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From the author of LUXURY a glossy gripping epic blockbuster featuring the beautiful wealthy but accursed Cavalley familyRenowned for style glamour and sophistication Cavalley's creates the most luxurious millinery in the world Talented and beautiful Violet Cavalley has poured her heart and soul into building her multi million pound business and raising her three adored children But behind the Cavalley family's gilded façade lies a streak of darkness Darkness that now threatens to destroy them all

10 thoughts on “To Touch the Stars

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    This was so incredibly boring that at one point I actually thought it would literally bore me to death The characters were flat and one dimensional and absolutely drove me crazy I couldn’t find one redeeming quality if I tried I’m surprised that I managed to finish this book apparently I’m a glutton for punishment

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    I did the enjoy the story and admired the main character VIOLET Amazing what a determined woman can and did doFelt sorry for BLUE and FRANGIPANI So many other good characters fell in love with the character of KALLISTO what a beautiful manSometimes I got a little lost when going back in time and not expecting it but soon caught up with 'where' I wasA great readThank you Jessica Ruston

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    This book was the most worthless piece of crap I've ever read Granted I didn't expect it to be a deep meaningful read but boy was it a stinker The timelines are all messed upthe book talks about Violet being a sixteen year old having a baby and then a little while later she is suddenly thirty years old but her son is still a baby and there is no mention of any of her other 3 kids that the book later claims she has had by this point Later on it says her kids are 8 and 6 when she has her twins but then at a different point in the book the age difference between the twins and the former 6 year old is only 2 years The book talks about Fran being around before Scarlet dies but then when the tale of Scarlet's death is told Fran isn't even born yet and Sebastian has not gone into hiding The book is FULL of these kinds of errors I haven't even broken the surface here Also it never explains how Violet goes from being so broke that she needs donations to continue her business even after she's allegedly super successful with rock stars lining up to buy her hats to being this gajillionaire with a house in Capri All the secrets that people are being blackmailed for it never explains why these are such shameful things like Violet coming from a poor family with a violent dad why does she let herself be blackmailed about that? I brought this book with me on a vacation to the French Riviera hoping for a fun beachplane read and instead found myself dying to finish the stupid thing If I were the type of person who didn't mind not finishing books that I started I would have quit this one around page 20

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    I'm actually at a 45 stars for this one haha Wow this is such a gripping book so many so many twists and turns so many secrets so many unexpected spin offs of decisions seemingly so small But the culture of blame in the Cavalley family is disturbing though Why is it always somebody's fault? Why are they always looking for someone to attribute the cause of their misfortune to? Are people always at the heart of divine coincidences and misfortune? I think this is what stopped me from being emotionally involved with the characters which would have really made this book 5 stars for me But it is a very very glamorous rags to riches story of Violet Cavalley Almost somewhat Great Gatsby esque funny how there is a Great Gatsby reference right in the book and it is a very luxurious story of deceit because of love

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    Though I really enjoyed the story and writing style of this book I found it wasn't as gripping or emotional as I thought it was going to be Interesting read though and fairly quick and straightforward This story had a mystery about the family in it and it was one story that was impossible in my opinion to guess at the twist in the story In terms of the style of the story rather than anything happening in it this book is written in such a way that the back story unravels rather than a story progresses Thinking back on the story it was as if nothing happened for a very long time then you were bombarded with lots of action and revelations at the very end This is not to say the story was bad however because the family that Ruston writes is do pleasing to read

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    After having read Luxury last week and really enjoying it Jessica Ruston's second book didn't disappoint I sped through this book reading about 80% in one day It's definitely a page turner and just like Luxury you really feel like you are being drawn into the world you can really imagine yourself there with the charactersI loved how the story unfolded in this book and how you get flashbacks to events in the past Jessica Ruston is definitely one of my new favourite authors I cannot wait for her next book to come out

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    This book reminded me of the sort of books I read in the late 80's and early 90's Very much in a similar vein to A Woman of Substance Most of the characters had daft names But it was an enjoyable romp and is a good light summer read

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    Unfortunately got to page 200 and gave up Can't connect with these characters and don't really care what happens to them Hate giving up on a book but at the same time need to look forward to picking it up to read Sorry Jessica you are not for me

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    An enjoyable glitz and glamour saga that really keeps you turning the pages

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    Fantastic readwasn't too sure what to expect as first book by JR for meso many twists had me gripped right till the endLuxury is now def on my to read listRecommend