive and Subversive Seamster I also found the instructions to be simple and easy to understand The diagrams were pretty helpful as well And unlike some of the other books for beginners this book has a hip and alternative look and feel that both teens and 30 something hipsters would enjoy I loved the fact that they recycled materials you'll find mostly de constructed clothing projects in this book plus there are tons of great photosAs far as the projects almost all are wearable in some form except maybe the pillow sham project There are instructions for shirts skirts gaucho pants bags and purses checkbook covers and even a couple jewelry items My favorites are The Vest Earrings in Town Always a Bridesmaid Never a Tie or Halter I Dream of Groceries and This Shirt is the SheetIf I had to choose I'd say the projects in Sew Subversive were my style but they are both must reads for someone looking to update their wardrobe

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    Okay so I'm not sure how many of the projects I would actually make Of course part of that is with the thrift store it all depends on what you can find I've already made plans with friends to make duct tape dummies of ourselves so the book is totally worth a look for that alone I like that the models who from what I can tell are often also the authors are not all the same body type and that not everyone in the photos is a size 6 or smaller The styles tend to be a little younger than I think I am comfortable with but the ideas are great and the instructions are clear Projects I'd like to make provided I can find the right ingredients at the thrift store include the mittens the mesh bag the skirt with lace panels the mumu gathered shirt and the shorts out of dress pants

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    Just the idea of Ms Double Trouble your personal duct tape dress form is worth a look wear a large tshirt that's long over your hips add plastic wrap to cover your skin or clothes to mid thigh up to your neck get a friend to wrap duct tape snugly around you starting at the bottom leaving a little tshirt or plastic wrap hanging out below the bust stop contour the chest as shown in the book etc etc cut it off center back close back up with duct tape stuff with batting attach her to an old halogen lamp stand base you get the picture the other projects were less helpful to me maybe the muumuu to a peasant top is a possibility or mens button up shirt to coin purse using the sleeve placket cutting on diagonal

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    I think this book is most useful for the tips it give you about thrifting and general smart tricks to make good use of clothes you may find However most of the projects they showcase are too immodest for me to wear Also I wonder if the time it takes to find things you might want to wear and the time it takes to alter them would offset the money you save by buying things second hand it seems their goal is to save money It might be worth it if you have other motivations I must say though it would almost be worth buying this book just for the section where they teach you to make your own dress form Genious

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    This book has some great great ideas I don't know if I will use the exact patterns but just the ideas are enough to open up new worlds of possibilities to people who shop at second hand stores for clothing You don't need specific sizes nor even clothing They use old purses tablecloths all sorts of awesome stuff My favorite project though is the dressmaker's form made of an old T shirt and duct tape The most green clothing is the stuff you already own no matter it's origins but second hand is a close second

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    this book delivers on it's promises it explains re fashioning common thrift store crap into wearable items the authors provide a variety although by no means exhaustive of tips and tricks that can bring new life to turn bridesmaids dresses into corset style tops polyester old man pants into sort of cute shorts a lot of the ideas were not my style so i would never make them and i have no desire to own the book thanks carnegie library system but the pretty detailed walk through of making your own dressform from duct tape was worth the price of admission