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A uiet summer holiday in the picturesue Yorkshire Dales was just what Millie needed No excitement fresh air and huge helpings of her Grandmother's home cookingBut Millie is drawn into an intriguing mystery that surrounds the isolated shooting lodge on the moor the Dutchman who rents it and the sudden death of two residents in the village Convinced that Lizzie Banford did not die of natural causes Millie sets about finding the truthSet in the lead mining area of peaceful Swaledale this is the first in the series of Yorkshire Dales Mysteries

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    I loved the setting and found the background very interesting Some of the characters were interesting but I was very confused about the main character Apparently she was still in high school but her background wasn't clear at all In her relationships with Pete and Naomi she seemed like early 20s The story just seemed to have a lot of rough connections

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    I enjoyed reading this book the 1st in a series of murder mysteries set in YorkshireMillie is staying with her Grandmother in Mossy Bank while she's there she goes out and helps the 2 students who are lodging there with their uni work There have been a few strange events which culminate in a good friend of her Grandmothers being killed Millie helps to solve the murder and whilst doing so gets close to a local veterinary surgeonIt's a good story and I'm looking forward to reading the next book

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    I am familiar with the Swaledale area of the Yorkshire Dales and author Susan Parry uses the setting wisely and well From the weather to the hiking to area history and mining the landscape came to life It helps that young Millie is the sort of person who loves to go out walking for miles in all sorts of weatherI don't know why but I expected Millie's grandmother Helen to be a bit clingy and to demand most of Millie's time Too much personal experience I suppose Helen was almost the polar opposite and although she enjoyed spending time with her granddaughter she also had a life and interests of her own and didn't monopolize Millie I uite liked HelenI wish I could say the same of Millie and her newfound friend Naomi We're never given much of Millie's background She's young and unhappy with her father's new wife and she has yet to decide on any sort of career although she does make some headway on this while on holiday She's naive and unwittingly causes a death Millie is a mostly sensible girl but she's not self confident enough to put her foot down when someone is leading her astray This leads me to the character that practically ruined the entire book for meNaomi Naomi is young pretty studying medicine and comes from a privileged background It's the later that must have given her the belief that she and everyone else around her is seven feet tall and bullet proof Naomi is a loose cannon because as Millie later realizes it's all a game to her Her thoughtlessness causes a death and she's extremely fortunate that the death toll didn't rise much higher Although the setting is everything I could have wished for and with two young thoughtless characters and a mystery whose solution was too easily pieced together unfortunately I doubt that I'll be visiting the Dales with Millie again

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    This is the 1rst of Susan Parry's books I have read There seem to be another 4 in the Yorkshire Dales Mystery series and I will definitely read This was a Freebie recently and I was drawn to it as my son loves the Yorkshire Dales and freuently heads off there to walk I found the story interesting as were the characters I do like mysteries though I am not into crime thrillers generally There were good descriptions of the local area which I had expected both geographical and historical

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    For those who prefer their mystery books to be uite gently paced then this could be the book for you It is set in a similar geographical location to the much grittier Inspector Banks series but there the similarities end The plot line almost seemed to take a backseat to the history of lead mining and the geography of the area As this is only the first book in the series I will still try another one before deciding if these books are for me or not

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    Slow moving but very pleasant cozy mystery You don't read this kind of book for nail biting thrills but for the delightful English countryside atmosphere I rather liked the shy awkward protagonist and her Gran both The evocation of scene was also well done I'm likely to read in the series

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    Oh dear I had hoped for a gritty read but found what I would categorise as a young adult read instead The descriptions of the mining community's archetectural heritage was very good and made me want to visit the area to see for myself but the narrative was too ploddy stiff and basic for me Sorry

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    Very good The reader is obviously a fan of the Dales and Archaeological researching I like a good murder mystery and this was great The added bonus is that the reader is a Mum of old school friends

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    I found this book difficult to follow basically it was the famous five in the Yorkshire Dales The story was a bit ploddy confusing and predictable A bit twee for my liking but I made it to the end

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    A very gentle read but breaks up the really gritty reads that are my norm