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L is surprised by how much she enjoys the transformation from mountain girl to a lady of Silvera With a strong sense of self she’s adamant that learning proper conduct and how to speak and dress well will provide her with a brighter future She refuses however to give up her practical or straightforward nature Or her crossbow When L meets Fane a soldier in the Royal Guard all she sees is a smart mouthed straight talking young man who seems to understand her L thinks nothing of befriending him But Fane is not who he appears to be Fane is a spy And when war ships arrive on the coast of Silvera carrying Fane’s ruler a mage powerful than any of them could ever imagine Phaedra is plunged into darkness as an old legend proves true Reeling from the betrayal L shrugs off the new her and pulls on the old It seems once she and Rogan have a princess to save

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    I LOVED the fist book can't wait to get my hands on this oneWoahhhhhh what the heck? When did the cover change? And what happened to the publication date?T^T the publication date got moved to next year You're killin' me here Samantha T^T

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    Hi folks I see a goodreads librarian has deleted the description with the link to the 2014 blog post explaining this title is no longer forthcoming They've also found the old cover and put it up I've received messages from readers asking if this means it's now being written and I've had to disappoint those readers as I have no plans to write this story in the near future If those plans change I will update readers I've deleted the cover as I hold the copyright to it Sorry for the confusionSam x

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    I am really looking forward to this book Really disappointed in the push back of a publish date Consider the fans of Slumber will have been waiting like 25 years for this next book You know the ones like myself who caught on to a great book read it right away and loved it 2014 that is far too long I get that it's for the readers for us all to have the best possible but c'mon

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    I NEED TO KNOW WHEN THIS BOOK IS GOING TO BE PUBLISHED Does anybody know the exact date????

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    My favorite model did the cover for this So I was intrigued

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    Absolutely loved the first book Can't wait for the secondany news on a release date?

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    Bu kadın beni meraktan çatlatacak 2014 ya