The Coffin Dancer MOBI ò The Coffin MOBI :ò

Ex detective dalla mente raffinatissima ma costretto su una sedia a rotelle Lincoln Rhyme sta inseguendo un ingegnoso serial killer capace di trasformarsi con abilità camaleontica a mano a mano che uccide le sue vittime Una sola di esse è vissuta abbastanza a lungo per offrire un indizio agli inquirenti il tatuaggio dipinto sul braccio dell'assassino che mostra uno scheletro nell'atto di ballare con una donna di fronte a una bara Rhyme ha soltanto quarantott'ore prima che il diabolico criminale colpisca di nuovo ma almeno può contare ancora sulla bella Amelia l'instancabile poliziotta che sostituisce le sue braccia e le sue gambe inferme

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    As good as the first book in the series though some of the characters were a bit grating this time round Sachs' seems to have forgotten about self preservation and nearly gets vaporised after going to a supposed victims home Actually she did a few things that were impromptu which seemed a bit out of character Dellray FBI is still talking in his street lingo or whatever it is so that was a bit annoying especially when he's not undercover He probably thinks he sounds cool but he sounds like a doofus Then again they all talk in lingo every so often Dellray is the worst offender though And Rhyme has the occasional tantrum I think my favourite character was Stephen Kall hitman It was quite amusing listening to his inner monologueLightning strikes twice when Rhyme has two visitors Lon Sellitto and Jerry Banks requesting his assistance Linc is already working on a case for Thomas Perkins as one of Dellrays' boys Tony Panelli has gone missing Disappeared Poof All that was found at the scene of his disappearance is a few dozen grains of odd sandAnyway Rhyme becomes interested in what Sellitto and Bank's' has to say when they tell him the Dancer is back in town Linc has a personal vendetta? stake in catching the Coffin Dancer because five years earlier two of his techs were killed in a blast So Tony Panelli will have to stay missing for a bit longer when Rhyme puts that case on hiatus and helps Selitto and Banks catch his nemesisThe first victims of the Dancer are Ed Carney and his co pilot Ed's wife Percey Clay was supposed to be flying with him but she had a migraine and cancelled so didn't get vaporised when the plane blew up Carney Percey and Brit Hale were to give testimony before a grand jury in a case against Phillip Hanson So it's up to Rhyme and his team Amelia Mel Cooper Sellitto Banks Dellray etc to catch the Dancer before he can eliminate the other two witnesses Can Rhyme outwit the Dancer? In Summation I'm really enjoying this series so far The evidence collected and analysed is what makes it intriguing with Cooper looking through his Gas Chromatograph Scanning Electron Microscope and Compound Microscope checking for trace evidence for any clues as to where the Dancer is likely to strike next and to ascertain who he is The conversations were interesting tooWhy isn't there a movie or better still a TV series? Abrams' make it happen