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In Lucid Waking psychotherapist Zoé Newman invites you to find in your everyday waking life the same depth of insight guidance and creative possibilities as found in dreams Step by step exercises show you how to use tools and skills adapted from dream work in your daily life to Find greater harmony in your relationships Transform conflict into insight Invite intention and choice into your life Tap the guidance of your unconscious wisdom in daily life Change old patterns and explore new ways of being

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    I give 4 stars here purely for the idea but the book itself failed to grab me and after the initial reading which took me about 14 in I never felt the desire to return to it But I understand one can't make money selling 1 sentence ideas to the masses on so I applaud the author's attempt at enlarging it into a book But for those in a hurry quite simply look at your waking life as if it were a dream and try to decipher everything that is going on as it was a dream with hidden meaning Not only does it cultivate an attitude of detached interest but is bound to produce amazing insights if one but attempts to seek meaning in the daily occurrences

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    As with all radical ideas there are bound to be those readers who don't understand the importance of what the author is suggesting But I can assure anyone based on my own trial and experience with the concepts and techniques that Newman is offering that the dreaming process does indeed go on during the day just as she indicates If one uses her ideas heshe may discover an invaluable tool comparable to a sixth sense that greatly assists navigation through life