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Many Christians have come to regard membership in the local church as optional for their spiritual health Are they right? Is their participation in the local church simply a matter to take or leave? This brief booklet offers biblical reasons why membership in the local church is not only important but vital to the health and growth of Christians Written in a pastoral tone and a conversational style Grafted Into The Vine leaves no room for doubt Christians need the local church This volume clearly gently and biblically addresses why believers should care about and be members of Christ's visible church on earth It is convincing without being argumentative and instructive without being pedantic Thoughtful Christians will be rewarded for the small amount of effort it takes to read this good book T David Gordon Professor of Religion Greek Grove City College Grove City PA

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    Pastor Ed Eubanks has done both pastors and laypersons a great favor in putting together a very helpful book on the meaning of Church membership Here you will find a good overview of both the privileges and responsibilities of being a member of the body of Christ

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    Small book but important concepts I like how it is very readable even for such a weighty topic