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The Spiritual Dimension offers a new model for the philosophy of religion bringing together emotional and intellectual aspects of our human experience and embracing practical as well as theoretical concerns It shows how a religious worldview is best understood not as an isolated set of doctrines but as intimately related to spiritual praxis and to the search for self understanding and moral growth It argues that the religious uest reuires a certain emotional openness but can be pursued without sacrificing our philosophical integrity Touching on many important debates in contemporary philosophy and theology but accessible to general readers The Spiritual Dimension covers a range of central topics in the philosophy of religion including scientific cosmology and the problem of evil; ethical theory and the objectivity of goodness; psychoanalytic thought self discovery and virtue; the multi layered nature of religious discourse; and the relation between faith and evidence

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    This wonderful academic book was recommended to me by a friend who is an Episcopal priest its philosophicaltheological thrust was truly what my mindheart needed at the moment A discussion of spiritual praxis devotion and thoughtful discussion of human value as well as faith I had not read this type of book in a while but I appreciated Prof Cottingham's perceptive analysis discussion I also appreciated that it was not coming from an evangelical narrow funnel that is open only to its own interpretation of the journey though the spiritual life falls into the Meta place of things

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    For the full review please see my website The Spiritual Dimension