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Remember the finales of MASH Cheers and Seinfeld? Do you know who shot JR on Dallas? This entertaining survey recounts these and other memorable events that generated some of American television's biggest audiences when they were first telecast from 1960 to the present Here you will find the inside stories about the most popular specials movies miniseries and series episodes in television history from Number 100 to the top of the list Weekly series and recurring specials like the Super Bowl are represented by their highest rated individual entry to allow a diverse selection Included are appendices with facts and figures about the Top 100 and a chronological listing of these unforgettable programs

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    I loved this book Author Wesley Hyatt really pulled out all the stops and delivered a very interesting look at the top one hundred television broadcasts from 1960 onwards Not only does he list each broadcast episode televising special movie or sporting event that made the top one hundred he also includes an in depth and well researched behind the scenes section for each and every entry These behind the scenes sections were my favorite parts of Hyatt's book along with reading about what programs were running opposite the top one hundred broadcasts on the other competing television networks I especially appreciated Hyatt's going to the trouble to find interesting quotes from relevant people actors writers producers directors in various sources such as interviews and their own personal memoirs and for citing all of these I highly recommend this book which is much than the standard television history reference book This one you will want to read cover to cover