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The CPS a secret government agency is on a mission to seek and destroy the Hex human mutants with supercomputer minds They are young They look like normal teens They must never be allowed to grow up But the CPS hasn't discovered Raven Soon they will feel her power and know her rage Raven and her brother Wraith must use Raven’s Hex powers and Wraith’s street skills to save first their long lost sister and then the entire Hex community But before they start Raven must overcome her mantra work alone and think only of herself Even then the challenges don't stop as they must crack the top secret and high tech security of the CPS ally with a political terrorist group and then ultimately take down the evil European Federation And even the best laid plans can go awry

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    This book was amazing Hands downThis is story about a young teenage girl called Raven She is hex Which means she has mutant abilities to contact with computer terminals Hex is hated by the governments that is why Raven and Wraith her brother has been hiding constantly They are on a mission to find their sister Rachel who was captured by the CPS Soon they discovered that Hexes are not only exterminated but also experimented After rescuing Rachel Raven and Wraith feels guilty for not rescuing the other Hexes at the 'prison' Hence they start to rescue other Hexes and unite all of them to proof to the government that they are not a threat and to teach these young hexes how to control their abilities The gang consists of Raven Wraith Kez street kid that Wraith rescued Ali Tarrell Rich buggar who's also a hex Luciel Ali's friend from the extermination centrecamp and soon the group began to expand as they discover HexesThe story is really interesting If you like science fiction then read this I must say that this book is actually uite similar to 'X men First Class' in terms of mutant abilities unite all the mutants and rescue the world together But Lassiter introduces you to the futuristic world and explain the cruelty that is parallel to World War 2 where they start putting jews in extermination camps and here Hexes are send to extermination camps tooAll the books are really addictive and i must say i love the ending Rhiannon Lassiter is that kind of writer who answers all your uestions and everything is explained by the end of the book I like how she wrote it in different perspectives If i want to change one thing about this book the author should have added a bit of 'romance' I think Ali and Luciel are perfect Not to mention Raven and Kez The ending once again brilliantPlease do read this bookThey should make a movie for thisRecommended for Boys and girls 12 20 Science fiction lover dysoptian ish ish umI SHIP ALI TARRELL AND LUCIEL 3

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    Raven is really cool I like how experienced she is as a Hex and how powerful she is Wraith is cool as well and I like how he was so devoted to finding Rachel I like how after Ali goes into the CPS Raven and the others go and rescue her I like how the begin to recruit other Hexes and how they add several people to their team I thought that it was cool how Raven used her anger against the doctors and escaped I love how Raven finally beats the network and destroys it

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    I'm a sucker for good world building In this genre you need it The world is so vividly described that it's the first book world I've wanted to live in since Harry Potter I don't care how dangerous it is to be a technomancer SO MUCH FUNThe book sucked me in I loved it With a passionNote the past tenseAlso note that once you figure out this next detail the book becomes impossible to enjoy at least for me it didAbout halfway through the third book I realized something the main character is a massive Mary SueDon't believe me? Allow me to list our friend Raven's attributes1 Raven If that's not the most common Mary Sue name ever I don't know what is2 This is a name she chose for herself3 How old is she? 14? 16? I don't remember People much older than her give her their respect willingly and without uestion4 She is the best at tech manipulation The best Better than people who have had this ability longer than her5 When she snarks and she does it a lot her insults are always given to deserving underlings and no one ever argues with her6 She Is Never Wrong EverThere's a longer list I'm sure but this is just the stuff that's obvious and memorableThe book was so enjoyable and fun and awesome before I discovered this fact that I'm only subtracting two stars from the rating If Raven had only been flawed or had actually suffered the conseuences of a bad decision or a misplaced snark bullet or two or ten then I might have been able to put this among my favorite book series' everAlas Is it always the Mary Sues that ruin a series? view spoilercough cough Rose Tyler cough cough hide spoiler

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    When I bought this I didn't realize it was three novels in one volume That's a fact I became extremely happy about because I could not stop readingWhat fascinates me is that the first book is written in 1999 when the Internet was still a fairly new thing that was just becoming common use And yet the entire premise has to do with being hardwired into the Internet That's not so amazing as there was a lot of that kind of thinking back then Serial Experiments LaIn comes to mind but that the book doesn't sound old or outdated and in fact if you didn't know better you'd think it was written today The future of the net and the direction that people went with it in these books is logical and has followed a path that could well happen That's something to think aboutOverall the series is amazing and this one goes on the Keeper shelf Very highly recommended to anyone who loves dystopian fiction

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    Void was a great book You can invasion the detail made in every sentence and makes feel every emotion as you read through the book Because Void is three books that were put together there is so much going on that keeps your attention drawn to it where you don’t want to put it down This book gives you an experience of the future that I could never have imagined without the detail it gives but it doesn’t bore you with the detail either This story takes you on a journey with Wraith Raven Kez and Ali to start and people joining along the way to explain a conflict in this future that could be possible of the people verses the government That is a conflict that comes into play in history over and over again It’s not the only huge conflict though and that I would say is the people verses people but when don’t people take sides when there are sides to be taken place? I feel that this book represents humanity in the past and the fact that we keep bring back these same problems over and over and until something is done where there are no sides to be taken it is always going to happen I felt like a roller coaster of emotion going through this book and not just because of these characters and what they are put through that I related to but to the fact that this book shows so much than meets the eye Once you take that plunge into the messages that are there to find you get attached like I did and you reflect and feel those connections to yourself You think about how you’ve been in the characters situations emotionally and how you may have been completely against them You feel the connections like I did to the way Wraith is about his sisters and the distance Raven has to the world Even if you think it’s just a book then fine it’s just a book to you To me and many people it is a gateway into a whole other world A world where the people you hope will survive are being hunted

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    This series is actually over 10 years old I was surprised and intrigued by the blurb on the back and picked it up in a bookstoreA bookstore that is woefully underserving the teenagers of my area I have been unable to locate Melina Marchetta books other than Froi of the Exiles None What are teen sections coming to now?Anyway Void is actually three novels in one book The entire series follows Wraith a poor ganger and his sister Raven a hex Hexes have a mutation that allows them to seamlessly interface with technology Hexes are hunted by the government and exterminatedThroughout the series you can see a growth in the scale of the plot However there are a lot of characters and its difficult to get to know them personally For example in Ghosts one of the younger hexes comments that Ali is a better leader than Raven We're not really given an indication of this except by being told That was my main problem with the series too much was told instead of shownThe ideas in this trilogy are cool and the case for genetic engineering is somewhat explored throughout the series I wish the books were longer all three together were over 600 pages Each novel could've easily been 300 400 pages to make the story complete More emotions and backstory could have been included I didn't pick up on the passage of time It seemed like no time had passed between books but so much was magically accomplished during that time I think some of it could have been filled in if the books had been longer Raven was a bit too inhuman to relate to as a character Personally my favorite was Kez because he made the most sense Overall this series has a cool plot with a message and tons of action Recommended

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    One of my all time favourite series has been for years and for good reason The world building is stunning Lassiter wallops you with fifty thousand new words in the first few paragraphs and expects you to follow without explanation and sure enough it's all laid out clearly enough that understanding what's happening is surprisingly easy with plenty of technobable to make it sound futuristic as you do The plot is well crafted and well executed with enough twists to be entertaining but not so many it becomes a wild goose chase through a city that probably doesn't actually house any geeseI also applaud each and every single one of the characters Lassiter has done something difficult and done it well Raven her main character thinks just closely enough to the way her readers do to emphasize with but with just enough power and sharp clarity that she remains a mystery all the same despite getting a look into Raven's thoughts This has let her bring out the fine detail in the supporting characters a veritable zoo of archetypes who would normally be overshadowed by the prodigy of Raven Ali the privileged innocent who gets a rude awakening; Wraith driven by love of his family; Luciel the victim who has a chance to fight back; and so many othersIf you want a good satisfying and not very long read this is the series for you

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    I am totally outside the demographic for this one I am not a young adult But I was intrigued by this one or in this case it is three of them Haha Two of my favorite series of all time were written for children The first is the Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander that I first read as a kid and reread every so often And the second is the Philip Pullman series His Dark Materials that I should reread again When I was a young adult there were never as many books as there are now So now that I am an adult I occasionally pick up one that looks interesting I hope this one is A uick read Only took a couple of days to go through the three books that make up this omnibus While I enjoyed the series in the end I felt as if too much was going on to fit into just three novels There were too many characters that distracted from the story of the main ones Especially in the last book where the story does not really focus on the best character Raven And Kez barely did anything in the last book as well Too many storylinesOn the plus side Void was fun fast and had some cool ideas On the negative side the story is kind of straightforward and introduces a few too many characters that caused me to forget about the main characters I really liked and found intriguing

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    read this book NOW Void is a reprint of the '98 '00 trilogy called Hex The originals had atrocious covers In fact this cover is what originally caught my eye about this book Void is also a case in point about how much YA books have changed over just the last 10 years Void had virtually no romance and the characters weren't stereotypical or cliched they also used some pretty cute '90's slang lol This book's imagery made the Net really come to life for me It was like watching a better version of Tron Legacy with the added bonus of actually having a plot I do wish some of the other Hexes had even pretended that their skill level approached Raven's She's not god after all but thats kind of how everyone treated her I loved Raven after I got to know her and her relationships with Ali and Kez grew some Wraith was lovable in his own way Gift and Tally completely fascinated me It seems that their part in the end of the book was a little bit of a letdown though The climax of the story was truly heartbreaking It was thrilling to watch when Raven defeated Darkness for the second time and ended the book with let there be light

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    I have to say overall this is probably one of the best books I have ever read The writing style is superb it is THE most well written I have ever read The plot it great and the characters are extremely well developed and relatable However the ending is a bit of a disappointment but that is ONLY because if personal biases the ending was nothing BUT necessary The book actually would not have made any sense whatsoever if it had ended a different way My favorite characters in order Avalon Cloud Raven Ali Kez When comparing Rhiannon's age to the age of other authors this is the best book I have ever written Void Hex specifically was written by a 17 year old There are books I have read that are HORRIBLE in comparison to this book and they were written by adults