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Two fifteenth century cookery books Harleian ms 279 ab 1430 and Harl Ms 4016 ab 1450 with extracts from Ashmole ms 1429 Laud ms 553 and Douce ms 55 This book Two fifteenth century cookery books by Thomas Austin is a replication of a book originally published before 1888 It has been restored by human beings page by page so that you may enjoy it in a form as close to the original as possible

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    Interesting for research not great for actual cooksHard to read if not familiar with the language of the day A side by side redaction would have been very useful especially for cooks although the explanation of terms did help considerably

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    Historical ok Cooking very hardThis is the reproduction of 2 cooking manuscripts and a few small additional recipes from c 1450 They are presented with scholarly citations and a scrambled but informative translation of some of the terms and words used in the back This is obviously a very interesting historical document but one would really need to put effort and time into any recipe to be able to actually make it The problems are as follows the use of medieval English medieval English attempt at spelling medieval French the printing of these manuscripts with illegible inserts and lastly the lack of a modern active table of contents and active footnotes This is unfortunate as these footnotes have extremely useful translations of terms and ingredients Actually the footnotes are part of the most important thing that you can get from this book as they will enable you to decipher this and other medieval works including some herbals Of course they are not in alphabetical order and this is kindle so you can't easily flip back and forth between pages Still a valuable book

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    One of my go to books when I want to make something to wow my wife and daughter