Batman 4 Adventure Stories Scholastic Reader Collection

Introducing the Batman Reader Collection Four bestselling Batman readers in one collection paper over board 6 x 9 and priced at 699These four beginning chapter book readers bound in a 6 x 9 paper over board format feature the exciting adventures of everyone's favorite Caped Crusader BatmanThis bind up includesBatman 1 Time ThawBatman 2 The Copycat CrimeBatman 3 The Mad HatterBatman 4 The Purr fect Crime

10 thoughts on “Batman 4 Adventure Stories Scholastic Reader Collection Level 3

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    I really liked this because there were four stories in one I also liked how they were really suspenseful like the one with the weird fog

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    I love Batman And I love encouraging literacy So this seemed like a great combo But honestly this book falls into the trap that too many early literacy books do by sucking the entire plot dry for the sake of simple sentences There is no good reason that a sentence can't be simple and also interesting This was a dry and repetitive read Even if I was a kid that LOVED Batman I would feel like I got tricked if I read this

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    Stories are kind of irritating

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    Spiderman is my favorite superhero but I read this anyway I give this book 3 stars because I liked it and the stories were good2014 Summer Reading Review

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    Don't be a criminal

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    Well it was about Batman and four different villains he had to defeat William loved it