I Hate PHP A Beginners Guide to PHP and MySQL PDF ☆

Learn The Basics Of PHP MySQL Programming Without A Brain Overload”I Hate PHP” is for webmasters and designers who have always wondered what PHP could do for them someone who wants to “do” some PHP and not outsource it It is best to be familiar with HTML and writing deciphering HTML code You don’t need to be a top notch “I do it all in Notepad” kinda person just being able to open up a text editor and understand the code is enough Copy Paste knowledge is helpful tooUnlike other PHP books on the market we are not going to attempt to cover every single facet of the Wide World Of PHP Language No we want to grasp the basics of the language get familiar with it and get some real life examplesnot have the whole thing shoved down our throatYou’ll find that throughout this book my odd sense of humor may shine through a little bit You might not find that web programming is the most exciting thing on the planet Well I don’t either so I tried to make it interesting and easy to read

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    It was informationally adequate There was not a lot of depth in any topic but it did stress the key principles of programming in the web sphere As a relatively new learner of programming I found it a good reinforcement There were points where the structure lost meAs far as the structure and layout of the e book I would suggest a reworking There was a lot of difficulty seeing the examples in the figures used to illustrate points The text was also not formatted uniformly either

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    It's very very basic but a good start