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Love thy neighbor?Things had a way of happening around Robin Johnson She always seemed to be in the middle of some scrape or another She could understand why the cool discerning lawyer Marc Hammond should have reservations about hiring Robin as his great aunt's companion She was hardly the uiet and retiring type—but then neither was his great auntIt looked as if Marc was going to have his hands full with Robin in the house She was uite simply enough to drive any man to distraction

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    I just reread this with absolutely no memory of having read it before Even seeing that I reviewed it 4 years ago doesn't make me remember that I read it before Wow Okay so I didn't really like it any better the second time Here's my original reviewStory` of an accident prone bubbly free spirit who was hired to be his aunt's companion against his better judgement Good premise that was wasted here in this ordinary book somehow she just seemed naive and stupidly tragic