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With only months left in their training Asumi and those left in the Tokyo Space School’s first astronaut training class have a new and potentially defining task at hand From the moment they enrolled these teens were under the assumption that the future of space exploration would be at the hands of their generation At least one of them would lead JAXA into the cosmos to revitalize a once dead program But in the nearly three years they have spent training their bodies and minds science appears to have caught up to them  In the tenth volume of Kou Yaginuma’s Twin Spica an astronaut will be selected and the choice may not be so obvious And while this future space traveler has shown plenty of potential and talent it is clear they couldn’t have made it without some help Though the mystery is whose help and will this person last without that support

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    You ever almost cry in public because of a heart wrenching story that makes you feel like you've put your heart in a blender and left it running until you have a bitter heart smoothie? Yeah well this is precisely how I feel after reading this So darn close to bawling in public The only thing that saved me was the sake of composure The whole of this series has ruined me just ruined me completely Paired with very light hearted art and an intense intriguing story you have one of the best manga stories I have ever read and will remain a favorite for as long as I can recall this very important story These characters come straight from the heart and it really shows as of these late volumes I think I might pass out when I finish this series Twin Spica is recommended to everyone because it is truly significant and deserves so much reward Asumi and Marika make a two man team and are prepared to kick some robot butt to show exactly what the robots lack heart and the pair of them have plenty of it With each volume we see less and less of Mr Tiger and I believe that means Asumi has stopped relying on her old friend Our favorite group decides to go to Yuigahama on break Fun filled break with a festival fireworks the beach Shu seems to be doing better aside from a single nosebleed Marika finally explains her disease to the group and everybody comes a bit closer Shu is accepted and is going to America once he passes the medical tests This volume hurt it many many ways Story 55 Kou Yaginuma always delivers an amazing story with every volumeArt 55 The simplistic yet detailed art style is very fitting of the story and characters and is always lovelyCharacters 55 They're ever human and lovable I grow fond of them with every passing volume and that is what makes it hurt so much Please support this author because this series never received quite the reception it deserved Thank you for reading I hope it helps I give my honest opinion as detailed as I wish and hope to influence your chances of purchasing the subject under review whether it is positive or negative