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10 thoughts on “I Am Joe's Body A BerkleyReader's Digest Book

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    Just bought this at a thrift store for a dollar Would this be the literature famously uoted in Fight Club? I am Jack's raging bile duct

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    Reader's Digest's introduction to the organs of the human bodyeach organ telling its story in the first person

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    I am so thankful I was able to get an affordable print copy of this book It was as good as I have heard others say it is As someone who loves studying health and nutrition I was pleased to find that most of the authors advice was spot on Not there was a lot of health or nutritional advice but when there was it was all good I don't resonate with the evolutionary references but the book was so good I could overlook this

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    Each body organ tells its own story in first person This book intrigued me throughout my junior high and high school years and was a big motivator for my medical career plans Unfortunately it gives the credit for the body's marvels to evolution not to God where they belong

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    Most of the vital organs of human body tell their amazing story in first person The author is no professional medic but the way he writes about the fascinating things about human body is very interestingThe book appeared in Readers Digest in form of a series of articles during seventiesBill Bryson is rebirth of JD Ratcliff

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    I remember hearing the narrator from Fight Club read snippets of these during the film The organbody part is taking about ‘themselves’ and what they dowhat they need to functionhow they work It’s a a fantastic way to teach people about our organs Really well written and educational

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    I so enjoyed this book Written in the first person it is both enjoyable and informative humourous as well as being easy to understand Having just finished it I now want to watch Fight Club