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A high stakes romance among the jet set crowd of actresses producers and world famous entrepreneurs Carolyn Black – an actress driven by her ambition desperately wants the starring role in an upcoming film based on a series of famous novels With a reputation for being willing to do anything to get a part the actress sets out to impress the woman behind the project Annelie Peterson – the wealthy publisher with a mysterious past – owns the film rights and will decide who wins the much coveted role When Annelie meets Carolyn the woman she has idolized for years sparks fly How far is Carolyn prepared to go for the dream part of a lifetime? And just how far will Annelie bend her principles in the name of desire?

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    375 Stars I am working on some of Brooke’s back library This is actually her debut book While this book is far from perfect it is pretty good for a debutThis is a romance with a Hollywood storyline I always seem to enjoy Hollywood romances and this book wasn’t an exception The love story is between a big star and a producer I think that was her official title While there is outside conflict that affects the couple there is almost no relationship angst in this book It is one of those fluffy almost sappy romances I read a lot of books with angst so I don’t mind these really sweet stories once in a while While this is good for a debut you can tell this is at the beginning of Brooke’s writing career The book is a little bumpy in places It is also pretty long I think if Brooke would have written this now she would have edited quite a bit of filler out I did find myself getting through the story quickly anyway and when it was done I still wanted to know I’m glad these characters appear in her later books as I want to know how they are doing now If you are going to read one of Brooke’s earlier books I would recommend Coffee Sonata over this one But if you are looking for a feel good sweet romance this might be for you

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    Since reading Breaking Character I've become obsessed with Hollywood romances so I am really glad to finally have found another good oneAnnelie is a rich publisher and a fascinating ice queen Carolyn is attractive and alluring actress everyone she meets she enthralls in seconds They both set out to manipulate the other regarding audiobook dealstarring role but instead ended up falling in love Annelie and Carolyn had sparks like fourth of July They both had such fascinating personalities I was spellbound watching them go from friends with hidden agendas to lovers

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    I read the first 200 pages and then had to skim to the end I wasn't motivated to finish so it was either that or DNFThe book is a mix of being competently written and heavy on the dialogue which I like but also farfetched and sappy It's one of those reads where the leads are perfect in looks and being as well as rich and have the world at their fingertips yet somehow remain reclusive and guarded They both have their reasons but anywayFor me that set up doesn't make for the most interesting of reads Carolyn is supposed to be an ambitiously ruthless ice queen who will do anything to get a role and except for one thing she does which is strategic than anything her actions didn't exactly fit that description She wasn't a cold character at allAnnelie seems like someone I should feel sorry for because her life was so hard but actually no it's not really Annelie is a lifelong lesbian and Carolyn had no inclination that way until meeting Annelie These two fall for each other hard so it's a lot of declarations of love said repeatedly along with a number of intimacy scenes The farfetched part for me just comes up on the whole premise Carolyn sounds like an A list celebrity possibly B but is having a hard time finding film roles due to her age early 40s is a starlet of sorts but also has a lot of anonymity and seems to move about society without much interruption And somehow she sounds close to broke but again isn't really scratches head And the whole lesbian thing doesn't give her anxiety at all about her career That just doesn't add upAnnelie is a publisherproducer yet also is somehow so well known she's on the E and Hollywood news feed circuits Huh? How is she as famous or even famous than Carolyn? Do you know any reclusive lawyersbook publishersproducersphilanthropists yes she's all of the above at that level?Then Carolyn is doing what she can to land a film role for an audiobook series she's already done the voice foryet this book seriesaudiobook series is on the scale of rockstar popular with conventions and everything The only time I've seen something close to that popularity before the films were made is Harry Potter or maybe Wonder Woman And this role is for a female investigator who also is lesbian but somehow is on par with those? No No no no no no Maybe in an alternate universe but certainly not this oneI will say that the couple DOES communicate pretty well That's a plusIf you like super feel good sappy love stories for perfect leads that still have a woe is me backstory you may like this I just wasn't into it26 stars

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    4 stars Overall an enjoyable read I'd give it 45 or even maybe 5 stars if not for some pet peeves of mine like I love you that drops too fast or overstated and grand declarations of love all the time It's a bit too soapy for my taste but I did enjoy both the characters and the story I also wish the story explored the family aspect with Beth and herher husbands reaction of their relationship which was completely skipped Instead a lot of drama was focused on external things I felt something's missing in general but can't point it out at the moment But it's a good read nonetheless And apparently it's the first book by Brooke? If so then she's a talented author indeed

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    Edit I had given this four stars but I'm revising it to five because I've read it three times now so I clearly love itLovely There wasn't really any conflict to their relationship but this was one of those times where I didn't mind because I liked watching them grow from like to love to something established2016 reread still love it It has problems but I love it so much that I can overlook or skim past all of them Full review here

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    5 A FAVORITEI savored this story this time around I loved the slow buildup between the two MCs Annelie and Carolyn And the vulnerable girl that comes out when Carolyn sets the 'Diva' in herself aside I also loved how protective she was of Annelie when anyone tried to hurt her Very sweet love story that I will read again and again

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    I really wanted to like this one but I found it tough to finish Love the age gap and the Hollywood side of things but I think it was just too sappy for me Cheesy even I found some of the dialogue jarringunrealistic The subplots were of a distraction than an addition This one was just okay for me 3 stars

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    just some quick notes both because late at night and because one of my hands has kind of died on me as in it all numbed and stuff so can't writetypeMy second book by this author I read this one next after the one I loved because of two reasons 1 first book released 2 involves Hollywood and stuff like thatI had several problems with the book Some of the actionreactionstuff seemed over the top I didn't need to read yet another book involving a straight woman who suddenly realizes that she's a lesbian at least for one other woman though that one's on me Some of the chemistry between the two mains seemed forced Mind you there were some rather nice moments where they really seemed to click but there were also a lot of moments where they 'felt' as 'plastic' to me as the 3d avatars that occasionally inhabit Brooke's covers I'm not being very exact there Maybe I can be later when I've than one hand and it's not past midnightPlus there were scenes that occurred that didn't work for me for many reasons There seemed to be an emphasis on how much Carolyn needed to be shown to be trustworthy etc to overcome her 'reputation' while many occasions it was Annelie who acted like a massive bitch view spoilerSeriously how the fuck can a relationship actually develop after Annelie drops a little very terse brief rude note after they fuck for the first time A card that indicates basically that Annelie thinks implicitly by the words used that she was used That Carolyn had fucked her for the part And Carolyn's immediate initial reaction? It's not an enthusastic 'yay I got the part' but it sure wasn't 'what the fuck?' It was of a 'I should be dancing in happiness what's wrong with me?' reaction Eventually Carolyn started showing some of the reactions I'd likely expect her to showfeel and she even used some wording directly with Annelie indicating that she didn't appreciate being left like that left with what was similar to waking up to find money next to her But even there even when Annelie was noting how she realizes that she fled it was still the burden of Carolyn's to 'break the barriers' I mean what the fuck? In many ways this just seems weird Wrong Odd hide spoiler

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    I am rereading some of Gun Brooke's books and I enjoyed Course of Action immensely again Four and a half stars rounded up considering it is the author's first published novel

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    Love this book full of spice and the twists and turns feel real and keep the book buzzing along without losing the meat of the story Superb back characters it really gives you all need in a book many thanks as much appreciated