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I recommend this book to the world Robert Bausch author of Gypsy Man an Oprah Magazine book choice and of A Hole in The Earth New York Times Notable Book of the Year Behind the marble monuments and elegant suits of the Washington DC seen on the news there's a city where 1 in 5 live in poverty nearly half the children fail high school and 41 percent of young black men spend time in prison This is where Linda Thurston a young community organizer lives and works She must help stop a new prison from being built in the heart of the city's poorest neighborhood and prevent eight hundred residents from being evicted But to do this Linda needs to believe in herself again after her brother's death and she must win the trust of the community's leader Anita Douglas who is secretly wrestling with her once unshakable faith in God And together they need to help Luther Shaw the campaign's lawyer injured by gang violence to overcome his bitterness As Linda Anita and Luther are forced to confront their own prejudices and fears they come together across the black white divide to heal a neighborhood BEATING HEART is a profound and vivid journey into the neighborhoods that lie close to the White House shut out from the American Dream As you walk the streets with Linda meet the residents and power brokers who vie for control of the city and explore the city's forgotten river you'll discover what it takes to make a difference in the lives of others and the rewards and losses that come from having tried BEATING HEART will appeal to readers of the books ACTS OF FAITH and THE HELP

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    BEATING HEART BY ANNA EL EINIthis is a great book I was surprised at how quickly I was drawn in and how powerful the main character's journey of self discovery was and how it paralleled her exploration of Washington DC I loved the other characters I loved Luther he is so broken but so strong Anita is just fascinating and the description of her struggle with her faith is very real RIchard stumped me at first and then I realized what a metaphor for what matters in life he turns out to be The book is full of quotes that are hugely inspiring READ this book It will stay with you and inspire you long after youve finished ithttpwwwgoodreadscomreviewedit