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Intrepid naturalist Mark Moffett is tracking an ant species on a march toward bug world domination What a controversial theory of insect society may tell us about our ownMark Moffett doesn't just study ants he travels among them Moffet holds a Harvard PhD in entomology and is an accomplished scientist an award winning author and journalist and one of the best nature photographers of his generation Years ago this free spirited naturalist left academia behind to plunge into the deepest jungles and observe insect societies up close Now author Nicholas Griffin takes us inside Moffett's own world to explore his death cheating uest for discovery and his end run around the scientific establishment We'll follow Moffett into the rainforest as he chases a groundbreaking theory of ant superorganisms and supercolonies one that may help us understand our own increasingly urbanized society Along the way we'll meet a fascinating cast of battling army ants farming leafcutter ants and the insatiable Argentines an ant species built to take over the world Nicholas Griffin is the author of four novels and one work of nonfiction He lives in New York City His next book comes out in 2013

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    This was not a normal topic for me but the Atavist has produced some interesting work and I am busy exploring Kindle singles as a form of media consumption in an effort to explore ideas in long form narrative in less time than only reading novelsI had hoped for discourse on the nature of ants and ant colonies than a character study in this piece but the ultimate result was still fulfilling

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    A short bio and the theories of naturalistMark MoffettMoffett is a pretty fascinating guywho's passion for the inner workings of ant societyjust oozes from his whole beingHe's sparked my curiousity