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Laura’s desire for total subjugation runs deep and when she meets Master Bernard she believes she’s found the man she’s always dreamed of and slave life she desires The two marry and begin their life together in a luxurious house that’s discreetly located on 50 private acres behind a high surrounding wall Though they experience the usual up and downs of a new marriage Laura settles in well to her uniue lifestyle as her husband’s slave However toward the end of the second year a decision is made to fit her with a full range of purpose designed bondage ‘jewellery’ and custom made restraints Though excited to see her bondage fantasies fully realized she has no clue that nearly all of the elaborate decorations her master orders cannot be removedWith specific plans in mind Master Bernard takes Laura’s transformation slowly a physical exam dental impressions repeated piercings even surgery to remove her floating ribs in order to better accommodate the strict corsetry he envisions The experience is deeply arousing though it’s troubling too She’s dreamed of such extremes since puberty but she has no idea how far her master plans to take their mutual fantasy until it’s too late to change her mind She’s fitted with a collar ankle and wrist cuffs and bands around her arms and legs More restraints and odd devices follow as her subjugation becomes intense and invasive She can barely even move Soon she’s living in a locked cell far from her husband’s bed where every physical need is taken care of by the master’s elaborate gadgetry including her sexual release As the weeks go by she sees little of the man she married and far of the governess he hired to attend to her physical needs With so little outside stimulation and no access to the natural world her days and weeks just blend into one And still she has yet to learn the ultimate truth of her incarceration and her master’s plan for his future and hersAnother bondage masterpiece by JG Leathers filled with the graphic details of Laura’s systematic descent into extreme bondage

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    Holy crap this book is into some crazy body modifications through piercings This is obviously a BDSM fantasy story This is totally unrealistic with very little character development Is there even character development? Well other than Laura's physical development into total enslavementThis is a depraved dark spank bank material which is not for the meek This is for those who don't mind inhuman treatment causing a completely mental breakdown this book is for you The old adage Be careful of what you wish for is never so aptly captured as it is in this novel Laura wanted some permanent jewelry and restraints She didn't realize uite how extreme her husband would take itI rated it a 4 star because of it's sadistic creativeness In addition body modification through non con is something I enjoy reading Involving another a woman as a caretaker further adds heat to this story From a purely dark fantasy standpoint this is devilish Obviously this isn't something to be done in real life as there are many different negative ramifications for all these mods The prevailing result is most likely death What would have cranked up the heat a bit is if Laura was forced to also watch her husband have sex with other women while she's restrained There was very little sexual abuse of her by other humans It was a bit too clinical with all the machinery Still it's graphically arousing BDSM book only for those who have very few hard limits in reading

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    Laura and Bernard have the strangest relationship I have ever read about Let me back up a minute here and let you know that this book was recommended to me in a book challenge this month my first impression was that the book synopsis sounded appealing so I was looking to reading it but I thought the book cover looked a bit scary and believe me when I tell you that this cover doesn't even show a fraction of the modifications that were done to Laura You can see my full review HERE Where you can find me  

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    1 This is straight up porn not erotica2 It's fantasy porn a few steps beyond the don't try this at home warnings 3 It involves extreme bondage of a type I've only read about in short form either a chapter in an erotic novel x or in short story format4 The submissive in the story is the wife and 247 slave of her husband and master The extreme bondage scenario starts out as pillow talk fantasies but the husband takes the idea and goes off the deep end with it So the story starts off as con and moves to reluctant and finally to non con though by that time the submissive has no means to object 5 Beyond that I'm not sure how to review or rate the story other than too much A bit too much detail A bit too extreme even for over the top fantasy porn A bit too long

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    Horrendously entertaining This story is frightening to the extremei was morbidly curious when I decided to buy this book The story is a little repetitive in the middle but somehow I was never ever to put it down for long I hope that this story is entirely a work of fiction because the thought that anybody where being tortured like this is extremely disturbing to me Anyhow suffused to say the finale is uite disturbing it the extreme I am glad I read the book I gives me a new appreciation for life and the average freedoms we all take for granted in our average lives

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    Worst book that I have read soooo farI thought it will have BDSM theme and a little hard core but in the first 20% itself I hated this book and I continued to read it to just make sure that I will never buy this author's books againthis book was cruel and I hated it to the coreI will never read it anything like this again

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    WowJust wow The author goes into incredible details that is above and beyond what you might expect As a work of fiction it's unimaginable I just pray that there are truly no one confined like this

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    The book basically taps into fantasies of total power exchange body modification sensory deprivation restraints denial slavery and so onSome of it works alright There's not much to the story It just follows Laura as she moves further and futher down the path toward complete objectification The extend it goes to though is extreme and that's what the book does well taking the fantasies to the extremeI only rate it 3 stars because sometimes the book gets too technical and it feels as if you're reading an instruction manual to your new IKEA furniture Slot A goes into tab B Tab B goes into slot C and so on Visually it can be difficult to imagine how all the chains and piercings are connected which sort of takes you out of the story a bitThere's also too little dialogue between the characters and too much of Laura's inner thoughts Dialogue pretty much means that something is happening whereas Laura's inner thoughts means nothing is happening And too often nothing is happening Her thoughts aren't that interesting in the long run either because it's just of the same ie how to cope with the situation hope to get free deal with pain etcBut worth reading if you want to entertain your darkest fantasies for a while

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    This book will most likely hold appeal for anyone with an interest in bod mod andor most especially extreme and graphic descriptions of mechanical bondage and the applications thereof albeit in a ridiculous fictionalized scenario Although it was very well written I agree with another reviewer that the author provided virtually no character development to anyone in the book and the plot was thin throughout That being said there's a part of me that still rather enjoyed the story at least insofar as for me to take a look at some of the author's other books Hopefully some of them will constitute a little bit merit

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    Not sure what I can really say about this bookthis was so out there Why would anyone really allow a husband to do what ever they want with you I couldn't decide whether to give this a 2 or 3 stars but I opted for 3 because I felt the style of writing was such that it made me feelI felt sick at times and kept having it remind myself that this is literatureIt's very well written and I could loose myself herenot that I wanted to I just wanted to scream at Laurawhat the hell do you think you are doing Would anyone be that nieve or so manipulatedgod I hope not This was one dark read that I struggled with