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Develop your powers of public persuasion with the ultimate guide togreat speeches and business presentations Do you get tongue tiedat the mere thought of speaking in public? Would you rather swimwith sharks or undergo a tax audit than face an audience? Well you're not alone According to the Book of Lists' list of humans'greatest fears the fear of death is our fourth greatest fear while fear of public speaking commands a solid first place Nowfrom Roger E Axtell one of America's most accomplished publicspeakers here's a book guaranteed to turn even the most stage shymumbler into a great communicator Geared primarily but notexclusively for business people this amusing and informativeguide can show you how to possess the powers of public persuasionyou've always dreamed of having Whether it's making a pitch to theboard of directors or prepping the sales force stating your caseto the town council or being interviewed on live TV Do's andTaboos of Public Speaking can help you to be an intelligent articulate confident and likable presence in front of anyaudience you'll ever face Surefire techniues for controlling fear preparing for andorganizing a business presentation or speech using body languageand humor getting the most out of audio and audiovisualeuipment speaking in front of the camera and much much Helpful hints from successful business speakers and such greatsas Winston Churchill Lee Iacocca Red Barber Roger Ailes andCharles Osgood Special chapters on humor and roasts speaking internationally and even how to become a professional speaker

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    Nothing groundbreaking here The sections on TV and the one on humor were most intriguing