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In an attempt to escape from her stressful life as a single working mother of two young boys Kathy Giuffre books a year long trip for four in a tropical paradise At the last minute her boyfriend announces he isn't joining them and Kathy finds herself in an unlivable house in Rarotonga a tiny speck in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean Her unlikely savior is Emily an 82 year old Maori woman with a large white house on the edge of the ocean which the two women share with two callous missionaries the ghosts of Emily’s ancestors and briefly a bizarre couple from Eastern Europe As time passes Kathy is seduced by the island and its people and by feelings she has never before experienced This is an inspirational story about having the courage to search for something better and finding it—serenity sensuality and ultimately love

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    The subtitle for this book sums it up really – My year on a South Sea Island doing nothing gaining everything falling in love Author Kathy Giuffre travels to Rarotonga with her two young boys Her mission is to write a book about art in the Pacific but it is also a means to escape a failed relationship A mix up with her accommodation leaves Giuffre with no option but to share a home with an elderly woman Emily some “ghosts” a couple of missionaries and briefly a bizarre couple from Eastern Europe Giuffre’s year long sabbatical enabled her to focus on her children and reassess her life And in the process she is seduced by the Island it’s people and a way of life A lovely light holiday read with a happy ending

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    I'm sure many of us dream of taking a year to go somewhere exotic to see what might transpire what you might learn and how it might enrich your life Well Kathy Giuffre did it She shed the shackles of her America life for a year and took herself and her two young children off to a South Sea Island She didn't sugar coat the issues she faced nor did she wax overly lyrical about living on an island paradise except for the lagoon Interestingly she doesn't really mention that she ever had island fever which supposedly is quite commonplace for those who make their homes on islands and feel a bit trapped In any event she was able to clear some space in her mind and then move toward the next phase in her life It was a good read

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    Really enjoyed this Affirming of how I feel l here ie quite lethargic and feeling like doing not much of anything Some parts really made me laugh cos they were rather familiar