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This second book in Jude Southerland Kessler's expanded biography series on John Winston Lennon begins with the forming of a managerial agreement between the boys and Brian Epstein 10 December 1961 The Beatles could hardly catch their breath and neither will the reader of Shivering Inside as the ticket to ride continues through the Hamburg tours the releasing of Pete Best and the hiring of Ringo Starr You'll join the Fab Four as they record Love Me Do From Me To You and Please Please Me The lads worked non stop with gigs television programmes the Helen Shapiro tour the Roe Montez tour and a blur of engagements and recording sessions But for John Lennon the hectic rise to glory failed to cure his Shivering Inside He was still searching for somethingor someoneto fill the hole in his heart

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    This is the second in a proposed nine volume fictional biography of John Lennon The first book Shoulda Been There took John from childhood to the introduction of Brian Epstein as the Beatles manager This volume covers the period 10th December 1961 to 11th April 1963 As all Beatles fans know 1962 was a crucial year for the band from the Decca audition on the 1st Jan to the sacking of Pete Best and a record contract This book covers every event in John's life in fascinating detail from Stuart Sutcliffe's death Cynthia's pregnancy and her marriage to John uncomfortable meetings with Pete after he was replaced by Ringo the Helen Shapiro tour and John's constant battle to cope with the never ending slog of live appearances and touring along with the difficult relationship between Cyn and his aunt Mimi grief over Stu's death and meeting George Martin The author seems to have settled into her writing style in this book the Liverpool accents have softened the speech direct the characters established To say that John did not seem an easy person to work and live with is an understatement he was abrasive pessamistic dissatisfied argumentative and often cruel Yet the author while being honest about his faults is also able to show the softer side of the man This volume ends with the birth of Julian and John about to embark on the holiday with Brian Epstein which caused raised eyebrows back in Merseyside but which John hoped would establish his role as leader of the group The next book in the series is called She Loves You and is scheduled to be published in October 2013 An extract is available on kindle now if you are interested However if you have not yet started this series please do read them in order as the second book carries on almost seamlessly from the first I am really looking forward to reading the next volume as the author has done an absolutely brilliant job of researching John's life in incredible detail every single chapter has notes saying where she got the information from which version of events she has used and why and giving alternate versions of eventsdates if they exist This is a superb retelling of the life of John Lennon and importantly superb storytelling