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On the thundering hooves of demon steeds the killing evil blazes through Bethany's Sin The riders of the night possess a power that spans the ages They burn with a rage that knows no mercy no forgiveness They are cunning hard implacable And men are their only prey Horror master Robert R McCammon creates a blistering novel of deadly menace of the most ancient savage war in the world

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    Bethany's Sin seems to be the perfect place to live in for a young family Evan writer and Nam veteran Kay maths teacher and their little girl Laurie love their little house especially after Evan's bad experience in LaGrange But what is hidden underneath that perfect friendly and polished surface? Why seems everything focused on women in this town and what about the strange occurences Nelly Ames a drifter who works as a gardener for the town council has? What about the strange behaviour of Sheriff Wysinger? And why are Evan's dreams of torture fire killing and evil forebodings getting stronger since he lives here? What is the history behind this little village with the uncommon name? There is Kathryn Drago and the old museum and women on horseback ready to hunt This novel is absolutely fascinating starting with the mysterious excavation to the ian cult described in detail I was hanging on the edge of the seat to finish this brilliant second novel by McCammond Nailbiting tension a story fully of mythology and murder set in an American village This book will strike you like the blade of a sharp axe Absolutely recommended what a read

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    There are certain mysteries concerning the female of the human species that are better left uninvestigated Tupperware parties vaginal dryness yeast infections cervical mucus and the most terrifying and disturbing of the unanswered mysteries women's clubs In Bethany's Sin author Robert McCammon goes full Men's Rights Activist and postulates that women's clubs are denizens for sex starved lightning eyed worshipping ladies who get their jollies by mutilating and raping male sex slaves You know as your average woman is wont to do Luckily McCammon's uber male military veteran hero Evan is on the case and Evan will surely defeat this plague of independent women and send them back to the kitchen where they belong Let the sandwich making commenceThis book is dated as fuck the writing is terrible and the author has a strange penchant for repeating words like they're fuckin' song lyrics An example of the latter would be Her mouth opened opened and remained open even as that terrible flame of spectral power flickered flickered and died from her eyesI can only assume this is a metaphor for how men are always having to repeat themselves because women don't understand the first time we say something Silly women with your bad hearing and horrible audio comprehension Shame on you for making us repeat ourselves all the time For Shamelulz please don't hurt me these are jokes omg send help and a divorce lawyer im sorry goddamn woman not my testicles then again keep doing that it feels good mind the fuckin teeth owwieThe one positive I took from this book is that McCammon still has a career which gives a writer like me one who isn't very proud of his early output enough hope to keep on pressing on McCammon is one of my favorite writers because of books like Gone South and Boy's Life I'm currently fighting my way through McCammon's novels in order of publication and I do mean fighting There is little to no evidence that the writer who wrote this book would go on to be one of the best writers in all of horror and supernatural suspense Up next is The Night Boat and I'm not looking forward to it mainly because while it was published after Bethany's Sin it was written before Bethany's Sin so color me a'scaartIn summation All men's rights activist and sandwich making jokes aside this book is pretty terrible One of my friends Paul Nash I'm looking at you said he liked this one better than McCammon's first novel Baal but I don't see why This is definitely the lesser of the two books in ways than I care to count Recommended for completionists onlyFinal Judgment Get in the kitchen and make me my supper book

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    They'll come for you Oh yes they'll come for you just like they came for me A thread of saliva had broken from the man's lip and now it hung down over his chin onto his shirt In the night They'll come in the night when the moon's strong and full and they'll take you to that place God that awful placeEvan and Kay have moved to idyllic Bethany's Sin to save their festering cesspool of a marriage Okay I exaggerate slightly but these two are clearly not meant to be together The town is quiet Too quiet Where does everyone go after dark? And why are so many of the menfolk missing limbs? Are those hoofbeats I hear?Dun dun duh This is the first time I've been disappointed by a McCammon title The mystery was just not intriguing enough to keep me spellbound And then there was the fact that I honestly didn't care if the main characters lived or died The pacing was deadly slow which can occasionally serve to build suspense but in this case the payoff was not only not worth the wait it was laughable instead of horrificOh well there are plenty of good reading days left before Halloween

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    This was another enjoyable read from Robert McCammonA small beautiful town with an unusual name seemed to be a perfect place for a family to start anew But of course it wasn't This book combined ancient mythology with present day horrorWell present day for 1980 or so because that's when this book was originally writtenOh and did I mention the women? I would recommend Bethany's Sin to any Robert McCammon fan I also would recommend this one for any lover of horror set in a small town This is one of those classic horror stories that grudgingly gives out clues to the secret the town holds closeWhat is the town of Bethany's Sin hiding? Read it to find out

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    This was a re read for me as we're going though the Robert McCammon Challenge reading his catalog in chronological order one book a month This time around Bethany's Sin picked up an extra star I found that I enjoyed the uniqueness of the story about the strange happenings of this out of the way little hamlet set in rural Pennsylvania McCammon does such a fantastic job tying the ancient civilization of the s and transplanting them into 1980 suburbia Evan Reid is a Vietnam vet whose PTSD causes him to relive his past in his dreams This causes him and his family a hard time staying in one place before Evan burns their bridges and they have to start all over Now Evan his wife Kay and their little daughter Laurie discover Bethany's Sin An idyllic Mayberry that seems to be the perfect spot to start over Soon after moving in Evan notices strange things about the residents of Bethany's Sin All of the women seem to be the dominant ones in the neighborhood Many aren't married and the ones that are have submissive husbands Obviously Evan finds this unusual for 1980 and brings it up to Kay Afraid that her husband is overreacting and is going to spoil their attempt at a new beginning Kay goes off on Evan The guilt from these new accusations coupled with his past missteps clouds Evan's thinking He desperately wants the life his family deserves and this causes him to dismiss what he sees as paranoia But no matter how much he wants the American dream for his family it doesn't change the fact that there's to Bethany's Sin than meets the eyeI connected with Evan the most out of all the characters I felt his grief and anxiety as he tried so hard to provide a wonderful life for his family I've read some reviews where some have accused McCammon of being sexist because women characters are portrayed as the bad guys I would argue the opposite I think his unique and strong portrayal of the women of Bethany's Sin as a paradoxical dig on the male dominated society that was the norm in 1980 I also found the writing to be much better than his first novel Baal You can really see the progression that led him into the great writer he is today I've said it before and I'll say it again I've read numerous writers who would kill to be able to write at this level When you put it in perspective it makes you truly appreciate his talent 4 Electric Blue Eyes out of 5You can also follow my reviews at the following links

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    Written in 1980 McCammon's second novel is not one of the author's favorites In fact he felt that his first three shouldn't be reprinted due to the writing not being up to par with his work after that Robert is his own toughest critic of his work While this may not be his best story it's still a really good read That's McCammon for you The bar is raised to the heavens He's an amazing author and Bethany's Sin is chock full of what he does best an interesting premise full and vibrant three dimensional characters and a writing style that grabs a hold of you and sucks you in Evan a writer and a Vietnam veteran who has seen his share of horrors and his wife Kay a math professor and their young daughter Laurie move to the charming well kept small town of Bethany's Sin Pennsylvania to start a new life Evan's dreams have made a mess of their previous attempts in other cities You see he has a penchant for predicting danger through the recollection of his nightmares His wife doesn't believe that he's having premonitions and that he's actually creating the problems by reading too much into his dreams Soon after moving to Bethany's Sin Evan begins having troublesome visions during the night again Not wanting to cause problems so soon after moving into their dream neighborhood he tries to stifle his visions Kay takes a position at a local community college and bumps into the head of the history department Dr Drago She learns that Drago is also the mayor of Bethany's Sin and a woman of mesmerizing qualities In fact Evan notices that the village is full of dominating women that are either single or married to a submissive husband Oddly enough there is a museum in town that is dedicated to the lost civilization of the women McCammon slowly unfolds his tale developing the characters and setting up the curious scenes in the first half of the novel and then kicks it into high gear during the second half It's definitely worth picking up4 out of 5 starsYou can also follow my reviews at the following links KenMcKinley5

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    I'm sure that when McCammon first published Bethany's Sin it was well received It was after all released in 1980 at the beginning of the surge of American horror The problem is that 80's horror flicks were for the most part boringand so too was this bookIn a way it pains me to say that I've become a huge fan of McCammon in the last year or so and I think he's constantly overlooked in a genre already too full of great authors I also understand and was pretty lucky to come across that Bethany's Sin was only his 2nd novel and one he actually had pulled from publication because it just wasn't up to snuff against his nuanced and better written work So yes I'm not just some idiot who's never read McCammon or discovered the history behind his booksIt still doesn't change the fact however that at times this novel can be increasingly frustrating and tough to get through I started reading this in the beginning of August 2015 and didn't happen to finish it for over a month going back and forth with it in place of other books It's not because McCammon isn't a bad author and for a sopho release McCammon was still a hell of a writer but rather because it's just so slow At 348 pages the book is fairly short though nothing of any significance occurs until than mid way through And even when the good stuff finally starts rolling the basic plot and premise are just too full of holes to really grasp and cause far questions than should be necessary Like for example if the town is being constantly drained of men wouldn't the other surrounding villages notice? And how can they stay so isolated? And if the spirits are able to exist outside the women's bodies how are they taken care of by Evan? Yet still somehow for the most part this book does manage to work I give most of that credit to McCammon Like I said the guy is a phenomenal author he writes compelling characters and vivid scenes that draw the reader in and make us feel like we are there This ain't Swan Song or Mine but you can easily see the talent McCammon had and the way he has evolved over his career Had anyone else tried to write this book I'm sure it would have failed miserably Though I can't exactly recommend this as a first start to McCammon it still marks an important book in his catalogue And though it wasn't a rip roaring page turner being able to read this was a plus especially now that it's out of print though still available in digital

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    This is not McCammon's best but it's still pretty damn good In fact this is my least favorite by him but it still gets a 4

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    I admit I was first attracted to the horse on the cover of the bookyes it looks like a ghost horse and this is indeed a type of ghost story I guess The horses are real however Bethany's Sin is about one of those perfect little towns where everything looks too perfect and it's only later than you realize that there's weird stuff going on But then you'd convince yourself that it must be just your imagination You're getting paranoid Or it's all coincidence But the odd stuff continues and you start having really bad feelings You're having nightmares And your wife is having nightmares too And then you start hearing rumors Something about a lot of dead bodies being found in the surrounding area and your perfect little town in smack dab right in the middle And there's creepy shadows racing in the night ones that carry axes that glint in the moonlight and eyes that glow like blue lightning And what does it have to do with the weird musuem in town? What ancient artifacts were brought back from the Black Sea area in the 1960s? And then you realize that some townspeople are missing like the man across the street that you never actually met This is a really great story that combines ancient history nightmares the secrets of a small town and how you really do not know who to trust especially if you're new to the town The story is well written moves at a good pace and I enjoyed reading it

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    Bethany's Sin was McCammon's second novel and is a worthwhile and fascinating read It isn't quite as well polished or subtle as his later works but makes up for any lack of literary polish with enthusiasm and thought provoking subjects It's directly influenced by mythology than any of his other novels and is a tense and dark fantasy that reminded me of Thomas Tryon's Harvest Home